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  1. by   pawsomepooch47
    Quote from waterpaint
    When more experienced nurses eat their young-you were young once too. Teach me so that I'll become as good a nurse as you. It doesn't help to be grumpy...
    I think we were all eaten alive once-I sure was--make sure you never do....:heartbeat
  2. by   heron
    Quote from CandyGyrl1985
    I am sorry but do you mean to tell me that you find it acceptable to vent about someone making the decision to chose life? Those are the feelings that most people keep to themselves. And not only that how does my post have anything to do with venting vs behavior. I am complaining about the vent - I would pray that no nurse would actually put some kind of behavior like this at the bedside- but I have learned the hard way that some do tend to take life into their own hands- but that is neither what this post is about or what the other poster was talking about. Simply put - a patient has a right to want to live and if that makes you FEEL like they are making a bad decision or annoys you then I just dont understand.

    So where is the magic button I push to change my responses to something you approve of?
  3. by   CandyGyrl1985
    Quote from heron
    so where is the magic button i push to change my responses to something you approve of?
    [font=book antiqua]lol. i never expected to change your opinion. just wanted to vent my own feelings on the matter. my feelings wont change just like yours wont.

    by the way,

    i am not sure where that magic button went maybe it is hidden under your bed? but i see you found your sarcasm button quite nicely.

    since i seriously doubt this is the correct thread to have this conversation, feel free to send me a message. otherwise, it was nice arguing with you, gave me something to do beside change diapers. lol. hugs to you! :tinkbll:
  4. by   heron
    Always happy to oblige ... is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time...
  5. by   CNA_Coco
    Quote from TracyB,RN
    LOL, I hate the "It's not my patient" or a nurse who finds a wet or poopy patient & spends 15 minutes looking for the CNA who is busting a** taking care of 10 other patients, to go clean up that wet/poopy pt.

    Edited to add:::: How on earth could I forget how much it truly pi**es me off, when we find a diabetic patient has not even been OFFERED their HS snack. . .even worse, when the next shift comes in & finds the HS snack, all snuggled under the blanket with same pt?!?!? UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AGREED!! Even though I'm a CNA and not a nurse, any good nursing staff should know what diabetes is and what it does to a person.

    Had a patient not three weeks ago who was clammy, pale, shaky, acting confused, c/o nausea... went and got the nurse, he had a BS of 43... Where was his HS snack? Sitting at the desk- because HE didn't come up to the desk to get it, the CNA said she figured he didn't want it!! *facepalm*

    As for the looking for the CNA for 15 minutes... at least the nurse finds the patient wet and poopy- ours mostly walk right by the call light, look for us for 15 minutes, yell at us, only to find that the stupid light was someone requesting their PRN meds, meaning they needed the nurse anyway!!!... that's my biggest pet peeve.

    "It's not my patient" bothers me- especially when the aide sits there on her butt while the person who has the patient in question is busting theirs!
  6. by   shrimpchips
    sooooo, i'm a nurse tech...one of my biggest gripes is when you're running around like your head is cut off busting your a** and nurses who are sitting at the nurse's station doing absolutely nothing come up to me and say, "oh hey can you get so-and-so's blood pressure?" it really makes me mad when it's not even a patient that i have. i just want to tell them, "you have a stethoscope, there is a manual bp cuff in the room. it doesn't take long and manuals are more accurate anyway. get off your lazy bum and do it yourself because you are more than capable."

    nurses who dump all of their work on the techs...if it can be delegated to us, they want us to do it.

    there is also a time where i was helping some nurses and other techs help clean up a bariatric patient...there were 8 of us in the room: 3 techs + 1 rn on one side and then me and 3 rn's on the other. the backside gets turned to my side and this patient had a massive bm and normally poo doesn't bother me, but this wanted to make me vomit. one of the rn's looked at the mess, stopped for a moment, and said, "...i'm going to wash her back!" just because you're an rn doesn't automatically 'excuse you' from cleaning up poop.

    dealing with these nurses makes me hope that i never become a nurse like them. i hate nurses who take advantage of their techs.

  7. by   Jasminbear
    Nurses that think just because they have a BSN they are better (they all take the NCLEX, adn or bsn)

    Old nurses that will not retire

    Nurses that are "too good" to clean a butt

    Nurses that gossip about everyone while they sit there and just get fatter like the majority of them are
  8. by   Midwest4me
    Quote from jasminbear
    nurses that think just because they have a bsn they are better (they all take the nclex, adn or bsn)

    old nurses that will not retire

    nurses that are "too good" to clean a butt

    nurses that gossip about everyone while they sit there and just get fatter like the majority of them are
    i agree with some of this. however, the part about "old nurses that will not retire" puzzles me. perhaps those "old nurses" must work due to: 1) being widows, 2) receiving insufficient social security, or 3) the present economy forces them to continue work.
  9. by   Chewie_123
    We have containers of Caviwipes in brackets every couple dozen feet or so, I can't stand finding them empty.
    We also use half-sheet of paper form to write down minor communication stuff to stick in the chart for Drs and other staff. I'll come in and somebody went to the trouble of printing the forms, cutting them in half, BUT NOT HOLE-PUNCHING them. Drives me freaking nuts!
  10. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from jasminbear
    nurses that think just because they have a bsn they are better (they all take the nclex, adn or bsn)

    old nurses that will not retire

    nurses that are "too good" to clean a butt

    nurses that gossip about everyone while they sit there and just get fatter like the majority of them are
    as i am "old" and "fat", i'm sure i'd annoy the hell out of you. but it sounds that you have a bit of an attitude problem, so you'd probably annoy the hell out of me, too!
  11. by   sunnycalifRN
    There are so many, but a couple come to mind:

    1) going to the Pyxis to grab a common item, such as chux or an IV pump tubing set, and finding it empty (and yes, the count is zero, and yes, it will remain empty until the end of the shift when it finally gets re-stocked)

    2) finding my confused patient happily pulling out his IV's and art line as his CO sleeps at the bedside! :angryfire
  12. by   teeniebert
    Eyeglasses. Specifically, LTC residents' eyeglasses that have not been cleaned properly in quite some time. Not just the lenses, I know those get wiped pretty regularly. I'm talking about caked on body oil on the nose pads, bows, and frames. I've had to use a toothbrush and SCRUB to get all the brownish black junk off. The last resident whose glasses I cleaned was surprised that the nose pads 'wiggled' when she put her glasses back on--the built up gunk had glued them to the frames!
  13. by   Heogog53
    Let's see now- I'm an old nurse who has not one penny to her name.....I can't retire. I was ill for five years, lost everything I had, bankrupt and foreclosed, and came back to work at age 51. I'm sure not the barrel of fire I was when I was in my 20's or 30's, but I have kept up.
    Hmmm. Fat. Gee whiz. I used to weigh a reasonable amount of weight and work out. Then apatient who weighed twice as much as me took me out by falling on me. I haven't been able to walk the dog or work out in a gym ever since. Could be one reason why I'm fat.
    Do I wipe butts? Yup.
    Pet peeve; opinionated people who have horrible attitudes, pre-judge others without knowing their stories and too cold to get to know them.
    If you'd like to fund my retirement, PLEASE< by all means let me know. I hurt like hell, day and night, try to do my therapy anyway and don't seem to get anywhere. Lord knows I'd LOVE to retire these painful bones.
    But until there is enough money in the till, old fat, slow and experienced is hanging in there.
    I wouldn't wish what happened to me on anyone else, but you are tempting me.....