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  1. walktheline

    Sterile Processing to OR

    Hi, all! I have been a sterile processing tech for almost a year now, have learned so much, and really enjoy it. I am interested in OR nursing. Will sterile processing help me? Thanks.
  2. walktheline

    Are you a PCT/CNA and a BSN/RN student ?

    As a "non-traditional" student with adult bills, I will work. Also, in this economy, it is a good idea to get a job with insurance. Most hospitals offer health insurance even if you work part time, which could be as little as 24 hrs a week.
  3. walktheline

    BSN Now or ADN Later?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I cannot get financial aid because I have a BS degree in another subject from a very expensive private college that pretty much put me over the top. I wasn't making any BSN/ADN comparisons because both schools have very high first time pass rates-so that is not an issue. I think I will pursue the BSN. Since I am a nurse tech at an area hospital, that makes me eligible for some hospital scholarships and hopefully some university scholarships also, it's just that nurse techs do NOT make much and I will have to work alot of overtime during my general pre-reqs and have to kick it up a notch during the summer months to make some cash, but that is doable! It's worth it Thanks again!
  4. walktheline

    BSN Now or ADN Later?

    Hi, All: Question: I have the opportunity to start in BSN program this fall or "start out" in ADN pre-req program now and "hope" in get in clinicals in year or 2? My issues: 1. I get the vibe that both will take 3-4 years to finish. 2. I cannot get ANY financial aid, so it will all be out of pocket which means I would probably have to go part time for BSN for 1rst Tier pre-reqs. But I currently work in a hospital and am eligible for reimbursement, but who has thousands of $ upfront???? NOT ME!!! 3. I like the idea of getting the ADN and being able to hopefully get a job quicker. The school I am interested in has rolling admissions based on grades and TEAS for entrance, and has had a 98% to 100% first time pass rate over the last 7 years. But that makes for some steep competition, lol! 4. The BSN school is less than 30 minutes away downtown, the ADN is an hour away in a neighboring city. BSN school 2nd Tier (clinicals) based totally on gpa and school has 98% - 100% pass rate over last 5 years, so both are good schools. Any comments welcome. Thanks!
  5. walktheline

    Is the pay enough?

  6. walktheline

    i want to die i failed my cna exam

    Please don't beat yourself up! I failed the first time because during the skills part, the tester was upset I wanted to use 2 towels for different body areas (like I learned in class) because apparently the testing facility had to wash the towels and wash cloths, and I did not have time to do the last thing-empty the bed pan and give the output amount! I could have strangled her!!! But I went to another facility, retook the skills section and passed
  7. walktheline

    Finally, I wanna be a nurse

    You have said alot of what I currently feel :-) I have went back in the program twice and quit twice. Now, I REALLY want it for me. Keep going :-)
  8. walktheline

    PRN or Part Time? Please Advise

    I considered researching getting my own private insurance, but felt that I would be blackballed since I am a diabetic. At the very least, it would cost significantly more.
  9. walktheline

    Job in Hospital on Nephrology Floor

    Hi, All: I have read alot of threads related to off-site dialysis units, but I would like to know what it is like working in a hospital on a nephrology floor. My hospital has an on-site dialysis unit, but no nephrology floor. This has been my interest for a long time. Any info?
  10. walktheline

    PRN or Part Time? Please Advise

    It figures prn would be too good to be true, lol!
  11. walktheline

    PRN or Part Time? Please Advise

    Hi, Jules A: The only insurance we can get through school is Accidental Death and Dismemberment which is automatically given through the school.
  12. walktheline

    PRN or Part Time? Please Advise

    Hello, All: Thanks for reading-I am sure you have seen this question a million times. I currently work as a unit secretary and am a CNA. I will be starting my first semester of clinicals this summer. Currently work full time. I am planning to transition to part time but was thinking I should just do prn instead so that I could have more control over my hours. Pros: More control over schedule -more study time -no bickering & fighting to get time off Cons: No insurance hours not guaranteed If you are wondering, no-I do not have a couple of grand stashed away for hard times, no-I am no spring chicken, yes-I have adult bills and responsibilities. I left the program last spring and have decided that I want to continue. I qualify for a nsg scholarship through my job, so at least my schooling would be covered. I just need to make sure I will have enough money to eat for the next two years, lol! I just want to have the time to devote to the program that I did not have before, but I am nervous about not having insurance. I believe God will provide, but I know he expects me to do my part too, lol! Any advice appreciated!
  13. walktheline

    Ventilator vs Respirator?

    Please forgive my ignorance, but... What is the difference between a respirator and a ventilator?