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Hello, for all those that have graduated nursing school, recently or long ago, what was the hardest class, course, or thing about nursing school in your opinion? And any advice on how to overcome the... Read More

  1. by   elizabeth321
    The unfairness and subjectivity of the instructors...at least in my day most of them had bedside experience...the ones I see floating around today don't even have that.

  2. by   RNLisa
    Time managment was always something to contend with. I had 3 kids, two in school, a husband that worked 2nd shift for the most part, then went to 3rd shift. I also was working part time as a nurse aide on weekends. I had to learn to say "no" when asked to do something from my kids' school, etc. I didn't have a life. I slept, dreamt, and ate nursing. I was always thinking nursing, even in my sleep. But, through all that, I managed to NEVER miss a class/lecture/lab or clinical. I kept my sanity (for the most part) and ended up graduating with high honors (3.91 GPA). It meant alot to me to complete this. I wanted to quit at times, cried alot, but on graduation day, I was so happy!! It was all worth it. It was the most difficult 3 1/2 years of my life, but I made it through. AND SO CAN YOU!!! Good luck!! May God bless you. He has blessed me!
  3. by   L&DRN08
    I am only in Level 2, but so far for me the most difficult part is the amount of time you need to dedicate to your education. As many others do, I have to work, and I do about 40-45 hours per week and then go to school 4 nights a week until 10-10:30, so by the time I get home I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do is read or study! I'm also getting married in May so I also have wedding planning to do! It's hard, I'm exhausted at all times but I'm doing it and so far doing it well!
    My advice is if you have the option to be unemployed or only do part-time work while in school.....go for it and just eat, drink and sleep your schoolwork!
  4. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from Halinja
    I'll second the "no life" thing.

    One GOOD thing???

    My boy children have become much more self sufficient. My 17 yo (now 18) can cook dinner like a pro. My 11 yo boy can do a complete load of laundry from sorting into appropriate colors and adding appropriate bleaches etc, to sorting and folding. It was learn to do it yourself or wait until Mom surfaces for air. grin. They got tired of waiting.
    Excellent :wink2:
  5. by   nurscee
    Hard on my family life. Saw several divorces that last semester in my class. Make time to be with those you love. Nurscee
  6. by   JenNJFLCA
    Time management. Also, make sure you take 1 day a week and commit to NOT doing anything nursing related. Spend time with your loved ones and don't even talk about school on that day. That helped my boyfriend and I through a lot of rough times. He's glad to finally have me back every day though, and I love being able to spend more time with him now (passed NCLEX 2 months ago).
  7. by   mamason
    Trying to juggle family and school was hard for me. Missed out on a lot of fun stuff. And always trying to stay on top of assignments etc. Right when you thought you had a handle on things, another 50 page case study was thrown at you! But, when it was over with, when I graduated, and passed state boards, I felt like I really accomplished something. I guess you could say that I'm proud of myself for sticking it out.
  8. by   rhenmag9
    hardest thing...hhmm....physics,pharmacology...i hate math/computaion....gosh.!!..but i made it and passed w/ flying colors...lol.!!..the best way to overcome is to read..read.&.read..and "practice the learning activities and researches of course"....
  9. by   dinkysam
    Probably study time ( that and wiping butt at convo clinical)
  10. by   Alexsys
    It was extremely time consuming. I didnt really like getting up and leaving home before sunrise for clinicals. I am glad that I did it, but I am also glad that it is over with. I was VERY time consuming
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  11. by   hikernurse
    Time, time, time. Working, school, homework, kids, church. Throw out sleep and cleaning house and I think I'd have a fighting chance ;-).

    The biggest problem is that the school keeps changing their (my) schedule at the last minute. Work and my husband (we juggle watching the kids) would like to know when my clinicals are, but we often can't find that out until the first week of school--or even later. Ooh, this is sounding like a vent, sorry!

    Mostly I just plug away and try not to look more than a week in advance.

    You'll get through because you have no other choice, right? :-) And you'll be glad you did; the time really goes by a lot faster than you can imagine.
  12. by   AfloydRN
    I worked 40 hour nights and went to school during the day. I basically was sleep deprived from day 1, which was good training for children! Hardest class was peds because I had no children yet and had nothing for reference.
  13. by   i_am_evergreen
    Quote from earle58
    the hardest part for me was the mental abuse from the instructors.
    most would literally browbeat you to death, making you feel 2 ft tall.
    i heard they did this to teach us advocacy: that if we could defend ourselves, then we could assert ourselves to doctors, families and advocate for our pts.
    i'm telling you, it was brutal.
    and attending a diploma school meant i was constantly in clinicals-where most of this abuse took place.
    i graduated with only a handful of students remaining.

    I know EXACTLY what your mean. Just had a teacher like that... things didn't turn out so good. Definetly my biggest pet peeve is all the belittling and favoritism that goes on.