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elizabeth321 has 24 years experience and specializes in ER/Geriatrics.

I have been a nurse since 1986. I am currently working as an ER nurse and in an OP Geriatric Assessment Clinic

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  1. Please point me in the right direction-I need free sites to obtain information for assisted living staff.... thanks
  2. elizabeth321

    nursing for financial independence

    I don't care what career people pick but it should be something you are passionate about
  3. elizabeth321

    Are there any new grad nursing jobs anywhere?

    alberta canada is promising 70% new hires as new grads
  4. elizabeth321

    nursing for financial independence

    Didn't read other replies....I am pretty sure if you were in premed your math and science skills should be adequate for nursing If I was you I would figure out what you are passionate about.....it is hard enough when you are crazy about the idea of nursing....if not so sure....I wouldn't recommend it. Remember you don't have to get all things from work....try to get some balance in all areas of your life. As far as a career goes....you should talk to post secondary counsellors
  5. elizabeth321

    screaming doctors....how can we handle them?

    I am mortified that any charge nurse would call a nurse to come to the desk at his request. If I was the charge nurse I would tell him to speak to me....he sounds like a man who has a serious pathology involving control and power. I would happily take him on. O tolerance for abuse of any description.
  6. elizabeth321

    Hallucinations in the Elderly

    I didn't read through all the responses....first thing the person described needs to be examined by a physician. Hallucinations need to be worked up. Though they can be in the background of the person's Parkinson's disease or a component of dementia/as can the paranoid ideation about the Sinemet....all reversible causes need to be ruled out...in seniors that can include UTI's, infection, electrolyte imbalance etc. Medication compliance needs to be assessed as well.
  7. elizabeth321

    Most Common LTC Meds?

    People who have nothing to contribute to the OP why don't you move along instead of telling people to look for old threads. What is it to you? To the OP you got some helpful answers I am happy to see....all the memory enhancing meds, atypical antipsychotics, medications for constipation, and all the medications for all the co-morbidities we see in seniors....DM, HTN, CHF, CAD, OP, OA, UI to name a few.
  8. elizabeth321

    I feel so incompetent

    You are very new. These skills come with experience. You recognize you are easily rattled in emergent situations. If there is someone working with you that can assist you such as a unit clerk, ask them to prepare the paper work. Don't call the doctor until you have all the info in front of you that you need. Of course until you are more experienced you won't always know what they will need. Keep pushing yourself to improve. That is all anyone can do.
  9. elizabeth321

    Can't get it out of my head

    People tell the story over and over to debrief....it is an excellent coping strategy....you need to debrief....when you go through something like that you have to go "through" it..it can't go around it, over it or under it......I hope you can find some help
  10. elizabeth321

    Urinary retention with no foley drainage(long)

    Even though his bladder was full....he was only voiding overflow urine.....small amounts that were escaping.... catheter was not flowing either because it was plugged by blood clots or it was not in the bladder but slipped under the bladder neck
  11. elizabeth321

    Just have to share- pt's spouse's thoughts on nursing.

    We will influence more by our actions than any smart quips.....to family and on this site...though I loved the ...... Originally Posted by SweetOldWorld And when your husband is deathly ill, the thing you need is more rice.
  12. elizabeth321

    Patient made me feel like low life

    In all my years of nursing no patient or family has ever said a thing about my appearance....a lot of it is how I project myself. I introduce myself, I am not overly familiar and I ignore personal comments and bring it back to the patient.
  13. elizabeth321

    Did everyone flunk their college writing courses?

    What upsets me most is not spelling or grammar..... is how we represent as professional group....interesting there is no forum like this for dentists, doctors, engineers etc.
  14. elizabeth321

    I'm done!...Vent!

    I would never work in a setting where as an RN I, was supervised by an LPN....we all have a scope of practice....and LPN's supervising RN's doesn't even make sense.
  15. elizabeth321

    US- RN planning to transfer to Canada

    Canada rocks!
  16. elizabeth321

    I can't take it anymore!

    what did you end up doing>?