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I'm curious - I recently had a patient hit 106.6 - it was the highest I've seen in my long career...what have you seen?... Read More

  1. by   nesher
    Wow! 109? My 106.6 was with a stem cell transplant person with hyper acute GVHD by the way. This person is doing well - no brain issues.
  2. by   Dalzac
    I had a heroin overdose that had a temp of 108.7. I couldn't get her packed in ice fast enough, :angryfire also did an iced saline lavage for almost an hour and finally got her temp down to 102. she died the next day. very sad
  3. by   kea6783
    I'm just a student.. but I had a fever of 105 in fifth grade.. pneumonia.. bad stuff.. I've always battled resp. problems tho.
  4. by   talaxandra
    Temp of 43.0 C (109.4) on a drowning patient who didn't survive (brain damage secondary to prolonged hypoxia)
  5. by   analiezel
    post op, mandible repair... 106

    Quote from talaxandra
    Temp of 43.0 C (109.4) on a drowning patient who didn't survive (brain damage secondary to prolonged hypoxia)
  6. by   flashpoint
    107.7...meth (and multiple other substance) overdose and was enjoying amphetamine (sp???) hyperthermia...restrained in 5 points and was strapped to the cot in my ambulance. He was agitated to the point he was straining the frame of the cot and the police officer who transported with me was sweating bullets because the guy made him so nervous. He left puddles of sweat on the ambulance floor... Probably the most scared I have ever been while doing an interfacility transport...and the most ticked off I have ever been when the helicopter was down for maintenance!
  7. by   dm2
    108 rectal, also was an adult head bleed that joined the angels the next day.
  8. by   Gator,SN
    I had a patient that was a DNR after a major head bleed. Almost two hours post mortum, he was 106 tympanic.
  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    My daughter 108 .... Grade 5 reflux both kidneys. Has to have her ureters re-implanted and some reconstruction done to the urinary system. That was 9 years ago and she is fine now.
  10. by   emsboss
    109.2 My Dad following a major brainstem stroke...lost him 13 years ago
  11. by   stidget99
    Quote from RoxanRN2003
    109 in Neuro Critical Care Unit on a massive brain bleed patient who was attempting a celestial transfer. The family finally conceded to the transfer.
    108 for a DNR.

    "Celestial transfer". I've never heard that particular term before. Might be poor taste but I find it quite amusing. LOL Certainly sounds better than "circling the drain" or any of the other common terms.
  12. by   Happytocare
    Sorry for being canadian guys - highest temp i've ever took was 43.3Celcius.
    The patient was severly septic.
  13. by   teeituptom
    Had one from a nursing home, sent for Altered Mental Status.

    Temp maxed out the thermometer at 110.

    No the nursing home didnt give tylenol

    patient shortly passed on