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  1. emsboss

    Anyone got any good nurse/doc/hospital/enema jokes?

    How do you make a surgeon taller... Give him Viagra...
  2. When I told my Dad I wanted to be a Nurse, he asked "What!!! Are you GAY!!!" No... Just want to help folks a little...
  3. emsboss

    Minor's right to refuse

    I agree with this statement... This seems the best way to remain diplomatic:idea:
  4. Absolutely NOT!!!!... I am a male Nurse, but as has already been said, we ALL need to stand up for ourselves. If we make a mistake, own up to it, if the physician still wants to yell, have him/her go someplace private and do it. My worst experience was with a female physician; she told me she "would have my job" and I told her "you couldn't do my job." Disciplinary action followed shortly thereafter(for my response), BUT... I still work here and she and I get along fairly well now.
  5. emsboss

    From here to there...

    Thanx for your reply... I worked at St. Joes before they sold to HCA and left before Signature, so, am not sure of staffing ratios or anything like that, but, thanx again for the feedback.
  6. emsboss

    Plane Tree Model

    I have to agree with caroladybelle... I will not say more as I am known by administration to be on this board...
  7. Where does your lab place the decimal point? Ours start as .03 as normal and go up, with a .06 as "low positive" and I have seen a 72 once, pt died.
  8. emsboss

    my co-worker set me up

  9. emsboss

    Is nursing your second career?

    2nd career... Started as an EMT in 1980 in H.S, Paramedic immediately after, 10 years as an Army medic, keeping current as civilian Paramedic also. Moved up the ladder to Director of EMS in a Hospital based squad. Got into a "discussion"(read- Argument) one night with an E.D. RN about patient care. She said "you are too dumb to be a Nurse, you are just a Paramedic and always will be one.":angryfire Was in school at the time for a degree in Paramedic Science, my advisor said that all the pre-reqs were the same, also stated she had "one opening for Nursing this Fall Semester, do you want it?" Long story short(to late, I know), two and a half years later I graduate. Been a Registered Nurse 6 years, let my Paramedic license go at the 25 year mark:o. I REALLY miss EMS at times:crying2:
  10. emsboss

    Sexually abusive doctor

    Hang him...
  11. emsboss

    Snow and your supervisors

    Snow like arrived on the East coast really messed you guys up... That is a normal thing up here... Seldom does anyone miss a shift due to weather. 'Course, 99% of us drive 4X4 vehicles... Or dog teams, hehehe.
  12. emsboss

    What are clinicals like??

    Clinicals... In a word... SUX... Not sure if I can use that word here, but, that was my opinion of them. Two of my instructors made them interesting, but, overall, they sucked badly. Did NOT prepare me for the real world.
  13. emsboss

    Keep patient alive for the family? thoughts?

    Reading these posts... KUDOS to the family!!!... They brought their father home at great expense to them, not the old... "He died there, bury him there." Or letting him die alone 2,000 miles from home. I know that dying is the one thing we truely do alone, but still. And the flight crew, KUDOS to the flight crews, for doing the best that they could. Yes, CPR and intubation were requested by the family, but, as I read it, were not required enroute. We as medical people, R.N.,L.P.N., C.N.A., Student Nurses, etc, have we became heartless/crass in our profession? We have no idea what the man and his wife of 42 years discussed before he went to Alaska. The wife spent the majority of the savings to be able to say "Good-Bye" to her mate of many years, what kind of comfort will that bring her in the years to come? It is something that we cannot measure! It is easy to "armchair quarterback" this and say "shame on the family" and "that poor man suffered so badly"... Did he? Sounds like the flight crew kept him comfortable the whole trip and gave him 5 more hours with the wife, children and grandchildren... Put a price on THAT!!!!!! OK... Let the flames begin...
  14. emsboss

    RNs Aren't Built To Break

    Brought tears to my eyes... Thank You for sharing
  15. emsboss

    Having a PDA at work.

    I carried a PalmPilot for years, used Epocrates on it(the $149 version). I now have it(Epocrates) on my iPhone and still use it daily, drug lookup, compatibility, infectios disease, labs, math formulas, etc. Could I do my job without it? Yup. Does it make my job easier? YUP! Just make sure you keep the battery charged...
  16. emsboss

    inserting a foley in arthritic elderly

    Probably the side lying position for severe arthritis in the hips(my experience), but if you have trouble visualizing the meatus, try this... Have them cough(watch out for "gaseous explosions") the meatus will often "wink" at you and you may actually get a little bit of urine to help your "aim."

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