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The Dictionary defines cleanse this way: to rid of impurities; to remove toxins from the body. Body cleanses have been around for centuries. From the Egyptians to the Romans, people have always tried... Read More

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    Ok. I have removed some off topic posts. Fine to disagree but if you haven't even read the article commenting is rather worthless except to increase your post count
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    Any comments not agreeing is now to be removed? We are only for science backing for the bold claims made in OP . Too bad all nurse is now been censored just like in CDC
    S(he) said nothing of the kind. You are absolutely allowed to disagree, hence the statement that it would be "fine to disagree." But if you haven't even bothered to read the article, OR you are posting off topic, your posts might well be removed. That sounds completely reasonable to me.
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    I have tried the Whole 30/Paleo diet and I find that my body responds very well to that type of diet. However, my family went along for the ride, and my husband felt no different after removing sugar from his diet for 30 days (of course I suspect that he might have had some cheat days in there, he wasn't really that committed to start). Diets aren't a one size fits all thing, and while I'm certainly not arguing that people should have more sugar, not everyone needs to eliminate it completely. When I've done it, I feel fantastic, but the absolute lack of any food that I don't prepare myself makes it really inconvenient. I don't necessarily buy into the toxins angle, I think my liver does a pretty good job, but when I don't have sugar and processed foods I have more energy, more focus and my weight stabilizes at a much lower point than it is right now. If you do try it, beware of some major mood swings/dips about 3-4 days in that can last for up to a week or so. But, it might be worth it!
    I felt great on the Whole30, too. I did it 3 times this year! You're right, it takes a lot of comittment to cooking your own meals. And you eat a lot of eggs!

    If you ever try it again, the easiest recipe that I used was to just get whatever veggies you like (carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, red onion are all good options), and then chicken (or beef if you like). Cut everything to roughly 3/4 inch pieces, toss in olive oil and whatever seasonings you like (include salt and pepper for sure). Roast on a sheet pan at 400 degrees. 22 minutes for chicken and veg. Beef takes less time, even if you want it well done, so you may want to do that on a separate pan than the veg.
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    "What I find interesting is that the healthcare system probably won't recommend this strategy for clearing your body from sugar addiction, probably because it doesn't require using any drugs."

    Or maybe it's because the whole "cleanse" idea is a bunch of pseudo-scientific hoo-hah that people use to make money off the unsuspecting and gullible ...
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    Not sure what the OP means by doing a "cleanse." Do you mean simply giving up sugar and other highly refined carbs? Or are you proposing some kind of supplement or herb or something designed to "clear toxins"?
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    I am literally reading this while eating a bowl of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough.
    You should be well-cleansed by now.
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    You should be well-cleansed by now.
    I don't think I'm totally there yet. I plan on eating more tomorrow. Just to make sure.
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    I haven't said one word about being in agreement with the OP. I don't think the OP has even said what she meant. If by "sugar cleanse" she simply means giving up sugar, I don't have a problem with that. We eat way way too much sugar. It's in everything. A restaurant even put sugar on my Brussels sprouts the other day. We are really in a bad way if our palates are now demanding sugar on our veggies. If OP is recommending some kind of supplements or mechanical "cleansing" to remove "toxins," then I have little use for her post.
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    We are in agreement about the need to drastically reduce sugar intake. I re read the OP and she is clearly advocating for some super cocktail to rid the body of said toxins. Obviously a poorly written opinion with no definitions. Maybe OP was advocating reducing sugar but I don't think so
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    Quote from Atl-Murse
    I re read the OP and she is clearly advocating for some super cocktail to rid the body of said toxins.
    I don't think that's obvious or clear at all. Which makes the article all the more puzzling and poorly conceived.
  10. by   Shawn Heslip
    What a load of BS. I would not want this nurse taking care of me. Way too much woo. There is no such thing as a cleanse, other than what your liver and kidneys do. Get real!
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    Ok, after looking through some of the OP's former threads, I do not believe she is simply advocating giving up sugar. I believe she is referring to some kind of active process to "detoxify" the patient from sugar. I have no idea what specific intervention she is hinting at, but she sure didn't answer the first question she posed in her thread title. Not a great article at all.

    It is simply not necessary to do any kind of formal "cleanse". After a few days or at most a week or two of going without sugar, the body adjusts to no longer receiving the amounts of sugar to which it has become accustomed. The sugar cravings decrease, and life goes on.
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    Well, I for one would love to know what this "cleanse" is that the OP is alluding to.
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    Quote from klone
    Well, I for one would love to know what this "cleanse" is that the OP is alluding to.
    This is what I'm a little confused about. Besides alluding to the generalized "sugar cleanse," err ... are there particular sugar "cleanses" out there that she's keen on?

    I'm not into any cleanse (especially as I'm sitting here eating my sixth sugar cookie) ... more confused than anything.