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WestCoastSunRN has 26 years experience as a MSN, CNS and specializes in CVICU, MICU, Burn ICU.

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  1. WestCoastSunRN

    Shameless request for good vibes

    I am saddened to read you are dealing with such a situation. It is amazing and scary the kind of power others can exercise over us - especially when we are just doing our thing - the thing we are supposed to do. I'm glad you have the confidence tha...
  2. It can be a challenge for laypersons to vet the extent to which their providers deliver care based on the best evidence. And this is why watchdog organizations such as Joint Commission and other accrediting agencies are important to public safety. ...
  3. WestCoastSunRN

    DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    Well said and thank you. I, also, am an APRN getting my post-masters DNP. I did think about a PhD, but at the end of the day, I want to be a clinician who is prepared for translating research and leadership in community and population health. Beca...
  4. WestCoastSunRN

    New grad- job stress/depression

    First, if you are using your real name on AN, you need to change it. Secondly, nursing is a very difficult gig, such that we are not really prepared for it upon graduation. Night shift is really difficult on the body if you are not built for...
  5. WestCoastSunRN

    DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    Great discussion! I agree, collaborative agreements don't bother me and I do not want to be out "on my own" in a provider role - even as a niche/specialty CNS provider. I do, however, want my salary to reflect the additional years of schooling - AND...
  6. WestCoastSunRN

    What's your opinion on nurses dating doctors?

    This wins post of the week.
  7. I am a fairly accomplished ICU nurse. I'm still a bit fumbly, awkward, and slow sometimes, dexterity-wise. I remember when I first started nursing, it was comical - me priming and setting up tubing, or getting ready to put in a foley, checking all ...
  8. WestCoastSunRN

    Driving 1.5 hrs (one way) to work. Good idea?

    I would abhor such a commute before or after a 13 hour shift. If you want to stay at mom-in-law's house for two nights - maybe that's an option, but for me ... driving that commute would be untenable.
  9. WestCoastSunRN

    Ethics and patient follow up

    This is the stuff healthcare reform should be made of.
  10. WestCoastSunRN

    Is it appropriate to "show off" that you are a Nurse on social media?

    Social media is a big big deal - for ALL professions. Nursing schools and hospitals are figuring out how to leveredge it to their advantage. Those nursing students are likely being encouraged to post what they do. Quite honestly, I think nursing, as...
  11. WestCoastSunRN

    New grad first job - peds or adults?

    Well I'd go with the adult ICU and here's why - if you can cut it there and you still want to do peds later, you can do it. In my experience, adult-critical-care nurses are welcomed into the peds world a little more readily than the other way a...
  12. WestCoastSunRN

    New grad burnout

    Wow. Reading this makes me angry on your behalf. I agree, you are NOT burned out. You are experiencing the moral distress ANY of us would in these circumstances. I hope you can find a new position soon. In the meantime, I echo the notion t...
  13. WestCoastSunRN

    Is it wrong to stay in med-surg?

    What a refreshing post. A nurse who likes her job! Looks like you've found your niche - at least for now. You are young in your career - you can always branch out and try something different later - or you can just keep being a rockstar expert in ...
  14. WestCoastSunRN

    NP: Age limit?

    Hi! Very cool that you are doing Telehealth in Washington from Florida! (That's what I understood?) If I got that right, you are licensed in WA - and that is how you are allowed to do the telehealth visits? I ask, because since COVID many pre...
  15. WestCoastSunRN

    Floated to ICU with no experience

    So to clarify, can you tell us briefly if they knew they would be intubating this patient when they assigned him/her to you? And why did the patient need to be intubated? When the intubation was happening, were you alone with the intubating pro...