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SpEdtacular has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in ED, Informatics, Clinical Analyst.

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  1. "Discrepancies" In Epic Documentation

    Don't you have to have a cosigner when you waste?
  2. ASN to BS-HIM or RN-MSN NI?

    I agree. The best degree depends on what you want to do and job titles can be tricky. My official title is Systems Analyst-RN. I build and maintain the workflows for the ED portion of our hospital's EHR. I absolutely LOVE what I do, but many people ...
  3. Flowsheets Comment in EPIC

    I want to say there's like a 256 character limit for free text fields. I am not sure what it is for flowsheet comments. Character limits are universal so I don't know how other people would be able to leave longer comments than you (unless I am not r...
  4. any nurse informaticists here?

    I assisted the chief nursing informatics officer with a big upgrade my organization was doing. I analyzed and presented survey data collected from end users before and after the upgrade for my Capstone presentation, but I wanted to learn and get expe...
  5. Texas Hospital making nurses resign or take care of COVID patients

    We'll you guys are certainly working hard to be #1 in Covid-19. Texas and NJ will graciously concede and let you guys have the title of Corona Capital of the US ?
  6. Texas Hospital making nurses resign or take care of COVID patients

    As someone from New Jersey, I must point out that NYC is not located in NJ.
  7. Written Up

    The OP's "double dosing" is just a symptom of a bad system and stems from multiple issues. Here's what comes to mind for me: Benzodiazepines are not the best treatment for insomnia and if used regularly they can cause rebound insomnia and make the pa...
  8. New RN needing advice

    I did an RN to MSN in Informatics through Excelsior College and was very happy with my degree program. I'm not sure why you think you'd be "stuck" and unable to work in other disciplines because you specialized in informatics. Most MSN programs hav...
  9. 2018 Nursing Salary Survey

    I am an informatics nurse not involved in direct patient care so I put the patient ratio for the ED I am responsible for (1:4). Like another poster, I am relatively young and not thinking about leaving nursing at this time but put retirement since I ...
  10. What is a Sugar Cleanse and Do I Need It?

    The one thing I have discovered about metabolism and nutrition/food science is that we know almost nothing. Increasing your intake of foods like fruits and vegetables, practicing moderation, and avoiding highly processed foods is probably a good rul...
  11. Student nurse dismayed by bedside nursing attitude

    I think Med/Surg nurses are amazing people because I could not put up with what they deal with on a daily basis. They have to care for half a dozen or more able-bodied yet inexplicably needy patients who won't do what they are supposed to (e.g. ambu...
  12. Injection Gone Wrong: Part 3

    Very interesting article. I think the importance of safe injection practices and good injection technique is undervalued and that many people administering the injections underestimate the potential to do harm. An IM injection can lead to complicat...
  13. Where did you get your MSN Clinical Informatics Degree?

    I just graduated from Excelsior's RN-MSN informatics program, and I thought it was a great program.
  14. Social Problems in a Hospital? Please Help?

    Check with your local health department. Examples of public health issues are communicable diseases, homelessness, and environmental safety
  15. A clear answer about my associates would help a future.

    OP, You can attend community college to take prerequisites and not complete a degree. Many people take gen ed courses at the community college because it is much cheaper and then transfer those credits to a 4 year school and enter a degree program. ...