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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   TopazLover
    Learning each day and using what you learn.
    Sharing what you know and learning from those you are teaching.

    Caring each day even when you don't think you do. The caring for, caring about, caring with, has rewards. Family love and caring has a different "feel".
    Seeing changes in behavior and attitude related to your care.

    Not seeing open areas and pressure areas develop because you have done the right thing.

    Knowing you make a difference in the life of a person that may not have anyone else caring right at that moment.

    Being able to see the cycle of birth to death as an outsider and a participant without actually having to do either on any day.
  2. by   tarezameen
    I like the way they keep their cool. It's absolutely tremendous. Even doctors sometimes gets baffled by patients but nurses, hats off to them. They are always caring and responsible. in fact, they are more duty bound and responsible then some doctors, doctors pls don't mind.
  3. by   PiaLove
    What I love about my career are the patients...duh! I love seeing someone make a change in their life because I assisted them. Not taking all the credit in the change, but realizing just how important to a person I can be makes me feel wonderful. No matter how bad a company, no matter how bad a hospital or its staff members get, it's always the patient that keeps me going. You may change locations, but you can never change the fact that you will find a patient that will appreciate you and the services that you offered them or their family.redbeatheredpinkhe:heartbeat
  4. by   nursemarion
    I love how nursing lets you bond with another human being on such a personal level without having to peel away layers of social niceties and pretenses. People open up to nurses in a way that they don't open up to anyone else. It is a beautiful, powerful thing to be able to be there for someone who needs us. I love that I can advocate for someone and share their stories and their pain. I love that I can teach them and hug them and care about them, even if I never see them again. I love that they feel they can trust me simply because I am a nurse.
  5. by   americanlatina313
    there is nothing more gratifying than to be able to take someone from being scared & hurting, :imbar take care of the pain issue, :wink2: teach them what is going on (empower them and calm their fears :wink2 and help them to have a hospital stay that meets their needs, not just cures them for a moment. there's just nothing like it! since i'm bilingual, it gets even better when i'm able to help someone who is extra scared due to the language & cultural barrier. i love being a nurse!!! d
  6. by   hnt1987
    The ching ching of course. I like the patient care too!
  7. by   pirello77
    People like you are what inspired me to become a nurse. (I have seen the difference between those that really care and those that do not.) I am glad to know that when I graduate next year, that there are nurses like you out there that I will be working with side by side!

    Keep it up! You are an encouragement far more than you can know. :rcgtku:
  8. by   pirello77
    Quote from sddlnscp
    Well, this is a nursing student speaking, so:

    The ability to learn so much from the nurses that I am supervised by at clinicals and still know that there is far more to learn

    The ability to heal or comfort a person

    The true, heartfelt compassion that I get to express without shame while I am in clinicals

    The constant, everchanging Medical world that will forever keep my brain a hoppin'

    Being surrounded by the awesome, seasoned nurses that make me feel secure and (as I'm sure they're biting their lips and wringing their hands, but would never let me see) allow me to practice skills while under their supervision so that I too can learn and one day work beside them

    The thankful look, hug or words from a patient and/or their family

    There is so much to love and I know I am just at the tip of the iceburg - I feel so lucky to be working towards this profession!


    AMEN! I agree 100%
    Thanks for putting into words and posting the way I feel also! Excellent posting....
  9. by   egarwo
    i love nursing because it make me to care about people not only the person your are caring but the whole body , the whole big picture it all about caring with your whole heart
  10. by   Tracy38000
    I do realize that i know very little, but the fact that i can make a difference in someones day is all i am after. If i can make one patient feel better, if just for a while, then it was worth me coming in and doing my job. I do it for the patients.
  11. by   seunlovesall
    i love your contribution
  12. by   Biol20fan
    My clinical group was walking around the hospital the other day, and a mom told her little girl, "Look at all of the nurses!" :redpinkhe The way she said it made me feel so special, as though in the mother's eyes, we were angels.

    Yes, I teared up...I couldn't help it.

    It's moments like that that keep me going in NS, and that make me believe I have chosen the right path in life! :heartbeat
  13. by   ellen 12
    I enjoy the privilege of sharing intimate life moments with people.