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  1. spuropathy

    How do you know you are above the pass point?

    Thanks everyone! I passed too! I tried the Pearsonvue NCLEX trick yesterday, however when I clicked next in the register button, nothing popped up, and I was so in nerves that I closed the window immediately. I thought I had failed, and could barely think for 12 hours after that. The PearsonVue NCLEX trick is not for the weakhearted. :]. I was confident after taking the exam however the 48 hours you wait after getting unofficial results is simply nerve-wrecking.
  2. spuropathy

    How do you know you are above the pass point?

    Thanks for replying. I had a lot of SATAs too.. although I really did not count how much of the categories I had. How did you do on your exam?
  3. spuropathy


    Congratulations and good luck!
  4. spuropathy

    what is considered a normal respiratory rate

    We were taught 12-24 in our school.
  5. Hello nurses/nursing students! I just want to know that how do you know you are above the pass point while taking the NCLEX? Do you have SATAs or priority questions? Let me know! Thanks.
  6. spuropathy

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    what sign will a newborn exhibit when estrogen is transfer to the baby from the mother 1- weak sucking reflex 2- soft skin 3- enlarge breast tissue 4- monlial infection antibiotic destroy the body normal flora, the nurse must monitor the pt for 1- oliguria 2- dysuria 3- diarrhea 4- stomatitis which treatment is common among the hispanic culture 1- yin-yang 2- accupunture 3- coining rubbing 4- yoga list in order of priority for a pt who has seizure 1- loosen the clothing around the neck (2) 2- suction the airway (4) 3- clear the area around the pt (1) 4- turn the pt to the side (3) place in order of priority 1- 12yrs old pt with fracture (2) 2- 8yrs old pt with laceration on the leg and arms (3) 3- 16yrs old with sore throat (4) 4- 6months old with diarrhea and dehydration (1)
  7. spuropathy

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    Same answers to the one above. I didn't know what a nomogram was but I'm going with that as well.
  8. spuropathy

    So sick of not having my own Patient !

    You should really talk to the nursing school about this. While teamwork is a valuable tool, one should learn how to take care of a specific patient on his/her own, especially when you're on your fourth semester.
  9. ^^ I definitely need to follow that. Procrastination is a bad habit of mine. I have learned that you should never EVER give a white IV fluid into a vein or a central line with the exception of Diprivan and TPN. NEVER. (Its not my fault, it has occurred one time with the patient dying of IV Maalox.)
  10. spuropathy

    Clinicals; is this what nursing is really like?

    You know what they say; the first one is always the hardest one. I was in the same position as you 1 1/2 years ago, in a nursing home, with nursing home patients, and feeling that "where has all my 3 months of education gone to?".. all I seemingly learned was how to wash hands, infection control, and I had this one classmate, he's a CNA in the program that showed me what I needed to know and I was helpful for that. Just a word of advice: Collaborate with your classmates, and teacher. Its very important. Teachers like it when you ask questions, most nurses do as well, and it shows that you are eager to learn. But to answer your question, when you get to later semesters, that's when real nursing's all about. I'm starting my first preceptorship shift tomorrow and I am excited.
  11. spuropathy

    Is nursing school always so unorganized?!?!

    It happens. Because of whatever that is you have to do, you may find yourself behind on readings. In those cases, what helps me is that the night before class, instead of skimming over and learning very few about the topic to be discussed, I just review the anatomy and physiology of whatever it is that's to be studied. During lecture time the dots usually connect themselves.
  12. spuropathy

    Am I too old to just be starting?

    You're never too old to be a nurse. Sounds to me, those 27 years you had were all filled with interesting careers, I am sure you'll do great with the program. Good luck.
  13. Simply, you can do it. Believe in yourself. I find that many of my nursing colleagues are anxious about test day, most of them are on anxiety medicines, but if you know the material, you shouldn't be anxious at all.
  14. spuropathy

    Manual Blood Pressures

    I feel like an idiot asking this, I really do. But please tell me the steps to get a manual blood pressure? Its been a year since I first done one, and I haven't practiced since. I forgot where to put in the exact position the cuff (how many inches above the antecubital space?), as well as where to put the stethoscope on (do I insert it into the cuff, or do I put it below? I've been so used to getting BPs with automatics I have trouble with manuals. Plus having a bad stethoscope does not help. Cmon nurses, help a poor soul.
  15. spuropathy

    Hardest class so far...

    Yes I am, as a matter of fact. :]
  16. spuropathy

    Why are we having so much trouble passing Med Surg?

    I LOVE med-surg. Definitely my favorite subject. Its where everything makes sense for me. Just know the pathophysiology is my advice to you. Once you know it, the interventions and contraindications will start making sense. Memorization would do very little (helpful for values though).. its more like practicality and knowing the disease process as a whole. And test tips of course.. do you have meds pub? They have a good section there on strategies alone. Good luck with it. Dont try to memorize it; try to KNOW it by heart so you wont forget it some months later. Im positive it will make sense. Its not mental health. And yes.. NCLEX questions are very helpful. Its a good way of retaining material; make sure to read rationales and be sure to understand them and put it to your head lol. (I dont write them.. just read them).