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Lived and Worked in Germany for 13 Years, for the US Govt.

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  1. celtictides

    What I Love About Nursing Is....

    I have learned so MUCH from my patients, often they are the heros. I was in Nursing school, and my first patient was 32 years old, the mother of two children a boy and a girl. Thinking back I believe they could not have been any older than seven or eight years old. The father would bring the children in every night to see their mother, She was such a gentle and caring mother. My patient was dying of cancer, My first patient! I could not get over how kind she was to all of the staff, I knew she had to be in incredible pain. This was the most diffficult time I ever had as a Nurse, It was then, I felt how cruel and unfair life could be. She was so young, and even with the amount of pain she was in she always remained so gentle and kind, today even I don't believe I can say I have met any one sick or well that would be her equal. The day she died I cried like a baby. The other Nurses actually made fun of me that I took it so hard. It was because of her and the treatment from the other Nurses I swore to be the best Nurse I could be and I prayed that I never became so accoustomed or harden from Nursing that I didn't feel something when one of my patients died. I know that dieing is the natural order and process of life, but I believe that when we fail to feel anything, we can't really be capable of caring and providing good quality Nursing. With time I learned to handle it much better, but it never ceased to effect me, for that I would like to believe made me a better Nurse.
  2. celtictides

    Nursing and Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is also one of the many things I have. For me it was actually the reverse, I refused to believe it until more than one doctor told me I had it. So rather I was hard on myself. My rhemutologist last week informed me when I was questioning him about that and my P.A., that Fibromyalgia is a form of R.A. which I did not know.
  3. celtictides

    An Important Questions for everyone.

    i belong to the national psoriasis foundation and listed on their message board was this address: http://www.patientadvocate.org/ this site helps individuals with chronic health conditions with assistance programs for medical needs and personal emergencies. first, there is www.uneedpsi.org this organization helps individuals pay health insurance premiums (including cobra and high risk pool plans). they will also help pay copayments. psi provides the following programs which will complement any established and existing "patient assistance program". according to the particular chronic illness or medical disorder, psi can provide one of the following services: premium assistance program cobra payments high-risk payments open-enrollment payments guaranteed issue payments full assistance or share-of-cost copayment assistance program full assistance or share-of-cost spend down assistance financial hardship waiver program determine eligibility for copayment waiver determine eligibility for compassionate product ************************************* families affected by the illnesses listed below are eligible to apply, regardless of income. acromegaly disorder - hormonal disorder resulting in abnormal growth alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency- lung disorder breast cancer - uncontrolled growth of breast cells colorectal cancer - cancerous polyps of the colon and rectum chemotherapy induced anemia - low level of red blood cells chemotherapy induced neutropenia - low level of white blood cells chronic renal insufficiency - kidney failure crohn's disease - inflammatory bowel disease fabry disease - enzyme deficiency disease growth hormone deficiency - endocrine disorder hemophilia - blood clotting disorder mps-1 - hurler/scheie - enzyme deficiency disease multiple sclerosis - nervous system disorder plaque psoriasis - genetic immune-mediated chronic skin disease primary immune deficiency - immune system disorder rheumatoid arthritis - systemic autoimmune disease other illnesses soon to be announced simply contact the office staff at, 800-fon-psi 1 (800-366-7742) to discuss concerns and request an application. upon receipt of a completed, you will be informed as to how psi may assist you. if approved, assistance will be granted for a maximum of two years pending availability of psi funding. should you require assistance beyond the two-year period, you must contact psi and submit a new application. also, there is the http://www.healthwellfoundation.com this organization also helps with insurance premiums and copays. the healthwell foundation™ offers two types of assistance: copayment assistance and premium assistance. copayment assistance: the foundation will offer monetary assistance with insurance copayments to eligible patients. premium assistance: the foundation also will provide monetary assistance to eligible patients seeking help paying for insurance premiums. how it works: patients will submit invoices or receipts to receive their monetary assistance awards. the monetary awards are typically sent to the insurer, pharmacy, physician, or other provider. however, the award can be sent directly to the patient to reimburse them for copayments that they must pay themselves. patients will be allocated a monetary grant for full or partial assistance for up to a 12 month period. the healthwell foundation will not restrict the medications that patients use as long as the medication is approved by the food and drug administration and falls within a funded area. also, the foundation will not restrict the provider that the patient selects to use. patients affected by one of the following illnesses should contact the healthwell foundation to determine if they may be eligible for help: psoriatic arthritis rheumatoid arthritis secondary hyperparathyroidism (oral therapy) psoriasis one more: www.netwish.org this is a non profit organization that likes to grant "wishes" for up to $500!! anyway, these organizations are here to help people who fall through the cracks. i obtained this information from the message board there and had saved it. i had a feeling this could be handy information to have on hand to share with others. i hope this helps!!
  4. celtictides

    Any Nurses recieving SSD/SSI

    I am. If things had worked the way they are suppose to I would not be eligible for SSI. But most things don't go the way they are suppose to. I did not apply for my disability right away, I waited two years before applying, thinking given time and treatment I would be able to go back to work. Secondly when I did file for disability, I did not hire an attorney, because I felt I really did not need one, my disability was well documented and I believed in the system. I don't believe in hiring a attorney and filing suits. (Unless there is really a justified reason to do so.) I did not know until it was too late, if you do not have an attorney you will automatically be denied. Your disability is based on your last five years of earnings, Between being denied and not having an attorney it was beyond five years, when it went to court so I had no wages they counted. Based on that I receive the very minimum the same amount, someone would receive that has never worked a day in their life. This is a very frustrating situation, considering I started working when I was 15 years old, and have worked most of my life working two jobs most of the time consecutively. I also raised three children divorced by myself, without child support or any type of assistance. I hope my sharing this will prevent anyone else from winding up in this situation. Don't wait to hire an attorney.
  5. celtictides

    Preplexed Does Anyone know the Ansswer?

    I have been out of practice for awhile and perhaps things have changed or even perhaps it's different from state to state. I know a nurse who has committed felonies (drugs were only part of the problem, not the reason she was sent to prison) and sent to prison for awhile. Now she is back Nursing again. I thought if a Nurse committed a Felony she was permanently barred from Nursing. Am I mistaken? Thanks for your responses in advance.
  6. celtictides

    Foreign Nurses Charged For Walking Off Job

    its interesting to read sentosa care recruiting and advertising for filipino nurses. i doubt they came through with what they offered them. you can read their advertisement and recruitment here: http://www.sentosarecruitment.com/whatdoiget.html here is the scoop on what's going on here: [color=#00008b]nurses file class suit vs. recruiter, employers washington, d.c. --- twenty-seven new york-based filipino nurses and one physical therapist filed a class suit against the recruiter who brought them to the united states and their employers here for not paying them the stipulated salary, fraud and misrepresentation. the class suit was filed before the office of special counsel for immigration-related unfair employment practices of the department of justice in washington, d.c. named respondents to the suit were bent philipson, francis luyun, and 11 nursing homes of which philipson is the chief operating officer. luyun is the chief executive officer of sentosa recruitment agency, one of those cited in the suit. the complainants are represented by new york immigration lawyer felix vinluan. the nurses said they were recruited to work as immigrant workers, while the physical therapist said he was recruited to work as h-1b non-immigrant workers by sentosa recruitment agency. in their complaint, they said that philipson and the companies he represented promised the us citizenship and immigration services (uscis) to pay them the prevailing wage rates and other employment benefits. upon arriving in the united states, the complainant said they were not made to work for the employers who petitioned for them. instead they were made to work for the companies controlled by philipson. you can read the complete article here: [color=#00008b]http://www.filipinoexpress.com/20/15_news.html
  7. celtictides

    is Kaplan online good?? help please...

    I am in the same process of choosing an online LPN to RN program. I have a meeting with an advisor next Tuesday from Indiana State University affiliated with the College Network. Anyone know anything about that. And additionally what did Kaplan charge? Thanks for any input. Diana
  8. celtictides

    In search of a high paying agency for Private duty

    I'm not sure if these agencies are in your area, but you can always check the yellow pages. The two agenices that I have found that pay the highest wages are Carestaf and Favorite Nurse. Both are very good agencies to work for.
  9. celtictides

    Your Advice to a Pre-Nursing Student

    Study on a regular scheduled timeframe and stick with it. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand. Be as organized as much as possible, i.e. regular study time, reglar sleeping schedule, don't skip meals take care of yourself. You are required a specified number of classroom hours and should you get sick for any length of time, it can be problematic, most schools will not allow you to make up any missed hours. I was hospitalized during my schooling, and I was extremely fortunate, I was carrying an "A" in all my subjects, due to this and the written requests my two doctors that an exception should be made in my case I was allowed to. But this is very very rare, and I was so stressed out because I thought I was going to have to repeat my schooling which equated to additional funds. SO remember to take care of yourself as well!
  10. celtictides

    So I lost it? Am I out of Line?

    I have worked in some situations that were far from prefect. Not quite that bad. But my feelings on this is, if the situation is such that you feel working there could cause you to lose your license, from being understaffed and the likelyhood of making a serious mistake etc., its not worth the risk of putting your hard work and license on the line. I always check a place out where I am considering employment, if they have a high turn over. then it generally indicates serious problems with the treatment of the employees, patients etc. Unfortunately with the shortage of Nurses and HMO's , this tends to be more a problem than it used to be. I have been out of Nursing for awhile, I was becoming stressed out, and sometimes its good to take a break away and worked in a more relaxed environment or even perhaps reduce your hours or part-time if you are able to financially. I also find working for staffing is a nice break as well. But I would definitely RUN as fast as you can. Good luck, and there are still good places out there to work.