What are Your Goals for 2018??

  1. Okay, so 2018 is just around the corner. While we all hope for peace, good health and prosperity, what are some of the particulars of your hopes/goals for 2018?

    For myself:

    1. I just started a new job and hope to get it more organized.

    2. I need to gain a new perspective on nursing as a whole so that I can approach it with a fresh mind/outlook.

    3. Cont my weight loss journey.

    4. Change my overall attitude towards stressors in my life and establish better-coping skills.

    So...how about you??
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  3. by   vanilla bean
    Relocate. I was hoping to have this accomplished by the end of 2017, but securing employment in a super-saturated job market is taking longer than I'd hoped, go figure. I'm looking forward to starting a new job and finding a new home. I love change (I'm not being sarcastic, for a change, lol) and I'm looking forward to finding my place in a totally new environment.
  4. by   Everline
    1. Further my nursing education.
    2. Continue to gain knowledge at my job and continue building relationships there.
    3. Study for a certification exam.
    4. Practice, play, enjoy music even more this year.
    5. Grow on my spiritual path.
    6. Work on sticking to a healthier diet and doing regular gentle stretching.
    7. Have more family time.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!
  5. by   purplegal
    Could be a difficult one, but I'm going to aim for no more job applications. See if I can go an entire year without pestering other employers (especially one) with my applications and try to just focus on the job I have right now. I'll also try to focus on no comparison to others so my "need" for a new job decreases.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    All great goals everyone!
  7. by   ICUman
    Begin my BSN program, and get ready to apply for CRNA programs!

    I am preparing to compete in a bodybuilding competition this upcoming fall.
    Also am thinking about buying a new puppy, but can't decide what breed yet.
  8. by   ThePrincessBride
    Get into NP school
    Travel more
    Lose weight
    Read more
    Write more
    Be healthy
    Be happy
  9. by   anne_marie_oregon
    This thread is fun and positive :-) My goals for 2018 include:

    1) Start nurse practitioner school.
    2) Get settled into my new job and new city.
    3) Continue weight loss goals.
    4) Eat clean.
    5) Save for furniture for my apartment.
    6) Find a mentor.
    7) To get clarity and guidance around a on-again/off-again relationship.
    8) Learn and practice modern calligraphy/hand-lettering/chalkboard art.
  10. by   ThePrincessBride
    Get into NP school
    Travel more
    Lose weight
    Read more
    Write more
    Be healthy
    Be happy
  11. by   Ella26
    1) Get caught up at work
    2) Enjoy my free time
    3) Find hobbie I enjoy
    4) continue fitness journey
    5) continue therapy sessions
  12. by   Been there,done that
    Try to wrap my head around this retirement thing. Realize that I am a giver.. and must continue on that path.
    Always on the weight loss path. Lost 4 pant sizes with low carb. What are You doing with the weight loss goal?

    Happy New Year.
  13. by   ICU-BSN
    Continue to grow in my current job, I have only been there a few months and still have much to learn.

    Pass the CCRN!

    Make more time for family, my kids are growing up way too fast!

    Start running again, I've been down since a leg injury earlier in the year. But it's time to get back out there (once it warms up anyways, I hate the cold).

    And...remember to renew my license on time.
  14. by   AJJKRN
    Spend more quality time with my family and ride both of my boys to get their schooling together!

    Focus on chipping away at debt and improving our credit score.

    Continue to work on weight loss and increasing activity outside of work and stick to healthy life changes.

    Study for the PCCN and hopefully pass the exam too. (I am already CMSRN certified)

    Contemplate doing some type of bridge NP program with my clinical time provided by the school...hmmmm