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  1. How do you move past a mistake?

    Hello nurses, I made a mistake recently and I'm taking it pretty hard :-( It was a big mistake, but luckily, no-one was hurt and the outcome was just fine. Not a med error, but I missed a step in an important process. It was accidental and...
  2. NIH certification

    Hello neuro nurses, I believe the NIH certification used to be free. Is that still the case? I am trying to re-up my NIH certification (it is expired) but cannot find a link to do so. Could any of you point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  3. Switch from FNP to AGPCNP???

    I am considering a switch from my FNP program to Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Is this the stupidest idea ever? I want to get out of school as FAST as possible ... and I have NO INTENTION of ever working with kids or women's heal...
  4. Happy Nurse: 10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness Today

    One thing I have realized, in terms of job satisfaction, is that it REALLY matters to me that I have a rhythm to my schedule and that I work during the day (not at night). Schedule is a HUGE component for me to be satisfied in my work. For me, a Mon-...
  5. MSN Leadership - Is it worth it?

    Thank you so so much to everyone for posting your thoughts and advice. I have recently received a promotion to lead a project on my unit and can see there is a lot of opportunity for leadership at my hospital. Did your MSN program require any practic...
  6. MSN Leadership - Is it worth it?

    Hello Nurse Leaders, I would like to ask - is getting an MSN Leadership worth it? Has it opened doors for you? What sort of role are you in, now that you have earned your Masters? It's expensive and time consuming and want to make sure I am heading i...
  7. Grand Canyon University Acute Care NP experiences

    I also live in California - I am in the FNP program with Chamberlain. I have looked at the ACNP program with GCU, and it looks great! I did my undergrad with GCU. I say go for it!!! All of the NP programs will include the 3 P's (patho, pharm, and phy...
  8. UNLV for masters?

    Hello Liv, do you live in Las Vegas? These seem like very different schools (Alabama vs Nevada). What are the reasons you would like to attend UNLV? I lived in Las Vegas for 5 years and loved it. I believe that UNLV has an excellent reputation and I ...
  9. Need to determine my path ...

    Hello, I am at a crossroads and need to determine which way to go! I am one year into my Master's program and the original plan was for MSN-FNP. I just finished a course in Population Health/Epidemiology and will be starting Pathophysiology next ... ...
  10. ER nurse or OR nurse?

    Go with your gut!!! Go OR ? You know what to do, and you know what you want. Forget this ER business. You can DEFINITELY still be an FNP and work in the OR. I am an ER RN, and it can be so chaotic. I would love to do something more analytical - work...
  11. MSN Leadership/Exec Practicum

    Hello, I am considering several MSN Leadership/Exec programs at the moment. Just want to ask about the Practicum requirement. I am looking at Chamberlain University and the practicum requirement is 72 hours per "Concluding Graduate Experience" course...
  12. Reconsidering FNP school - should I quit?

    Hello Analyst RN --- honestly ... I would rather have your CUSHY job than see patients. So ... what did you decide to do? I get that it may seem like you "don't feel like a nurse" ... but I am SO READY to get my MSN Administration and be a "desk job"...
  13. Is starting at a medspa the best way?

    Hello Sour Lemon - Yes I totally agree!!! I am continuing to work on the side as a nurse injector - but most definitely a side-hustle. The tips are nice - and I appreciate that I can go in for 4 or 5 hours to the medspa without too much commitment. I...
  14. Is starting at a medspa the best way?

    Hello, The course I took was with American Board of Aesthetic Medicine in San Diego, CA. It was about $2,500 and covers: Botox, Restylane/Juvederm/Radiesse, Laser/Light therapies, IPL, Radiofrequency/RF, Chemical Peel.
  15. Chamberlain: MSN Executive Track

    Hello Serendipitous Bee, I am currently in the Chamberlain FNP program (about 1 year in) and seriously considering switching to Chamberlain MSN Leadership/Exec. So far, I have found the Chamberlain FNP program to be vigorous, and I would expect the M...