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  1. vanilla bean

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

  2. I can't imagine that it would be a problem that you haven't been vaccinated before as long as you're willing to receive the vaccines required by the nursing program you choose. Perhaps you can investigate some of the nursing programs you're interested in applying to and find out which vaccines they require and get started from there. As Ruby Vee mentioned, if your parent(s) is/are on board, you can get started or you may have to wait until you're an adult and able to consent to your own medical care without parental consent.
  3. vanilla bean

    First Reaction to Changes

    That's great! I'm betting you just saved a bunch of users some unnecessary exasperation, lol. Thank you!
  4. vanilla bean

    First Reaction to Changes

    @Horseshoe I too was riled about this change but I just learned that while you cannot go to your first unread post while in the thread (like we used to be able to do), you can do it without the extra steps of going to the "What's New" tab. You'll find the button you're looking for next to the title of the thread. To the right of the title of the thread there will be little icons, one of which will be a little right/up facing arrow. When you hover over it, it says, "Go to last post" but what it really means is 'go to *your first unread* post'.
  5. vanilla bean

    How To Get To Unread Content

    Sweet Jebus, thank you! The "go to *last* post" arrow threw me as I thought it would literally take me to the last post in the thread and not the last *unread* post. Now, if I can only get a post preview box again when I hover over the thread title instead of a box just repeating the thread title...
  6. vanilla bean

    First Reaction to Changes

    This! For me, threads will become too cumbersome to follow once more than a page or two long. I'm also already missing the post preview that we used to get when hovering over the thread title. Now the little box just shows the thread title again
  7. Well, the good news is that their students are able to sit for the NCLEX exam. The bad news is that, according to NCSBN, from 1/1/18-3/31/18 they had 52 of their program graduates take the NCLEX-RN exam and had a less than 10% pass rate. Here's a link to that report - it's long, but in alphabetical order, so just keep scrolling down.
  8. vanilla bean

    Question on Davis' s Drug Guide for Nurses

    Dr Google tells me that the CD in a medication name means controlled delivery.
  9. vanilla bean

    Cover letter critque

    In addition to what beekee said, be diligent about spelling and grammar. Granted, this is just an informal nursing forum and you may not be taking the same care, but you've got spelling errors in your post.
  10. vanilla bean

    Verbal Abuse Is Abuse Too!

    My heart is aching so much for you right now. Thank you for sharing this with us Ruby Vee.
  11. vanilla bean

    Classes that Just Bug You...

    Wait, are you also the OP missnursingstudent19?
  12. vanilla bean

    Privacy curtains are covered in MRSA

    Sure have. I simply try to be mindful of the danger these surfaces can be to those vulnerable patients in our care that have immature or compromised immune systems. I'm also living well and seldom sick, but not going to tell my age
  13. vanilla bean

    Privacy curtains are covered in MRSA

    I always assume every fabric surface in the hospital is covered with every conceivable body fluid and the bugs that can grow in them.
  14. vanilla bean

    She called my MOTHER!!!

    It certainly sounds like you have issues. If you choose to blur the boundaries between family and provider, then I think you've got to accept the "crazy train" with the "great." All aboard! Woo-woo!
  15. vanilla bean

    2 full-time jobs?

    I used to live in a part of the country with a very high cost of living and have worked with numerous nurses over the years who worked 2 full-time jobs. One that I can recall did it for decades until finally retiring from one job. It's obviously not desirable and can seriously impinge on your personal life, but if you get 2 jobs that work 12-hour shifts each then you can conceivably work 6 days a week. Trying to get 2 jobs to accommodate work schedules will be a challenge and you may frequently find yourself double booked and scrambling to swap shifts with coworkers. You may be better off getting a job that offers lots of opportunities for overtime, particularly if those shifts pay you time and a half or double time.