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  1. vanilla bean

    L&D to NICU

    Do NICU nurses attend high-risk deliveries at your facility? If so, try to make a good impression. Try to get to know them a bit. Be friendly and helpful. They may just be the ones that can assist you to get in to the NICU by talking you up and telling their nurse manager what a great nurse you are and what a good coworker you'd be. Master your NRP skills and make every effort to become highly skilled in newborn care/assessments.
  2. vanilla bean

    Why wouldn't this cost of living hack work for California?

    I think the OP meant more in the operational sense (separate bank accounts, etc) rather than the legal sense of their finances.
  3. vanilla bean

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Sorry Emergent, sarcasm is my default setting. I'll make an attempt to contribute something productive to the conversation. Here goes: personally, I don't feel any obligation or desire to share the decisions regarding my professional life with anyone, whether they feel entitled to that information or not. If my coworkers/work friends become upset, feeling that me not sharing that information with them is me being secretive and/or wondering why I would try to "hide" it because they'll find out anyway, I would be confused by that perspective (and legit would probably say something sarcastic to them in response, unproductive or not).
  4. vanilla bean

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Sounds like a great reason to have multiple per diem jobs; more opportunities to work one's desired shifts. I can't believe "Karen" didn't keep you in the loop with her employment plans. What could she possibly have been thinking?
  5. vanilla bean

    Employment Gap - should bring up nursing school?

    If all they're asking about is a gap in employment and you weren't working while in college, why not say exactly that? As in, "during that time I was in college and decided not to work so that I could focus on my studies." If pressed to elaborate, traumaRUs gave examples of great responses.
  6. vanilla bean

    Surviving an Interstate Move

    It's been almost a year since I did a big interstate move. I still feel stressed, lol. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk details/specifics. Good luck with your new adventure!
  7. vanilla bean

    How many of you disinfect car after work?

    It's excessive behavior. If you want to continue with this behavior, at least be consistent and wipe it all down after leaving your home and going out in public at all. Disgusting shopping carts, door handles, handling money, touching your children (I mean kids are like walking petri dishes!), your cell phone! Ewww! That last bit is obviously meant as a joke, but do you see my point? Wiping your car down after working is excessive. I would think it would be a lot more reasonable to wear your own clothing in/out of work and only wear your scrubs while on the clock. If you launder your own scrubs then just take them home and wash them.
  8. vanilla bean

    Associates degree in nursing. BA in English

    What words of wisdom are you looking for? Are you wondering what experience and/or education you need to land a job as a school nurse? Requirements will vary by market so one thing I would suggest is to seek out job postings for the job(s) you want and see what their requirements are so you will get a better sense of what's required in your area. In case you haven't found it yet, AN has a very active school nurse forum that you might find helpful (you can find it under the specialties header). There's also a search function which may help you find some of the info you're looking for. Good luck
  9. vanilla bean

    Easiest states for foreign graduates

    Not necessarily. The CA BON will only be satisfied when you have met all of *their* licensing requirements.
  10. I can't imagine that it would be a problem that you haven't been vaccinated before as long as you're willing to receive the vaccines required by the nursing program you choose. Perhaps you can investigate some of the nursing programs you're interested in applying to and find out which vaccines they require and get started from there. As Ruby Vee mentioned, if your parent(s) is/are on board, you can get started or you may have to wait until you're an adult and able to consent to your own medical care without parental consent.
  11. vanilla bean

    Privacy curtains are covered in MRSA

    Sure have. I simply try to be mindful of the danger these surfaces can be to those vulnerable patients in our care that have immature or compromised immune systems. I'm also living well and seldom sick, but not going to tell my age
  12. vanilla bean

    Privacy curtains are covered in MRSA

    I always assume every fabric surface in the hospital is covered with every conceivable body fluid and the bugs that can grow in them.
  13. vanilla bean

    She called my MOTHER!!!

    It certainly sounds like you have issues. If you choose to blur the boundaries between family and provider, then I think you've got to accept the "crazy train" with the "great." All aboard! Woo-woo!
  14. vanilla bean

    2 full-time jobs?

    I used to live in a part of the country with a very high cost of living and have worked with numerous nurses over the years who worked 2 full-time jobs. One that I can recall did it for decades until finally retiring from one job. It's obviously not desirable and can seriously impinge on your personal life, but if you get 2 jobs that work 12-hour shifts each then you can conceivably work 6 days a week. Trying to get 2 jobs to accommodate work schedules will be a challenge and you may frequently find yourself double booked and scrambling to swap shifts with coworkers. You may be better off getting a job that offers lots of opportunities for overtime, particularly if those shifts pay you time and a half or double time.
  15. vanilla bean

    Seeking tips for nursing in Hawaii

    Prepare to work as a CNA or ward clerk.
  16. vanilla bean

    If your manager falsely accused you of something

    If you want people to give you informed advice, you'll have to inform us of the false accusations (if not specifically, at least generally). Do you see how the advice would be different if, for example, your manager accused you of throwing non-recylables into the recycling bin vs intentionally harming a patient vs stealing office supplies vs diverting narcotics (etc, etc, etc...)?