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Okay, so 2018 is just around the corner. While we all hope for peace, good health and prosperity, what are some of the particulars of your hopes/goals for 2018? For myself: 1. I just started a... Read More

  1. by   nursemaryzzel
    1. I'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks. I hope to have a very educational orientation and to shine and easily get accustomed to my new unit.

    2. I'm getting married in October! So one of my goals is to plan this wedding without completely losing it. LOL.

    3. Live in the moment, without worrying too much about what the future holds.

    4. Develop my hobbies

    5. Eat cleaner/healthier. I really want to go all organic.

    Happy New Year, everyone!
  2. by   medicinewoman33
    I'm starting school Jan 8, pre-nursing program. I'm very excited and nervous, but very ready to start this chapter in life. I've had my fair share of wasted years and I'm feeling really good about this one.
    My goals are:

    1. Stay positive, not letting stress affect my overall emotions, to maintain my state of zen through to the bigger picture.

    2. Listening more, observing my self more in all situations, reflection, patience.

    3. Maintain very good grades, more disciplined studying times, letting distractions pass by.

    4. Keeping and finding a routine in my health regime, more yoga!

    Happy New Year!

    May we all grow to our light of full potential!
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  3. by   NightNerd
    My goals are more specific than this, but in sum, they are:

    -Become nightnerd, BSN, and get my certification in psych nursing.
    -Exercise consistently. I have access to a gym, a track I can walk to, and weights and yoga mats and all kinds of stuff, and basically I have no excuse to not work out a few times a week.
    -Stop buying candy, cookies, etc. to binge on at work. Cook at home more often, stop eating out because I'm craving something or don't feel like cooking. Get better at buying groceries.
    -Be more social. See my family and friends more consistently.
    -Finish writing my second novel.
    -Play the piano more, compose some songs.
    -Stop mindlessly browsing Pinterest.
    -Read at least 30 books.
    -Save some $$ for a house, car, or whatever big purchase/event comes next.

    I think the Pinterest thing will be my biggest nemesis. It's such a problem.
  4. by   brandy1017
    I'm sticking to just a couple goals that I know I can achieve. One to pay off my car this year which will make it even easier to max out my Roth IRA, my HSA and to keep plugging away at my 403b. And of course to pay off my credit card debt once and for all. I've been doing the balance transfer shuffle while maxing retirement savings and paying living expenses.

    Another goal I need to get the courage to get labs and routine screenings done that I've been putting off. I wouldn't even go to the Dr except I need to once a year to get my BP meds filled. I'm the classic bad patient.
  5. by   Kitiger
    My goal is to lose 3 pounds!


    And once I do that, I'll lose 3 more pounds ...
  6. by   wannabeny
    2) advance my guitar skills
    3) sign up for and go for my first ever 5K
    4) connect more with my friends/family OFF of social media/text (already deactivated FB a few months ago, go me!)
    5) volunteer (never had the time to with always working two jobs or then with school)
    6) STOP the negative self talk..this is a biggie. i'm horrendous at being a master at it.
    7) become even more financially savvy; boost that credit score and aim for saving for a house in the next few years
  7. by   Davey Do
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Okay, so 2018 is just around the corner. While we all hope for peace, good health and prosperity, what are some of the particulars of your hopes/goals for 2018?
    From the Breakroom:
    Quote from Davey Do
    My goal, in 2018, to decrease the stress in my life, is to get rid of superfluous and unnecessary endeavors like setting goals.
    Quote from Davey Do
    I think I'm also going to not make a goal of being less redundant.
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  8. by   TeenyTiny
    1. Make a plan for the day each morning and accomplish at least three things from that plan.

    2. Actually respond to things more instead of meaning too. (So I can be more involved here on allnurses, my professional organization, and a few other communitiies that I watch but don't participated in.)

    This will help me stay organized and address all the different projects I have going on in my professional, student, and personal life.
  9. by   AutumnApple
    Move into a better apartment.

    I'm a bit atypical in that, unlike most of my friends (well, all of them) who live paycheck to paycheck, I tend to live well bellow my means. No big interesting story as to how I became that way, just always was.

    I have an apartment that is cheap cheap cheap. What is it they say, rent should not be more than 33% of your monthly income? I'm not even half that.

    With that said, I'm just tired of this place. It's not unsafe, but the temperature control it offers is second rate. I'm chilly in the winter and HAWT in the summer. It has no tub, just a phone booth sized stand up shower. The kitchen is too small and, I want to cook at home. So, obviously, I can do better.

    I'll only take a small ish leap in rent but I think my day to day attitude will improve dramatically. I already know of a few places I could go. It's just........oh, I detest moving. I have to get motivated and do it though.
  10. by   not.done.yet
    Get certified.
    Continue job growth
    Figure out how to care about my weight again.
    Eat more veggies
    Spend more time with Mom
    Conquer Empty Nest sorrow
  11. by   Daisy Joyce
    I don't have any goals.
    I've done everything I can to help my family.
    My job situation is the best possible balance I can achieve at this point.
    The sucky elements are literally out of my control.
    All I can do is hold steady.
  12. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    1) Finish My DNP
    2) Pass the Boards
    3) Learn a New Job
    4) Resolve Significant Other Issues
    5) Lose Weight (an oldie but a goodie)
    6) Get off my Butt and Workout
    7) Pay down debt
    8) Ride my bike from Pittsburgh to DC again this summer
    9) Be thankful for what I have as opposed to being resentful for that I do not
    10) Stay Sober

    Happy New Years Everybody Out There!!!
  13. by   CardiacDork
    Quote from ICUman
    Begin my BSN program, and get ready to apply for CRNA programs!

    I am preparing to compete in a bodybuilding competition this upcoming fall.
    Also am thinking about buying a new puppy, but can't decide what breed yet.

    Hi ICUman

    Australian Shepherd