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  1. What are you passionate about in your practice? That may give you an idea of things that may work for your topic.
  2. TeenyTiny

    Studying on the Job?

    You mentioned you thought of doing the front desk of a hotel - weekend night shift audit position would fill that. Both I and my husband did that at one point and the studying in between the duties is a great opportunity.
  3. TeenyTiny

    Kangaroo Care Policies

    NICU Guy, I agree there is a significant nursing issue occuring here and we are also addressing that. Our policies have to be reviewed every year anyway and we are hoping to make the wording less confusing so we are wanting an idea of what other institutions are doing. I apologize for the late response, I was sent an email for your first response but not the second and missed seeign it in cursory glances over the board during this time.
  4. We use 4 hour volumes for anything that runs over a pump so we reset it three times a shift. The resoning is that if the pump were to malfunction or be programed incorrectly it would not be a huge bolus and we decrease the number of alarms. We have had significant med errors from IL not being set that way.
  5. TeenyTiny

    Kangaroo Care Policies

    Our policy lists concerns (HFV, >one source of phototherapy, UAC/UVC, etc) for KC that should be an interdisciplinary team discussion but we don't outright prohibit KC for anyone. We have a preferred minimum amount of time we want KC do be done and no restrictions on how many times in one day that an infant can participate in KC. Our docs want to see it way more than it is done and we are trying to make our policy reflect that possibility.
  6. TeenyTiny

    Kangaroo Care Policies

    My unit is looking to update the kangaroo care policy that we have. If anyone is willing to share your policy with me would you please PM me so that we can exchange contact information. Thanks.
  7. TeenyTiny

    Privacy / Profile Changes

    This extra information is not neccesary, why is gender required? Status as a nurse you can get from other information available in our profiles...
  8. TeenyTiny

    What are Your Goals for 2018??

    1. Make a plan for the day each morning and accomplish at least three things from that plan. 2. Actually respond to things more instead of meaning too. (So I can be more involved here on allnurses, my professional organization, and a few other communitiies that I watch but don't participated in.) This will help me stay organized and address all the different projects I have going on in my professional, student, and personal life.
  9. TeenyTiny

    Where can I get male only patients?

    Have you searched to see if there are religous facilities that have similar or the same beliefs about care? In the south these types of facilities exist so there my be some within the area you are. This would allow for that type of accomodation.
  10. TeenyTiny

    NJ tube issues

    In my unit we call those a TP tube (for transpyloric) and we are not seeing issues with clogs there. As the feeds are continuous we don't flush them. We do use higher calories in them.
  11. TeenyTiny

    You're not going to pull that on me

    So, mostly I lurk off an on here on allnurses (as you can tell from my lack of posts yet years of membership) but in the spirit of calling for more threads to share stories with I thought I would start this. In fact, it was my first thought of a story when I saw the title for the Not Today Satan, Not Today thread. What are your favorite stories of not letting patients and/or their families pull one over on you? For example, mine: I was just back from maternity leave so I wasn't familiar to this family (NICU so many with long stays) whose reputation, as I was told, was to try to cause trouble. Clearly all of my coworkers had done their time and as I was back it was my turn. The mother used the morning to feel me out, commenting on how she didn't know me, wondering about my experience (all questions that were easy to answer), etc. Really the usual for a family. During the morning, we had discussed what labs had been drawn on the infant, including labs to be sent out. It was clear that the family knew all about the labs, they had been well planned in advance, and they were interested in when they would be able to expect results. No big deal. Family goes to lunch and I wonder what all the warnings were about. When the mom came back to the bedside after lunch, she looked like she was on a mission and confronted me with this statement: "You know, all those labs that you all took on my baby this morning, I never signed consent for you to do them;" as took a stance that stated she was ready to see me falter and stutter over a reply. Without I pause, I looked straight at her and stated, "actually you did, as part of the consent for treatment that you signed when your little one was admitted." Her eyes widened as she let out a little defeated sigh and walked back out of the unit. Nothing else was ever said about that interaction, although there were quite a few others that came from her. All I could think during that interaction was you're not going to pull that on me.
  12. TeenyTiny

    Do you ever NOT give out ice packs?

    Okay, so I mostly lurk here on allnurses as a whole and have long periods of time where I don't even look at the sight. Lately I've been visiting a lot and the school nurses forum pops up for me to lurk on as you all are so active and have such interesting threads. That said: I though of this thread yesterday morning when my kindergartner presented me with an accident report from her school nurse for an incident from Friday that I would have had no knowledge of without this report. In it was stated that another kid hit her on the nose with a toy and that an ice pack was given. I just laughed as, once again no marks or anything, no comments about it over the course of the weekend, and this is the first time that I've seen something from the nurse (meaning that my daughter hasn't had to go to the nurse for anything before this). I looked at my daughter, shook my head and told her that I bet she didn't even need the ice pack. My daughter absolutely disagreed and all I could do was say a little prayer that the nurse can make it through the remaining 5 weeks of the year. :)
  13. TeenyTiny

    Nursing Central Required Before Starting Program

    There might be a possibility that they will have some assignments before your orientation or classes start that you may need this for. I've heard of other places doing that.
  14. TeenyTiny

    Charleston area pay?

    When I graduated in 2005 new nurses were paid, pretty universally across the state $18 an hour. Overhearing some of the new nurses now it does seem to be about $23 an hour and given competitiveness I would guess that would still be across the state. Now, it also has to be taken into account that the Charleston metro area (Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties) has a higher cost of living than other areas of the state, by quite a bit, if you want to take that into consideration. (For instance my 1200 square foot house in my Charleston metro area home would sell for $160,000 and in my home county of Anderson the same square footage would be $100,000). Then again, I don't know what your costs are in NJ.
  15. TeenyTiny

    Ever experience violence at work???

    Sometimes that is even worse though, as you have the families to contend with. In a NICU they can be very scary. Filled out the survey for you. Best wishes in your research!