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  1. Daisy Joyce

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    Are you talking to me or to DesiDani?
  2. Daisy Joyce

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    I’m a white nurse and take shifts in a nursing home where the clientele is mostly white, and I’ve noticed the residents assume that anybody Black is an aide, and Black male nurses just really confuse them . But if the resident tries to make prejudiced remarks to me, I “play dumb”, (like I don’t know they’re being prejudiced), and say something like “Isn’t it nice that we go through life and get to meet lots of different people?” That usually shuts them up.
  3. Daisy Joyce

    When Your Preceptee is a Know-it-All

    Yes, I know the preceptor is not supposed to be an armchair psychiatrist, but know-it-all-ism doesn’t always stem from narcissism. Some people were in environments growing up where to avoid belittlement or dismissal they *had* to give the appearance of confidence and smarts. Or they were constantly compared unflatteringly to another sibling or classmate. Or they couldn’t be the “beauty” or the “athletic one” , so they *had* to be the “smart one”. Like I said, it’s not the preceptors job to fix the emotional problems of the new employee, but just be aware that some people carry a lot of wounds and baggage.
  4. Daisy Joyce

    Nurses Disciplined, Fired for Wearing Hospital-Issued Scrubs

    Do patients even stay in the hospital long enough to learn what all the different colors mean?
  5. Daisy Joyce

    What are your views on switching days with people?

    At some points of my life I’ve been extremely flexible and happy get extra shifts (I actually prefer to cover rather than switch). Currently I’m dealing with RL issues where covering is extremely problematic. But I had built up enough good will my co workers covered for me. Someday I hope this will all be behind me and I can cover again.
  6. Daisy Joyce

    Are churches safe?

    I feel like we are in a societal shift. Not a collapse or an end, but a shifting. My kiddos are all trying to launch, but jobs and shopping and school are all so different than everything they knew before. My grandmother was a tween at the start of the Great Depression, and that was a major shift in society when she was coming-of-age and this quarantine reminds me of her stories.
  7. Daisy Joyce

    Are churches safe?

    As a person of faith, I’m very missing liturgy . But my church is following the law of the land. This isn’t a theology or philosophy forum, but In the 2000 years of Christianity, there have been many times and places where liturgy and Christian communal spiritual life have been disrupted. We keep pushing on.
  8. Daisy Joyce

    Covid19 and nursing home placement

    When the pandemic started, I remember hearing talk about either building “field hospital” type structures for care and recovery, or repurposing hotel rooms, etc. Did any of this ever happen? The reason I’m asking is there’s been a lot of talk about State Governors making nursing homes take recovering Covid19 patients who had nowhere to go after hospitalization. But *was* there any place else to put them? I know some nursing homes really tried to step up and dedicate Covid19 units, but it didn’t happen across the board. I did try to Google this, but maybe I didn’t keyword it correctly. Couldn’t find too much information.
  9. Daisy Joyce

    As an LPN, I can't help but feel like I'm not a "real nurse"

    Okay, not to sound all mushy-gushy, but I’m an RN who has worked with really great LPNs and I for one don’t look down on anybody for being an LPN.
  10. Daisy Joyce

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    I *do* work in an LTC that’s adequately staffed (an oxymoron yes I know), but because of the configuration of our floors and the issues of our residents, we simply weren’t able to create a dedicated floor. But thinking back to some of the places I went when I was doing agency work I just shudder . They were on the brink of disaster even in the best of circumstances.
  11. Daisy Joyce

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    Precautions like what? More staff *hahahahaha* ? But seriously, folks... How are you going to deal with demented residents who refuse to stay in their rooms? Are we going to go back to restraints? Are nursing homes just going to build Covid19 units? Out of the thin air?
  12. It wouldn’t surprise me that people could re-infect. Corona virus cause “colds”, and we catch them more than once.
  13. Of all humanity? Nah. Of the US? Mebbe
  14. I was taught that calling adult patients endearments was emotional abuse because it’s a form of belittling and infantilizing.
  15. Yes, it’s not just romantic boundaries that can get crossed. I had a home case where the mom of the patient was young enough to be my daughter. She was very sweet, but started to see me as the Mother she never had. I had to be careful to maintain professional distance. We parted on good terms (the kiddo’s needs changed with school and stuff and I wasn’t able to do the hours anymore).
  16. Daisy Joyce

    Are you friends with coworkers? Maybe you should be...

    Please indulge me as I go off-topic for a moment. Quirky, late blooming tween girls are catnip both to predators and to online fringe groups. Please make SURE you know all her online whereabouts. Even the safest sites have comboxes (and weirdos).

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