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  1. Daisy Joyce

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    You do if you're caring for a patient with those diseases. It's part of airborne precautions. That’s correct. In a care setting. Not everyday life.
  2. Daisy Joyce

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    See, I’ve taken flu and measles vaccines in the last several years, but never wore a mask afterwards.
  3. Daisy Joyce

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    While the chart upthread is very nice and professional sounding, The vaccine *was* rushed. Meaning it went to market the fastest of any vaccine before this. For a disease that at the time was less than a year old. So it comes down to your definition of “rushed”. There is no long term safety data. Fertility studies aren’t completed yet.
  4. Daisy Joyce

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    According to the CDC, Covid19 vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus.
  5. Daisy Joyce

    COVID Faces

    My skin was getting irritated under the mask, but now I put on Vaseline and it really helps. (not a paid endorsement)
  6. Daisy Joyce

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    My work place is split nearly 50/50 on getting the vaccine. I’m not taking it. But co-workers have been courteous and minding their own business about other peoples decisions. Management is unhappy with the poor vaccine acceptance rate, but ATM haven’t made any threatening gestures, just a lot of propaganda posters everywhere
  7. My own wee “straw poll” at work also indicates that most of us won’t be taking the vaccine, and are willing to leave nursing. And in reply to an above poster, we are willing to mask up, and we are willing to continue to care for Covid19 patients.
  8. I’m seeing gain traction in social media and online forums. In a discussion in another forum, I actually had somebody ask me if it was fair for me to let other people take the vaccine, and wait and see if they had adverse effects before deciding to take it. Then went on to say that anybody who didn’t take the vaccine shouldn’t be surprised to be denied being able to shop or travel or work. I mean, okay, it’s an online forum, but still...
  9. I’m so thrilled to find this thread. I’m not against vaccines, I’m not against the Covid19 vaccine. However, I won’t take any vaccine that hasn’t been in the general public for five years, I figure by that time we’ll have a better picture of vaccine adverse reactions, and also a better picture of Covid19. What I find extremely alarming, is a growing narrative that Good, Moral, Heroes will take the vaccine, and Evil, Selfish, Villians will decline to take it, just for spite. This might actually be my career ending event.
  10. Daisy Joyce

    Nursing and being a youtuber

    Does he use his own name? Reveal he’s a nurse or where he lives? If not, he can probably get away with it indefinitely. And if he gets famous enough, he can monetize his channel, make a heap of money and never have to deal with secretions and excretions for the rest of his life.
  11. Daisy Joyce

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    Are you talking to me or to DesiDani?
  12. Daisy Joyce

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    I’m a white nurse and take shifts in a nursing home where the clientele is mostly white, and I’ve noticed the residents assume that anybody Black is an aide, and Black male nurses just really confuse them . But if the resident tries to make prejudiced remarks to me, I “play dumb”, (like I don’t know they’re being prejudiced), and say something like “Isn’t it nice that we go through life and get to meet lots of different people?” That usually shuts them up.
  13. Daisy Joyce

    When Your Preceptee is a Know-it-All

    Yes, I know the preceptor is not supposed to be an armchair psychiatrist, but know-it-all-ism doesn’t always stem from narcissism. Some people were in environments growing up where to avoid belittlement or dismissal they *had* to give the appearance of confidence and smarts. Or they were constantly compared unflatteringly to another sibling or classmate. Or they couldn’t be the “beauty” or the “athletic one” , so they *had* to be the “smart one”. Like I said, it’s not the preceptors job to fix the emotional problems of the new employee, but just be aware that some people carry a lot of wounds and baggage.
  14. Daisy Joyce

    Nurses Disciplined, Fired for Wearing Hospital-Issued Scrubs

    Do patients even stay in the hospital long enough to learn what all the different colors mean?
  15. Daisy Joyce

    What are your views on switching days with people?

    At some points of my life I’ve been extremely flexible and happy get extra shifts (I actually prefer to cover rather than switch). Currently I’m dealing with RL issues where covering is extremely problematic. But I had built up enough good will my co workers covered for me. Someday I hope this will all be behind me and I can cover again.