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  1. Daisy Joyce

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    Okay, I’m embarrassed to say we were that family. And I was a school nurse sub. And, the children my kids were passing the lice back and forth with ? Their mom is an elementary school teacher. And it took several go-rounds to figure out what was going wrong and why the lice kept coming back. The reason? She was only checking the hairline and not checking the crown of the head. Which was really funny because she was the one who taught me to identify lice and nits! (I was still a new sub and I hadn’t seen it yet...
  2. Daisy Joyce

    My robot my caregiver?

    You mean like Baymax the robot from *Big Hero Six*
  3. Daisy Joyce

    It Never Occurred To Me.

    I've had patients who were reluctant to receive care because they're very modest. No matter how matter-of-fact we were, care is still an embarrassing ordeal for them.
  4. Daisy Joyce

    What Did Joe See?

    Just for clarification, that is not Catholic teaching. Peace!
  5. Daisy Joyce

    What Did Joe See?

    I have a slightly different take. I totally believe in an afterlife. I totally don't believe that NDEs are either the proof or refuting of that afterlife.