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  1. by   TazziRN
    Quote from jill48
    Mom. Sister. Daughter. Wife. Babysitter. Referee. Overweight. Stressed.

    Yeah, those too!!!! :Snow:
  2. by   SuesquatchRN
    Chubby middle-aged woman. LPN.

    Actually, I've never had someone outside of the field ask if I was an RN or LPN. They mostly hear "nurse" and conjure up Clara Barton or sumthin'.

  3. by   Fuzzy
    Not an RN or LPN but a CVT. At work I'm called "Jack" as in Jack of all trades--master of some. At home, I'm tired.

  4. by   moongirl
  5. by   Tweety
    Quote from LPN 90
    My goodness....it's just a question about levels of nursing.
    Geeeezzzzzz, had no intent to Pzzzzz people off like it has.
    I don't think people are really pzzzz'd. It's just not one that is asked very often and many of us are burned by the "RN vs. LPN" threads of the past.

    I'm an RN. But you can call me DIVA!
  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from moongirl
    Gee you outrank me.....I'm just a Diva.
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    I'm just fat ,tired and pregnant
  8. by   raekaylvn
    Quote from Tweety
    Gee you outrank me.....I'm just a Diva.
    Hahahahaha love it! I just consider myself a princess An SVN one at that! :wink2:
  9. by   P_RN
    Tweety I just sprayed Mountain Dew over my keyboard. I believe you win!
  10. by   nursesaideBen
    I'm a CNA and a student practical nurse with 5 months left until graduation
  11. by   bopps
    super blond hottie-and future R.N 4 months and counting
  12. by   moongirl
    Quote from Tweety
    Gee you outrank me.....I'm just a Diva.
    LMAO ! so like I am Diana Ross and you are a Supreme????:chuckle

    seriously tho, you are Diva, RN
    and I am just Goddness, SN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   loriangel14
    :Ball: I am a RPN from Ontario Canada and I would like to say Merry Christmas to all!!:Snowman1: