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moongirl specializes in OB.

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  1. moongirl

    RNC help please

    thank you all so much! this is almost worse than the boards- i am so nervous!
  2. moongirl

    RNC help please

    Hello- can any of you suggest a good study guide for the inpatient OB RNC test? thanks so much
  3. my favorite is the mom who refuses vaccinations b/c "my children wont ever be in daycare and they are going to a private Christian School" ... ...so tempting to say " and when you go out in public they will be in a bubble??!??!"
  4. moongirl

    ob-gyne wards...

    I think alot of it boils down to how much time a pt actually spends with the OB nurse compared to the doc. It may not bother a pt to have a male doc swoop in for the 15 minutes it takes him to deliver the baby, do a repair, pat the mom on the hand, say good job and leave. We L&D girls are the ones with the hands all up in the business end of things. we are the ones helping clean up the peri area after the delivery. We are the ones squatted down at va jay jay level while the pt sits on the potty trying to help her get her pad and undies on. We are the ones helping with breastfeeding, which more often than not finds me grabbing the breasts and helping with positioning. Some women just may not feel comfortable with a male RN doing all of that.
  5. moongirl

    Tips for adjusting to night shift?

    ditto what everyone said!! Eat a real meal on your lunch break. dont let family/friends/appointments interfere with sleep. Oh,and a really nice quality eye mask.. even if your room is super dark. It is a signal for me now, ear plugs in, eye mask on and my brain knows it is time for sleep. always eat something substantial before you try to sleep all day, otherwise at noon your tummy will be growling, used to having lunch at that time.
  6. moongirl

    Do You Like, Love or Dislike Your current job?

    wow.. this post couild have been written by me. I hate the dayshift at the hospital I am at.. they all need to take a pill. I work 2nd shift ( we do 12's, so there is only day/night shift) and MOST of them are ok.. but we have a group of very jr high-ish 20-25 year olds and i most certainly dont fit in, dont want to fit in and they make sure that I will never belong to their secret handshake society. they are also famous for writing untruths in evals about other nurses that are not in their clique. sad state of affairs since the UNM knows about it and it still continues.
  7. moongirl

    Mucous Plug

    totally understand. they rush in at 0200, with it wrapped in toilet paper "In case you wanted to see it" and then state that they are in labor. It IS annoying b/c then I have to do a pile of OP paperwork on them, and it takes me away from my true laboring pts. and I am annoyed with the docs more than the pts. if they would give them some education ie" this will happen, its no big deal and unless it is followed with contractions, a gush of fluid or bleeding YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL". It is more their fault than it is the primip who doesnt have a clue
  8. moongirl

    First vaginal exam

    As a student, we were not allowed to do vag exams. As a new nurse, the first few I did, I asked to please wait until the epidural was in place. I did not think it was fair to the pt to have someone who had no exp digging around and sometimes around and around searching. I still apologize to the OB checks that come in that I have to assess, even tho I now know what I am reaching for. No matter how gentle you try to be, it still hurts!!
  9. moongirl

    Big Fish, Small Pond Syndrome

    In a small hospital I got more exp. with the scary stuff. At 0200 you are "IT" and you have to handle whatever comes down the pipe, often stablizing/keeping someone alive until the copter shows up.
  10. moongirl

    Big Fish, Small Pond Syndrome

    I am so not sure. I have only been there a few months so I am still trying to figure it out!!! I dont know how much longer I can take it, but I live in a rural area where there are not alot of options for working...
  11. moongirl

    Big Fish, Small Pond Syndrome

    I left a small hospital for a bigger one and actually found the opposite. The smaller unit I worked in was a team atmosphere and everyone really got along. You kinda gotta when you count on each other to have your back in an emergency, or in just plain ol day to day stuff. This larger hospital i am in is... sigh. triple the amt of employees on the unit, triple the work and triple the bitchin, backstabbin, cliquey-ness. One would think that in a busy unit there wouldnt be time to try to throw weight wround, complain about others, make others feel bad in order to bring themselves up etc etc. but good gravy, it is a nightmare. Give me a small unit anyday. The more people you work with, the more people you have trying to assert themselves as top dog.. or big fish
  12. moongirl

    rn? in ob/gyn office

    not necesarrily. depends on your location. My OB/GYN has all RNs who do the nursing care in office, including draw blood.
  13. moongirl

    Should I be worried?

    maybe she had a day off, called in sick, or was in meetings all day long. dont stress it!!
  14. moongirl

    New Grad Question

    take you off the floor for 3 hours so you can study?? not likely. who would take your spot? or am I misunderstanding your question?
  15. moongirl

    What would be your perfect computer charting system?

    my favorite computer charting would be to get rid of the computer except for order enteries and go back to paper!!!
  16. moongirl

    Is the birth rate down? or are we just slow

    me neither. If there is no money to go out to dinner or movies... you make up your own entertainment...:redbeathe