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  1. moongirl

    Consent to drug test OB/L&D Patients

    amen to that.
  2. moongirl

    Consent to drug test OB/L&D Patients

    In my dept, a test is run if criteria is met- late to care, no prentatal care, hx of drug use,preterm labor. BUT- we have to ask for consent, they can refuse. If they do, then baby is automatically tested. also, if there is any hx at all, even if their urine is clean, we do a mec stat on the baby
  3. moongirl

    Need advice BAD

    why would you think you cant get a job if you arent a CNA? Given the choice, I would quit and focus on studying
  4. moongirl

    Do you accept tips?

    no. But I reallllllly liked the very nice bottle of Pure& Natural cherry almond body wash I got last week :)
  5. moongirl


    yes wrong, and yes against policy. and procedure. and common sense
  6. moongirl

    Who is in Nursing for the money?

    I totally enjoy what I do. Helping to bring a new life into the world is the most rewarding "job".. nothing can compare. I feel very blessed to be a part of it. I take pride in supporting a family thru their birth plan/exprience. With that being said, to clarify, I do it for the money cuz.. I have lots of debt b/c of going back to school so I COULD have this job! The college I attended was 2 hours from my home, so it nixed any thoughts of school & work, there werent enough hours in the day, if i wanted to also see my children and have any iota of sanity. I also have no hospitals in this area that offer those amazing sign on bonuses nor do they pay off your student loans.. so yep.. bring on the paycheck. Someday when my debt is whittled down, I will be able to say ' no, I only work b/c I want to" :)
  7. moongirl

    Who is in Nursing for the money?

    yes, I do it for the money. If i didnt need the money, I would be a stay at home mom
  8. moongirl

    I want to be a NICU/PEDI Nurse... question

    School for me was 4 days a week, from 0800-0200, required. there was no part time, hopefully you will be able to find a program that will fit your needs. As far as getting into NICU, it will totally depend on what the supply/demand is when you are ready and where you are working. Right now, in my area, NICU will not take a new grad... but I was hired to OB as a new grad, with an ADN. A few years of experience in L&D,PP would open the door to NICU for me if I so choose
  9. moongirl

    HELP~~ L & D CarePlan

    women with heart shaped uterus can deliver vag. that is not the issue. Issue was thought of breech baby, thats why csection so you have.. risk for infection,(surgical and also from foley cath),DVT d/t immobility, postpartum depression,knowledge def (r/t incision care) some possible psych/soc issues (could she feel like she "failed" to give birth vaginally, risk for constipation d/t narcotic meds prescribed for pain, will need teaching as to activity restrictions when going home, s/s of infection, incisional care
  10. moongirl

    Twins...Gest. age and induction/c-section

    we have been doing 37-38 week twins. our docs like to cook them a bit more :) One recently, vaginal. or should I say attempt vag, she ended up with a csection for failure to descend. THe one this week was C section, one babe was transverse.
  11. moongirl

    RANT: Orientation

    lol.. at the thought that they will care! Trust me, they wont. Mentality at ns is " if you dont like it leave. there are plenty others to take your spot." what they did on your orientation was to break you in to the attituide you will now live with till you graduate. Sorry, but true. Getting your RN CAN be done, as we are all proof. Its sometimes a struggle, but you can do it. But get it out of your head right now, first off, that any of you can "change" anything about your program. That will get you kicked out faster than you can blink. Repeat after me " yes, ma'am. Thank you. I appreciate your insight." repeat. You will do fine!
  12. moongirl

    opinions about homebirthing

    well... I could send you a picture of the sign on their building that has their names follwed by the words " Practicing Nurse Midwives." I dunno... all I am telling you is what I see. I am an RN, OB. I live in a small town who has three of these women who deliver babies in peoples homes. They come with a bulb syringe, a protective cover for the bed and when they mess up, they drive 40 miles to my facility.
  13. moongirl

    opinions about homebirthing

    not a clue!! But when I was in nursing school ,our OB instructor who was also a CNM, Family practitioner and now has her PHD told us to never never assist with a birth with a PNM, as RNs, OUR license would be in jeporady because they dont have one. They are knowledgable, and I know many many women who have had sucessful home births with them.. and the ones who dont end up on my unit .. but still as I said, no meds, no 02..no pit. very scary. I have also watched " the business of being born" and thought it had very very good points. I was impressed with the midwives that were featured.
  14. moongirl

    opinions about homebirthing

    The town I live in has 3 PNM- Practicing Nurse Midwives.. "lay" midwives. Not certified. They are very good, and know their stuff, but they are not RNs. no meds, no pit no repairs, no oxygen.
  15. moongirl

    L and D Scrubs

    we all wear the same ones, in the same color. Part of our infant security.