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nursesaideBen specializes in Medical Telemetry, LTC,AlF, Skilled care.

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  1. nursesaideBen

    Did I do the right thing? *long*

    That'd be nice except that the company I work for doesn't believe in discipling physicians and buys into the whole MD=God mentality.
  2. nursesaideBen

    Did I do the right thing? *long*

    Thanks for all your support guys! I've been brooding over this all week.
  3. nursesaideBen

    Did I do the right thing? *long*

    This cardiologist is about to retire, some of the nurses have told me that he's adopted an "I don't want to be bothered" type of attitude.
  4. nursesaideBen

    Did I do the right thing? *long*

    This past weekend I had an oncology patient who was a full code. In the early morning hours about 0500 I was getting qshift VS and this patient's heartrate was 41. I looked at his chart and he was typically running in the 50's. B/P was normal. Patient denied, SOB, dyspnea, dizziness, palpitations, and CP. I spoke with my charge nurse and we decided to put him on tele to keep an eye on him. Well, it wasn't long until he started dipping down into the 30's and staying there. I called the attending which was his Oncologist and he ordered 1mg Atropine IV, I administered the drug and his heart rate came up into the 60's but by the time I was giving report to the dayshift nurse he was starting to dip down into the low 40's again. That day he had a cardiology consult, the cardiologist ordered a BNP and cardiac enzymes. That night I recieved report, labs hadn't come in yet and he was maintaining a HR of about 40. A couple hours into the shift his heart rate was averaging 25, labs came back his BNP was 970, suggesting CHF, and his enzymes were normal. Patient again was asymtomatic, B/p WNL etc. I paged his attending and notified him of the situation, he was going to order Atropine again, I told him it had been minimally effective last time so he told me to page the cardiologist. I did so, and he became very agitated with me stating, "He's asymptomatic, so I don't know what you want me to do." I stressed to him once again what his HR was, what his BNP was, that he was a Full code, etc. Finally he told me to call the oncologist to see if we could transfer him to PCU and the oncologist agreed. We immedidately transferred him he had a scheduled 2100 of Oxycodone which I did NOT administer because my charge nurse and I both felt it could cause his HR to drop even more. Once he was transferred I get a call from the PCU nurse, chewing me out for not giving this 2100, stating "He has cancer and is in pain he NEEDS his pain medicine, I don't understand why you didn't give it to him." I explained to her why, she continued to rant, until I cut her off and told her he was her patient now she could do what she wanted. Of course I didn't want him to be in pain but at the same time I didn't want to kill him either, was I in the right?
  5. nursesaideBen

    Question about lpn jobs

    If you aren't able to get a job in a hospital, you should have no problem getting one at an Urgent Care Center, most like to staff themselves with mostly LPN's and CMA's.
  6. nursesaideBen

    I.V pushes

    I do IV pushes where I work. On my unit LPN's can push everything accept drugs like vasotec and adenocard unless an RN, MD, or PA is in the room. We don't typically flush our lines with Heparin unless it's to lock off a port-a-cath. If we have a PICC or other type central line to get "clogged" the RN supervisor has to deal with it.
  7. nursesaideBen

    Bad Rep for Med Surg

    I've only been working as a nurse on the MCU for 3 months now but I've come a long way. I'm starting to really love working, it's such a variety of pts and diseases, everything from UTI's to meningitis. I think the trick most nights is trying to keep a step ahead, getting enough of your work done so that if you have admissions or a patient go critical you aren't chasing your tail for the rest of the shift, but of course that's not always possible.
  8. nursesaideBen

    Nurses Recommending Doctors?

    Post edited, Sorry about that! :)
  9. nursesaideBen

    Hep B vaccination, IM or SC?

    I gave 2 during my OB rotation they were IM, felt so bad for those poor little babies lol
  10. nursesaideBen

    Nurses Recommending Doctors?

    I believe you took my post out of context. I should have have put capable in quotation marks. I was simply repeating what I had been told which by no means makes it true. Didn't mean to anger anyone :
  11. nursesaideBen

    No More Demerol?

    On our floor, if you're getting pain meds IV it's either Morphine, Dilaudid, or Fentanyl. Also we give a huge amount of Protonix both PO and IV and now apparently Zosyn is the antibiotic of choice for EVERYTHING because it's stacked up in our med refridgerator like fire wood lol
  12. nursesaideBen

    Nurses Recommending Doctors?

    From what I've always been told, nurses recommending physicians is a big "No no" because we don't have the "capability" to refer patients.
  13. nursesaideBen

    Lost Temper -- Yelled/Swore at Patient

    Boy, that situation really stinks. I had a humdinger of a patient this past weekend, A/Ox4 no history of psychiatric problems, who told me he wished he had a gun so he could blow my head off because I came in the room at 0130 to hang an antibiotic. Didn"t really know what to say. Should have said "Hold that thought let me call Security" lol but it is ridiculous how some patients act and as others have stated you're only human any one of us under certain circumstances could lose it. You're doing the right thing by getting therapy, hold your head high, made a mistake can't undue it and you learned from it. Best of luck to you!
  14. nursesaideBen

    You know it's a bad night when......

    God ain't that the truth night FROM HELL!!!
  15. nursesaideBen

    You know it's a bad night when......

    When all your pts have PRN IV pain meds q3hrs When your alcohol dtx pts have nothing ordered for agitation None of your Pts's 1800 meds were given out All your pts are under contact isolation precautions for either C-Diff or MRSA When you have 2 admissions that have been on the floor since 1730 and NONE of the work has been done When it's Friday the 13th and also a Full moon out
  16. nursesaideBen

    apart of RN job duties ?

    I can take poop, pee, vomit, snot, but I cannot deal with any time of injury or illnes relating to the eyes! Just grosses me out, it's all I can do to put eyedrops in someone! lol