Weird situation in clinical...advice needed!

  1. My patient from last week is still in the hospital this week. He was assigned to a different student so I was still able to go check up on him and see his progress. He is a retired Catholic priest who has suffered a massive stroke. His brother had driven up from a few states over but had to return home. The patient had been in assisted living for several years until the point of this stroke. Anyway, since last week, this "person" has sort of taken up residence in the room with the priest. At first, it seemed that she was an interested party, just a bit unkempt and not very well-to-do. She is there a lot...almost around the clock. She isn't related to him, and claims to have met him at the nursing home when visiting her mother (who is now deceased). Well, I have no problem with that, but she doesn't seem to be there to try to help him out--she doesn't DO anything for him. She is obese, and apparently lives in her car--but now she is staying in the hospital room. She is eating the crackers and stuff that is kept in the kitchen for patients and their families. She even uses the call light to come have a MA or nurse assist her to stand (she is really obese). She has asked nurses to do her accucheck, and even requested syringes to give herself insulin (which was denied). I think she just has found a person who is unable to speak and decided to act like an interested party so she can have a free ride for a few days. What would you do about this situation--or would you just let it go? We really don't have any way to verify her story of how she met him, and there is no family in the area to contact (Catholic priest=no offspring). Have you ever had a situation like this?
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  3. by   llg
    Personally, unless she can establish that she has some legitimate reason for being there, I would deny her visiting privileges and kick her out. I would talk to the man's brother and to the assisted living community where he used to live to ascertain exactly who she is and what her "rights" are in relation to this patient. If they don't give you reasons to let her stay ... out she goes!

    If she refuses, I would have security escort her out every time she showed up.

  4. by   rebelwaclause

    Advise the patient's social worker or case manager that this person has got to go. Non-immediate family members shouldn't have been allowed a "pass" this long in the first place!
  5. by   mspringer
    Amen.....I'm with you llg
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Kick her to the curb!!!
  7. by   dawngloves
    OMGoodness!Why hasn't the staff done anything yet???!!
  8. by   zudy
    Yes, where is the staff? not to mention the hospital administrator! Kick this person OTD!
  9. by   ptnurse
    What a mess, I feel sorry for her, but she is going to have to move on. I wonder if she could get into a shelter. We have already had some very cold nights in the Memphis area.
  10. by   memphispanda
    I don't know why the staff hasn't done anything about her. Maybe they haven't realized yet that something isn't quite right? I know we as students have a lot more time to interact with people in the rooms. We did mention to our instructor that we had some concerns. I think tomorrow I will go say something else to her about it, just to get her guidance on who specifically to talk to. I would like to see the lady get some help--she obviously needs it. Thanks for your input everyone!
  11. by   jenac
    I would definitly get the social worker or Adult Protective Services involved. This women sounds like she needs some interventions for herslef. If nothing else-maybe they could sort all of it out.
  12. by   baseline
    Talk to your instructor....and ask the case manager and/ or social worker what the deal is here!!! Very strange that no one has taken notice of this!!!!
  13. by   sunnygirl272
    that is whacked!!! she needs the BOOT!!!
  14. by   SandyLV
    Who is BOB???