To everyone here....

  1. Do you realize how precious you all are to each other? We can exchange ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

    But what gets to me the most is when some one of you steps out of the role and says something really SUPPORTIVE of someone else, just because.....No ulterior motive, no aggrandizing of themselves, just PURE SUPPORT!!

    Here I am.....probably a good 30+ years older than all of you and yet you make me feel just as welcome as if I were a kid. I hope you feel the same. Keep looking up.

    Thank you.

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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    In my humble opinion, I feel that this BB is for supporting, venting, and exchanging ideas with other nursing personnel, students included.

    I think that it is horrible that some bash others for merely expressing their opinions. It defeats the whole purpose of the BB and prevents others from expressing their opinions.

    I am a very caring person and I am addicted to this BB as it is by far the best one on the web!

  4. by   frustratedRN
    i love this helps me see all sides of issues. when i first came here i was at my wits end (hence the name). i didnt know if what i was experiencing in the workplace was normal or not because managment keeps telling me over and over that thats how hospitals are.
    i needed to talk to someone....other nurses...and i certainly couldnt discuss these issues with anyone i work with. i dont trust any of them. it was such a relief to get some of my frustrtaions out and to see things more clearly with the benefits of experienced advice.

    thanks all you....i too am addicted to the nice to have have this forum
  5. by   klhs
    i stumbled upon this site and have been addicted ever since. i enjoy reading the various opinions and comments. i have laughed til i cried at some of the humor threads.

    p_rn - i hope you and your husband are doing ok. i will keep you both in my prayers.

    cherish yesterday, live today, and dream tomorrow!
  6. by   debbyed
    I found this site a few months ago and come back to it almost daily. I laugh, I learn new things(even if I'm an old dog), and on occasion I vent. I feel confortable here.
  7. by   prmenrs
    I agree with EVERYTHING you have all said. And we can take credit for making it, by and large, very positive.

    P--you're on my rosary list!! Hope it goes ok for you and hubby!

  8. by   dtweed
    I am probably addicted to this web site also. I found it after taking a management job and was getting frustrated. It has helped alot. It's hard to be positive all the time in the enviroment of our jobs nowadays. Thanks for all the help you guys share.
  9. by   CEN35
    i agree with everybody. i don't think a website can get much better. there are always a few bad apples........but this site tends to be 97% good apples! :d

  10. by   michelle999
    As a complete outsider in another country, this message board has given me hope and a heap of good advice. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, there is nothing like this in the uk and I think that if there were then people would be more understanding and closer.I had a patient die today, 81 years old and had been on our ward for months, he wanted to die and was asking for his mother. I turned him and then went back to him 15 minutes later and he was dead ( he was not for rescusitation, what do you call this??). I am full of guilt, I have been nursing for 12 years and I hate the feeling that someone has died alone.
  11. by   Doey
    I don't post a lot but read this site everyday without fail. The humor, the advice, the stories, it's great!! Just to read what other nurses are going through or what they are saying from all over the world not just here and not just from my little hole. It is the best place on the web!!!
  12. by   nightingale
    This BB is the best... I have grown into an addict reader of this forum. I have learned a lot about the far reaching sapport and benefits of reaching out. The later has always been hard for me but you "guz" make it "safe".

    Michelle.... I am sorry you feel like you let someone down... You did not... You did what you were trained to do, meet the patients' needs and go on to the next task. I believe all of us can always tap into a greater power in our personal and private spiritual connection (however we difine this).

    You did the right thing....

    Follow your Bliss..... John Campbell
  13. by   eventsnyc
    Agree! This board is great. We are from different backgrounds who bring with us knowledge and opinion to be shared.

    Learning & support non stop on this board!

  14. by   P_RN
    Michelle999, your patient was not alone. I have been in nursing for over 30 years and only a few times have I been right there when someone passed away.

    I think that he really did see his mother, and then he went to be with her. Sometimes if they are ready to go, they wait until no one is near, because they don't want to be pulled back.

    And don't ever think you are an outsider. There are plenty of Brits here. I think we have one or two Italians, a few Aussies and others. Invite some of your fellow nurses to check in here. I'm intrigued by the differences and similarities in our two countries.

    I was just overcome Thursday when the Guard played our National Anthem......and look you have put a US flag as your avatar. Thank you .

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