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  1. eventsnyc

    Taking NCLEX

    Good luck! I will be praying for you too! Best wishes, Christina
  2. Just wondering what is the most appropriate jacket/warm up to be worn on top of the uniform to keep warm on the colder days. Thank you! Christina
  3. eventsnyc

    Do taller people need longer stethoscopes?

    Great info, I really appreciate all the kind responses! I am getting the longer tub version. What is your opinion on Cardio III? For general accessments. Happy Nursing! Christina
  4. eventsnyc


    Thank you for all the info on the watches. I am thinking to get a lapel watch. Also, I had seen on the net (allhearts.com) an 'EMT' watch for man, it has a large dial & calender. I am thinking: a man's watch band is large enough to be pushed up the arm. Will that be practical? Thank you. Christina
  5. Hello All, I need some advice. I wish to order the Littmann Cardiology III. But it comes in 2 lengths: 22" & 27". I cannot decide which one I should buy. I am 5'9". Does a person's height has something to do with the need of a longer / shorter stethoscope? Thank You! Christina
  6. Marla, Thank You!!! Best wishes, C
  7. Hi! I wish to know if there is a site where I can go and download & print out a form for "Nursing Process Data Base Assessment"? I need it for my care plan homework. Thank You, Christina
  8. eventsnyc

    So, what's on your feet?

    Ladynasdaq, Thank you for your info! I went to Kmart to try on shoes today, met a few nurses there. They recommended the laced-up white shoes with padded insoles. Have you tried them? If you have, would appreciate if you could tell me what do you think of them! Best wishes, Christina
  9. eventsnyc

    RN Hopes This Helps Nursing Students

    Thank You Betts, I am not quiting. It's hard to be a totally green newbie among a group of students who have nursing experience already. And it's scary. Especially the clinical lab vital signs. I have never worked with any of the equipments before today. But I will do my best. Kindly keep advice and opinion coming. I really appreciate them.
  10. eventsnyc

    Memo To All Students

    Oh my God! That's sooo funny! It's my first clinical day today, so I needed the laughs. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely share this with other classmates who all seem to be as nervous as I am!
  11. eventsnyc

    Gen Chem and Organic Chem

    Most adn programs in this city need only gen chem. I am in an adn program right now, will start nursing 1 this semester. I plan to take org chem in summer, if I can find a class, because like you, I want to continue my ed after the adn rn. Best wishes, Christina
  12. eventsnyc

    Starting Clinicals Jan 29!

    Hi Lilmamita, I hope that you are in my class! I go to bmcc. Christina
  13. eventsnyc

    Starting Clinicals Jan 29!

    Hello Kristin, I first wish you successful completion of your final semester, and next: to pass the nclex! I will take the kind offer, and come to you for questions! Feeling very fortunate:) God bless you, Christina
  14. eventsnyc

    Scared of A&P and my books...

    Dear Marci, The rolling backpack I have has the letters "B.U.M." on it, I think it's the brand name. It's waterproof, super light, w/- wide-set wheels which is important for steadier pull when it is full of heavy books and things. I machine washed it a few times already in cold water. I bought mine in a discount store for $16.99. Very happy with it. Will buy the same when this one is retired. Best wishes, Christina
  15. eventsnyc

    Starting Clinicals Jan 29!

    Dear ADN2002, Thank you for the reply and the valuable information from an experienced person. You are great help! I will order the Littmann Classic ll SE after I have checked with my adviser next week! I don't want to be the only one with a different stethoscope. A nervous newbie here, LOL. I bought all the books yesterday, they are proudly displayed on the table. My college requires us to finish all the pre reqs before the clinicals, so I will only have 8 credits of nursing to work on each semester (keeping my work). During the summer, I may take the extra 3 pre reqs for the later BSN. Considering also a bridge program RN-Master for second degree students. Need to find out which program is better. What are your plans after May? I will take the 'CPR for professional rescuers' tomorrow at the Red Cross. Fitting for uniforms next week. I know many in my school say they are not pretty, but I will be a very proud wearer. The badge will say "Christina, NS". Agree, what a feeling! A new beginning! Hugs & I wish you lots of success in your studies and career! Christina:)
  16. eventsnyc

    Scared of A&P and my books...

    Hello Marci! The rolling backpack is helpful, I have been using one for a few months now. I use it to carry the heavy books, water, soda.... I also did something naughty: I cut my AP book and filed the chapters, making it easier to read on the train. Good luck with your studies! Christina