do I need CPR certification before starting clinicals?

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In my program we need to be CPR certified (for health occupations) before clinicals. I take my CPR class in two weeks at a local fire station for $50. It is good for two years and then has to be renewed. It would probably be a good idea to sign up for a class soon, even if you don't need it right away you will need it sooner or later. (probably sooner than later)

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Each program is different, so of course you should check with your school. However, all the programs I'm familiar with require CPR cert before you enter the clinical setting. At my school its either basic life support for healthcare providers or BLS for professional rescuers. I'm employed at a hospital, so I took my refresher course there for free (my card hadn't actually expired yet, but this school requires that you recertify each year while in the program).

You could also check with a local rescue squad or community college for upcoming classes if your employer does not offer them.

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...another good place to go is the Red Cross-they have classes a couple times a month and it was only $35.:p


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My university also requires that CPR be done before starting in the clinicals. The instructors offer it through the nursing program. Only the nursing students can take the class. It costs 5 dollars. You might check and see if one is offered on your campus. It has to be renewed every 2 years.


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I could be wrong about this, but I am relatively certain that in the hospital setting anyone doing patient care (including nursing students) must be CPR certified. I do not believe that it's a school by school kind of thing. I thing it's a must for everyone going into the clinical setting.


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i just took my cpr last weekend and it was $25. the only cpr our program will accept is through the american heart association. you might want to contact the director of your program and find out for sure.


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Thanks all!

I went to the Red Cross website, they offer different types of cpr classes. Did not know there are so many types of cpr. I better speak with my adviser before taking one. Really appreciate all the knowledge!

Have a great weekend!


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