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it's that time of the year fellow nurses...heading into early october... which means (cue the horror music): holiday schedule time!!! :angryfire that's right, my floor has already put up a list... Read More

  1. by   Altra
    Quote from StressedOutNurse85
    She said that it was for some sort of bone chip (I don't know all of the details). I understand that it's a surgery that probably has to be done, but the fact that she's been working the last 5 months with no problem and is now all of a sudden having it done the week after Thanksgiving? C'mon now, I'd say that's more than a coincidence. This also wasn't something that was scheduled a long time in advance either, because she had mentioned recently talking to our manager about it. Technically it probably would be 'non-elective', but it's just the principle of her working full time with no problems that gets me.
    Surgeries are rarely scheduled "a long time in advance." That's just not the nature of surgeries.

    Just to be clear ... are you pissed that she has been able to continue working (without pain to your knowledge) up until her surgery? Or do you mean you're pissed because she had "no problems" with the manager, going to her as a professional to say "My doctor & I have agreed that I need to have xyz procedure, this is when it will be done, and this is how long I expect to be off work." As is her right.

    I understand how frustrating it can be to try to meet family demands and work holidays - like everyone else here I've been there. But just because you personally don't care for this person does not mean she did anything wrong. If I needed non-emergency surgery and I was faced with an invasive procedure, recovery and risk of possible complications, and time off work with a likely temporary reduction in income, you better believe I would do it at the right time for me, with all the notice I could possibly provide to my employer.

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    Quote from ktwlpn
    As for the attitude that many working mothers have regarding those without kids---don't take that crap.THEY choose to have kids and work.They can work their share of the holidays just like everyone else..
    i agree.
    when my kids were little, all the other nurses (those whose kids were adults)insisted on working Christmas day for me.
    the first yr i agreed graciously.
    and i had cover every yr x 3-4 yrs after that.
    and i could have gotten that day off, ongoing.
    that's how generous my colleagues are.

    but never in a million yrs would i "expect" single nurses to sacrifice their holidays in order to work.
    that is just total bunk.

    i continue to work every single Christmas, going on 7 yrs now.
    there's never a shortage of people dying.

    as for the op, even though i sympathize w/your frustration, i have found it best just to do what you're expected to, and not worry about anyone else.
    stay out of the dynamics.
    it's so easy to be pulled down in nsg.
    for your own sanity, mind your beezwax.
    not just for the holidays, but every day.
    your bp will thank you.

  3. by   TweetiePieRN
    Oh, I forgot to add. I'm one of those nurses who had both of my babies in the summertime (2005 and 2007) thus giving me all the holidays off!! I take extended maternity leave off, so I won't be back until January.

    Oh, and the 2nd birth was an ELECTIVE c-section. How's that for manipulating the holiday calendar lol.
  4. by   Midwest4me
    In our state hospital you get the holiday off if it falls on your day off or if you've been pre-approved for it off. There is no rotating holiday schedule. Oh then there are those people who call in ill on the holidays if they don't get the day off--nothing happens to them either--as long as you have sick time on the books, you can use and abuse it; the union protects them.
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    Quote from TweetiePieRN
    Oh, I forgot to add. I'm one of those nurses who had both of my babies in the summertime (2005 and 2007) thus giving me all the holidays off!! I take extended maternity leave off, so I won't be back until January.

    Oh, and the 2nd birth was an ELECTIVE c-section. How's that for manipulating the holiday calendar lol.
    Good job!!!
  6. by   Kyrshamarks
    As someone who also had "elective surgery" during the holidays I really get steamed about some of the attitudes. I chose months in advance when my surgery was going to be because of schedules. Kids off school, when the census is traditionally low ( around the holidays) and when there would be people at home to help me. my elective surgery was an ankle surgery as well. I had my achilles tendon reattached. I walked around with a 3/4 torn achilles tendon for a year trying to get it to heal on it's own. You may not have been able to tell as i walked around that it was killing me and I went home every night in such pain that i sometimes could not sleep but by the time i was back at work i put on the work face and did my job. It killed me to walk and I would limp around the unit but I would sit every chance I got. If that made me lazy in peoples eyes so be it. I had to take care of myself first and not worry about the needs and wants of the unit. holiday or no holiday our needs are first.
  7. by   sharona97
    It took me along time to figure that out. I'd barely get a drink of water early on, let alone go to the BR. Once I realized some self-worth, it clicked. And the beauty of it is that you don't have to manipulate or judge somebody to take care of yourself. Good post!

    I've done some wound care on that tendon,eeeeewwwwwwhhh!
    This board is a great place for people to vent.:spin: I completley understand what you were trying to say and that you were upset about the entire situation. That would irritate me too. The reason why the other nurse is going to be out of work wouldn't bother me but just the fact that I would get stuck being the one to have to work would. It is sad that people get so offended over a post where someone is just looking for a little sympathy regarding an upsetting situation. This will be my first time having to be away from my family during the holidays and that makes me very sad. I hope that no matter what happens as far as work goes you have happy holidays.:icon_razz:
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    quote=TweetiePieRN;2418552]Oh, I forgot to add. I'm one of those nurses who had both of my babies in the summertime (2005 and 2007) thus giving me all the holidays off!! I take extended maternity leave off, so I won't be back until January.

    Oh, and the 2nd birth was an ELECTIVE c-section. How's that for manipulating the holiday calendar lol.[/quote]

  10. by   flashpoint
    I find it hard to believe that anyone went to nursing school without knowing that they would have to work holidays (in most cases). I don't think it is unfair to schedule surgery around holidays, take vaction during holidays, have a baby during holidays, or even have a loved one die during holidays. Unless someone has to work every holiday because of something someone else did, we really have no right to complain.

    Last year, I worked every holiday because I had the least seniority and was the only nurse not eligible for holiday pay. It really wasn't fair, but other nurses had been stuck doing it before me...unfortunately, at that facility it was just part of the package. A lot of nurses, firefighters, police officers, ministers, security guards, soldiers, pilots, and people who work at Wal-Mart are stuck working you react to it is up to you...personally, my family likes celebrating a day or two early or a day or two is about family...not about the date.
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    Ever since my children started high school (now graduated and grown ages 19 and 21), I always try and cover a mom with young children for holidays if they need. Most like Halloween (not really a holiday but a big day for little ones) and Christmas mornings after Santa has come. They are only little for so long and those moments are precious.


    P.S. There truly is no better feeling or gift than to give a young family a little holiday time.
  12. by   Zookeeper3
    To be fair, I had arthroscopic knee surgery (pretty extensive) on Dec. 26th. I worked the 24 and 25th, and went right from work to the surgery center.

    There was no way for anyone to know how much pain I was in, it was constant, always and you learn to function and tollerate it. So I doubt you would have known I was in pain.

    Well, people were quite pissed that I took time off durring the holidays. edited (I had to call in for New Years, the crazy surgeon said I'd be up and walking in a day before he went in and said "oh", anterior, posterior and lateral tears. I had planned to work New years, couldn't). Well I could have taken 8 weeks off from thanksgiving on, and milked it longer and didn't. I worked my two holidays and then had surgery. People were irked because of New years, I was still on crutches!

    People #1 are never always happy, #2 don't always know the true picture of anothers situation. Please consider that. Just another outlook.
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  13. by   LadyLurker
    About scheduling surgery.... up here in Ontario, we generally go on a wait list for just about everything except emergency surgery.
    I had no idea when my first arthroscopy(knee) would be scheduled, it was not emergent, nor was it really elective... I had to have it done, or I would not have been able to walk, much less work. I ended up having it done in March, missing all the major holidays, after an 6 month wait, much of it in pain, but able to work.
    My second arthroscopy (bilateral knees) was the same... only this time I lucked out and it was during the summer, after a 4 month wait.
    We tend to wait longer for ortho procedures, and can be bumped off the schedule by an emergency hip fracture or such.

    My hysterectomy was a true bonus... Christmas and New Year's off... but again, I had NO way of knowing when my name would come up on the list. I saw the GYN end of October, and got a surgical date of December 6.

    I had about 2 weeks warning of my surgical date, and my workplace had to deal with it.

    So, not all surgeries can be planned for and booked, at least not in Ontario. When you get it, is non-negotiable, for the most part. If you refuse that date, you go back on the list.

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