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cmo421 specializes in Trauma ICU,ER,ACLS/BLS instructor.

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  1. cmo421

    How to be a Good Clinical Supervisor?

    Any management job is difficult with very little satisfaction. Hard work and many hours complicate the many requirements made. It helps if you have a assistant to buffer the many needs of heading a unit. If you are talking of shift supervisor,thats much easer. The shifts are long and demanding,but when you go home ,that is it,you are done. I am not trying to discourage you at all,just being realistic. One has to really want to progress up the ladder to assume this role on a unit. Many times once you start,you can make it your own and establish protocols that will assist not only your employees,but you in management. Be kind,open minded,see the Grey areas,not just black and white. Remember everyone is different and their nursing style is their own,as long as safety is met,kindness is a priority and patience come first,it should not matter. Not everyone has to go A-Z the same way. I hope that you have a great boss yourself to guide you and mentor you in the transition. Good Luck!
  2. Burn out,unfullfilled dreams and lives. Poor working conditions and so much more contribute to this state of mind in some. So many go into health care to fill a hole that is inside of them. It never fills but with anger and bitterness. It is these indivisuals that become mean and fresh. The opposite pole is the majority that love what they do, realise the pitfalls and adjust accordingly. My new way is to smile at all my co workers no matter what, my mind might be saying what I want, but my mouth is in happy,tolerant gear. Does not always work, but it will remain a work in progress!
  3. cmo421

    Nurse's what's your New Year's resolutions?

    I resolve this year to: 1) Try and quit smoking 2) Overcome my PTSD and be able to look those in the eye who facilitated it ,without crying. To be able to look them in the eye,and tell them,in a strong ,steady voice, that they will never again affect my world. Then, to move on and grow strong again. 3) To take my physical pain and learn how to make it less of a disability and more of a facilitator to change. 4) To be more thankful each day for the partner,children,family and friends , I am so lucky to have in my world!
  4. cmo421

    Nurse's what's your New Year's resolutions?

    Good luck! Life is great after divorce. I always say, I gave up men for lent 12 years ago and lent myself to living!
  5. cmo421

    Helping family understand chronic pain

    How I wish there was a way for evey medical person, especially ER personnel, to experience one day of chronic like pain. If they had to, or family had to, I bet my bottom dollar, that pain control would become a priority and tolerance for those in it, would soar. In practice I must say to myself, "There, but for the grace of God , go I ". Always someone worse off then myself ,and it helps to remember that daily.
  6. cmo421

    HIPPA and the Allnurses.com Forums

    Just stating what I have learnt in recent months from personnal experience. I am also a huge advocate for pt privacy,and have been way before it became vogue. I think it is mostly common sence and ethical values that will encourage the profession to maintain our pt's rights. The powers that be in hospital certification have made this a vogue issue and now it is all the thing. Funny thing is,hospitals and such pay these organizations to certfiy them ,and pay them well. It is all a public image thing basically.
  7. cmo421

    HIPPA and the Allnurses.com Forums

    HIPPA is actually a joke. Pt confidentiality and respect is more the answer. Hospitals and such are throwing HIPPA at us all the time ,when actually they,and insurance companies are the greatest rule breakers. One chart and all its information is seen in detail by so many people ,it should just be published. If one researches pt privacy and all that is published and sold out there in the info world, u would be astonded. As medical professionals, it is our duty to protect our pts rights and privacy,the best we can. In speaking of them in the third person,or using them as an example in discussion,just be smart and use very limited info. I have never seen anyone step over the boundaries here myself. This forum is a wonderful site for learning from others. Do not take rules to the extreame.Utilize them in your practice and encourage them in others. If you really have an issue with HIPPA and such. Advocate for a change in pt privacy laws.Think about this.Pharmacies sell your information all the time. Your social security number is actually public information. If only once, you have put that number on a public document,it is considered fair game.
  8. cmo421

    preauricular abscess

    Mass emailing allnurses for help, is not the way to go. (I received two) While always willing to lend a hand, much of what you need is already in this forum. Try doing a search here and also google. Good luck!
  9. cmo421

    A letter to K.

    What a great job you have done. Learning is an everyday thing and listening is an art. You have accomplished more then most medical people do in their whole profession!
  10. I try to do the best I can when typing here, or anywhere. I also try and proof read. But, I am not very maticulous all the time. Like most nurses and people today, I seem always to be in a hurry. I notice that I am improving over time. Now that I know that there are rules to follow to get something read, I will be more careful. Maybe a pre-req. to joining this site, should be a few years of typing, grammer, and of course English and writing. All nurses brings in people of ALL levels, backrounds and areas of the world. Maybe it should restrict it's members , so that not to offend anyone. Just my two cents ! Merry Christmas All and may yours Holidays be safe and tolerant of others !
  11. cmo421

    Questions to ask during interveiw

    https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88629&referrerid=226836 This is an old thread that has alot of information you may be able to use. Good Luck!
  12. cmo421

    Poor care post surgery

    It is so hard to be a nurse and know the right way things should be done, and not have them done. Sorry for your experience. I would write to the hospital and express your concerns and relate what you experienced. Also, IM injections are really outdated, unless in an emergency,or suggested by the pharmacy. Maybe speaking to the MD on your follow-up would be wise also. Good luck and have a good recovery.
  13. cmo421

    Why does everyone in healthcare not like their jobs?

    I think we are all very idealistic when starting our careers. When the light goes on that all is not roses and wine, it is hard to revamp. Most of us do. We go on to find our nitche and succeed. No profession is perfect,not one. Well maybe stay at home MOM/DAD is one,,,,lol Life and work is what u make of it. Complaining,constant anger and bitterness,make for a very unhappy person and work enviorment. Believe me, there are many like that in the work world.(all professions) One has to really like what they do, find their little piece of the pie and go forward.
  14. cmo421

    Staring the AM

    Good Luck and enjoy!
  15. cmo421

    Having trouble precepting new orientee

    After 6 wks of orientation and 20 yrs experience, she should be able to read an EKG. Maybe she has not been given the proper tools to succeed. An ekg course prior to starting on the floor, a critical thinking evaluation and class. You did not say what she did before, but some work habits are difficult to break after 20 yrs. It should be interesting to see how she does. I agree with maybe going back to your manager and have her do some time with another precepter. I also agree that experienced nurses are sometime harder to retrain then a new grad! Good luck and let us know how u do.
  16. cmo421

    mother dies after refusing blood transfusion

    We have tried that in the past , it is not usually a rapid enough fix when there is a large,continuous blood loss occurring. It can help,but rarely enough.