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hey friends, I had been contemplating working in the states since I graduated , left that thought alone when I got hired here right after graduating nursing school. Well now the thought has reoccured... Read More

  1. by   baseline
    Yeah...I can just imagine!!!! LOL (But what did you do with that HAIR in the gentle Sea Spray!!! Oh . I forgot...AQUA NET!!!)
  2. by   PennyLane
    Wendy--go to Boston! I lived there for 2.5 years and loooooved the city. Great public transportation, lots of cool laid-back bars and great restaurants. Outdoors activities, the beach is nearby, culture, and it's clean and safe!! A tad pricey, but not as bad as S.F. or NYC. In fact, I may move back up there after school.

    Please visit it!!!!

  3. by   kids
    Portland OR!!!

    Seattle is to far away (2.5 hour drive -vs- 15 minutes) Portland is slightly more laid back than Seattle and as a bonus you can live & work in Vancouver, WA and avoid the OR state income tax, pay lower housing costs and since we are so close you can enjoy the benefits of OR (including no sales tax).

    (and I know lots of cute, non-psychotic, gainfully employed guys your age) I recall (from when I hired an LPN from Canada last spring)...all you have to do to get a WA license is is submit papaerwork and take the NCLEX.
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  4. by   TracyB,RN
    What?!?!? No votes for the Windy (Wendy -hee hee) City?!?!
    We have public transportation here, too, ya know.LOL
    And shopping, LOTS & LOTS of shopping.
  5. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Come to DC!! Our nation's capital!! And if you really need a taste of home, you can visit the embassy!
  6. by   bewbew
    just reread the original post, said the states.........oh well, think of travelling the world, while you can!
  7. by   KP RN
    OK, I've got to put in my vote for Cleveland! Hey! Stop snickering!!
    We've got great hospitals, a world renowned symphony, a fabulous art museum, and the rock and roll Hall of Fame!
    We've even got a NORDSTROMs!! The only one in Ohio!!
    What else could a girl want???????
  8. by   ANnot4me
    I moved to San Francisco from Chicago a little over a year ago. Nursing is great here and the money is excellent. The unions are strong and working conditions are not perfect, but some of the best. If you are a city girl, then you'll love it here. No need for a car. Rents are coming down, but it is very expensive to buy property. You'll make a lot more money (at least $70k/year). Great restaurants, theatre and shopping. No smoking anywhere!

    The negatives are that it's crowded, dirty, full of homeless people, the people are rude and the traffic is way bad. San Francisco has the problems of a much larger city (it is a city of only 750,000 people).
  9. by   BellaTerra2002
    What's wrong with SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA?? :roll
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Ask Jenny P or Moonshadeau how good a cheese steak is! We indoctrinated them at the Reading Terminal Market when they came to the ANA convention in July.

    Fab4fan gave great description.

    Geno's Steaks

    Pat's King of Steaks

    Everything about Philly:

    I prefer Geno's over Cheese Wiz---American Cheese and Fried Onions the way to go. Occasionally splurge with mushrooms too. Peppino's Pizzeria in Delco also makes mean cheesesteak. We treat the Cheesesteak as an edible religious relic here; to each their own taste.
  11. by   Stargazer
    "Edible religious relic." Hee.

    It's like Seattleites and coffee!
  12. by   hoolahan
    Mmmmm Cheesesteak, they just don't understand it if they haven't had it Karen!! That's a good enough reason to move to Philly.

    I'll bite, are there travel contracts in Australia?? Maybe I can go work there for a few months, and when I return, maybe the hubby and kids will appreciate me? (Ya didn't think I wanted to bring them w me did ya??)
  13. by   howie122832
    How bout WARM, SUNNY FLorida???? The pay in the Orlando area is not as high as it is in a place like NYC, but neither is the cost of living! AN added bonus..... the beach is only 1 hr away in either direction!