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  1. Obese Nurses

    I extensively interview all nurses who care for me. Factors that I feel impede safe care by an RN are a caloric intake above or below the trend of the day (I so agree, fatties are icky), history of domestic abuse of any sort (I go back 3 generations...
  2. Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    Nurses' Day is patronizing. There is no "Toilet Cleaners Day", no "Garbage Collectors' Day" and no "Street Sweepers'" Day. We all do are job and we get paid. If you want to appreciate me, treat people with respect.
  3. What offends you (nursing related)?

    Nurses who cannot give their co-workers the same compassion they [probably do not give] their patients.
  4. What offends you (nursing related)?

    What do you consider to be a "life"?
  5. Irrational patients

    I worked in General Medicine 20 years ago as a new nurse and had very little knowledge of delirium. I am not sure if it was a training deficit or if it was something that just did not "click" with me. It was always very frustrating and it was very ...
  6. Nurse Bullying

    My apologies for resorting to stereotypes and denigrating people with the use of the word "hillbilly". I was angry and if you look at my previous posts, you will see I do not usually use this tactic in my posts.
  7. LTC's are a joke

    You sign on the line and you take your chances.
  8. LTC's are a joke

    Yet you sign your name to the care given.
  9. workplace

    Accept your responsibility in this situation. Learn from it, get a new job and don't make the same mistake again. I am a man, made the same mistake and it was a very hard life lesson.
  10. Words You Hate

    And your senior team agreed to the use of "juicy cough" in the documentation? Very odd.
  11. Just Lost! Advice please!

    Oh Goodness, this thread has so many layers. I am a nurse and the product of extensive mental and physical abuse. I could preach and recommend, but it never works. I can just say that your children will most likely re-enact the model and the behavi...
  12. Just Lost! Advice please!

    I am having problems here understanding why Ireland has a huge nursing shortage. Isn't Ireland a part of the EU? A few years ago the Irish Nursing Board was discouraging applications by charging people a hundred Euros to "pre-screen" applicants pri...
  13. Nurse Bullying

    I have never been to ND and I have no concern as to what your hillbilly state's Nurse Practice Act contains. I would be shocked if your Nurse Practice Act did not contain any mention of professional behaviour and how one should not publically denigr...
  14. Are You Nurse Jackie or Nurse Zoey?

    In my life's experience, most people and families' have demons hidden in their closet. That is all..
  15. Wording for Resigning

    You do not need a reason to resign. Just resign and keep it professional. If they care to know why, then they will offer an exit interview.