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Ok so where I work they apparently don't tell the staff what they're working Christmas because they don't want to hear the moaning...(?). Well that has annoyed me already, but I had calmed down... Read More

  1. by   bratt1
    nurses are the most abused professionals on the planet! fortunately, i have landed a position where staffing issues do not affect me; however, i have been talking with a colleague in new york who ended up sitting in her car crying for 30 mins after covering the night shift and "the suits" started doing the same thing with her schedule. first, they expect you to lie down for them, then they expect they can walk on you, and then stomp on you. the expectation is you will say oh, sure in the name of committment to the profession, your colleagues, your patients. if you resist, you are told, you must for there is no one else. then the implied threat, "if i do not do it, i'll be fired...." since you have not been given any time to resolve the issue, you cannot resign with appropriate notice, so now you have abandoned your obligations. talk about a no win situation. well, i have found in my years, that most future employers do not care if you have been fired, especially when you are truthful at the time of interview. employers are fully aware of the insanity we go through as a nurse. having been in administration a good part of my career, if i had no staff, as don or adon, guess what! i covered! that is their responsibility. that is why they make the big bucks! so if they want to fire you or you want to say, no way, fine! go down the road! has anyone heard there is a nursing shortage?
    here is a word of advice, "feel the guilt and do it anyway!" do not roll over for them! just say no! and enjoy your christmas with your loved ones, remember jesus didn't expect us to be a doormat!
  2. by   MrsWampthang
    I'd definitely feel a baaaaad cold coming on and hour after I got home on Christmas morning and call in. Then I'd start the day after Christmas looking for another job. Good luck with Christmas dinner and have fun with all your family!!!

  3. by   GardenDove
    Your employer is unreasonable. This wouldn't happen where I work. You are not a whiner.

    I was originally sheduled Christmas eve 7P-7A, Christmas day 7p-7a, and day after Christmas 7p-7a. I'm not sure if it was an accident because the new schedule started on Christmas Day. Before I had a chance to call my manager to complain, she called me to say she found a traveler to work Christmas Eve, and would I possible trade. She's a peach. I'm a single parent and it would have really made Christmas bleak.
  4. by   CseMgr1
    Quote from jodyangel
    Yep I will be. I find the whole thing a blantant slap in my face. My employer obviously doesnt care about me. Otherwise the schedule would of been given to us long ago.
    I'm not whining. I just have a life besides work. And I plan on enjoying it.
    That's it. They purposely manipulated your schedule, thinking you would have no other choice but work it, being given three days notice. The entire setup smells of blackmail, and while I were at it, I'd let them know that their absence of management does not constitute your emergency. :trout:

    Enjoy your Christmas with your family.
  5. by   santhony44
    To the OP: You are not a whiner! You are a reasonable human being and expect to be treated as such.

    As can be seen by reading over the posts on the list, there are ways of scheduling the holidays that are reasonably fair and work well. Hospital/LTC nurses understand that the job is 24/7, most don't expect every holiday off every time; being given reasonable notice to plan one's life and being treated fairly is not too much to ask.

    Doing your job for your agreed-upon pay is all that is required. That being said, most people will exert themselves much more for employers and managers who treat them well. If I call my boss with a family emergency, and I'm told "take care of your family, don't worry about this place, we'll manage until you get back," then I'm much more likely to fill in when another employee has an emergency; if I'm told "well you're supposed to work, what am I going to do now, you're leaving us short, yakkety yakkety yak" then I probably won't change my plans to help out if I don't have to. I've been in both situations and I worked for the first person much longer than the second!

    (Took my then 18-month-old son to ER at 4AM grunting and retracting, thinking we'd get a breathing treatment and be home in time to go to work; we ended up in the hospital for a week. ADON who was a single mom and should've understood chewed me for calling in late. I worked the rest of the week, going to the other hospital at night, never saw my house, and transferred out of that unit ASAP.)

    I happen to be one of those people who views nursing, for myself, as a calling. That does not mean that I'm going to lie down and be walked on, nor that I'm going to allow myself to be beaten with the "dedication" stick. If I don't take care of myself I can't do much for anyone else!!

    I think I doubled back once in my nursing career. By the end of the second shift I could barely remember my name. Thereafter I refused to double back, saying "I can't do that, I've done it and can't function adequately, I'm not safe to give patient care." I never caught flak about it either.
  6. by   PANurseRN1
    What the OP is being asked to do is not only ridiculous but dangerous as well. I simply cannot believe the response from one poster (tmdmb?); thanks, but we don't need people like you in the profession. You see advocating for one's self as a bad thing? Hope you have a strong back, because people are going to be walking all over you.

    I hope the OP can find some time to brush up her resume and start looking for another job. That facility is abusive, and it won't get any better.
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  7. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    I am anxious to know, Jodyangel, what are you going to do?

    My NM came to me because he needed someone to work Christmas Day. I am a weekender. I told him I would work it but I wanted Fri-Sun off. I said I would work Wed and Thur instead. He grumbled and tried to argue that he already had too many people working on those days. Most of those people are new hires. I have been there 6 yrs and have done my share of holiday shifts. My response was "well I'm sorry but I guess I can't help you then". Eventually, we came to an agreement and I did get the days I wanted. So, I am working Christmas but I have the 3 days off before and 3 days off after Christmas. Not too bad.

    Keep us posted...
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  8. by   jnette
    Quote from jodyangel
    She said, that they don't consider it christmas until 7am..go figure. She told me I should of inquired earlier. Could I come in from 7pm to 11pm. I told her I didn't think it was an issue because I have never worked anywhere where they didn't consider it christmas or any holiday until day shift.
    And that since my family is coming to dinner at 4pm, there is no way I'd be done to come in.
    In all fairness tho she did say she would see what she could do and that I should call back this afternoon to see what she worked out. She asked if I could move my dinner Up to earlier in the afternoon. But I said that its very hard to move ppls schedules when they have multiple homes to visit.
    And mind you, I will be going on basically no sleep that day.

    Come home at 8am or so..start turkey, cook, straighten, OH and watch sone open presents..maybe nap for an hour? Have dinner and rush back to work????
    No way. You are right in being a bit more than annoyed. What they are doing is WRONG and outright disrespectful toward their nurses.

    "You should have inquired sooner?"

    I think not. THEY should have given all their nurses a proper schedule LAST MONTH so all would have had time to arrange their holiday plans with family and friends.

    They are trying to put teh responsibility on you... quite sneaky and unworthy of a response.

    I would be looking for work elsewhere... where nurses are given a bit of appreciation and the respect they deserve.

    How sickening. No way would I go in. Let those who did this underhanded scheduling work. Let the chips fall where they may. :angryfire
  9. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    I think it's insane to expect someone to work a holiday schedule like that...

    Poor planning and poor leadership in my opinion --
  10. by   BSN74
    I always wondered what would happen if they offered a large hourly rate on holidays.Maybe some people would offer to work and others could be off. I mean serious $$$$$.
  11. by   tridil2000
    Quote from jodyangel
    I don't think there are any "rules" about how much time should be between shifts worked. I have worked 3-11pm and come back in at 6:45am..but it bout kills me lol. And sorry but it is differant getting that sleep in the dark night as oppossed to getting the same amt. of sleep in the day. You don't sleep the same and your body is not as rested. I know cause I've done the night shift since sept.
    The thing is, as I've looked over the schedule for the rest of the weekend program nurses, I'm the only one scheduled to come back in on christmas. So its not affecting anyone else the same as me. That in of itself doesnt seem right..

    call out with "exhaustion."
  12. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    I worked for a rural hospital one time that had to do that during Christmas because of a terrible flu that was making the rounds, not just of the hospital staff - Lord, it was awful.

    Those people that were well and were scheduled to be off during the holidays were all, "H#ll no, I don't want to come to work and catch that nasty stuff to bring home to all my relatives."

    Four hours later --

    "The CEO said you could pay me TRIPLE time and give me eight hours of vacation time to make up for missing my Christmas off? Hmmm... OK."

    It was a lot of money, yes, but the people who worked earned EVERY penny.
  13. by   mercyteapot
    My brother in law just retired from Safeway. They got paid triple time for holidays (and Sundays!!!!) It went by bidding, which of course went by seniority. You better believe there was no problem filling those shifts.

    But of course, keeping the supermarket staffed and open on holidays is so much more vital than doing the same for the hospitals...