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  1. PANurseRN1

    Medication Aids??

    This post sums up why I refuse to allow CMA/CMT to give so much as Tylenol to a pt. It's my license on the line. I will not be held accountable for the actions of a minimally educated individual performing such a serious component of pt care. (Spare me the speeches about "We only give meds to stable pts..." That doesn't work for me.)
  2. PANurseRN1

    So Embarrassed! Forgot to remove the saline lock!

    Sounds like she has "issues."
  3. PANurseRN1

    Flamed during report.

    I don't work PACU (I work in day surgery and ED) but I do work closely with PACU nurses. That said: 1. If a pt in PACU goes sour and that holds up the PACU nurse getting another pt to you, don't expect the PACU to take the time to call you to let you know there will be a delay. When a pt is going sour, the last thing on PACU's mind is whether the floor nurse will be inconvenienced by the delay. 2. You had better care about what meds were given in PACU, since they could directly affect your pt's recovery. This boggles my mind that someone would not care what meds were given. What would you say if the pt coded and the doc asked you what the pt had in PACU? "I don't know" isn't exactly a response that's going to make you look that great, let alone help your pt. 3. If the pt is pain free/not nauseated, it's pretty difficult to justify giving strong IV meds. How do you explain that: "The pt had a 0/10 pain rating, but I gave him 25mcg of fentanyl because the floor nurse wanted me to"? I've gotten plenty of post-op pts who didn't require meds in PACU. It never even crossed my mind to demand the pt be medicated prior to transfer. I trust the judgement of my PACU colleagues; if in their best assessment they feel the pt doesn't require medication, then I trust their decision. If worst comes to worst and the pt is in pain or nauseated, it doesn't take me that long to get the med out of the Accu-Dose. 4. PACU pts are constantly coming in and leaving the dept. It is unrealistic to expect PACU to hold pts. til it is convenient for the floor. PACU can't ask the OR to delay the pt coming out of the OR to them; they have to be ready to take the pt right away. If PACU is holding pts for the floor's convenience, that means that nurse isn't available for the post-op pt. I can guarantee you that PACU nurses are not just sitting down there filing their nails and reading magazines all day long. Yes, we all need to work together and try accommodate one another, but some of these requests are unrealistic and flat out unsafe.
  4. PANurseRN1

    Hey ER, what takes so long???

    You mean you think the ED should be doing your admission paperwork? No chance...we have enough to do as it is. Where I work, you can't call report to the floor from 7-8a, can't call at lunchtime (which can be very loosely defined), can't call from 3-4p, can't call at supper (same thing as lunch, very fuzzy about what supper time truly means), can't call from 7p-8p and can't call from 11p-12a. So that pretty much hamstrings the ED. Then there's the "can't come to the phone because she is off the floor/passing meds/with a pt./doing a dressing change/in the bathroom," etc. I realize the floors are busy, but it really gets my nose out of joint when they kvetch about the ED "taking so long" to get the pt. upstairs. When you have so many times tht you can't call report, you have to keep moving and take care of other things. And ED pts/ambulances don't seem to abide by the "don't call hours" the floors have.
  5. PANurseRN1

    Death after two-hour ER wait ruled homicide

    That's something that always cracks me up about triage. People seem to think that if they sit there glaring at you long eough, a bed will magically open up.
  6. PANurseRN1

    Uniforms.. color scrubs vs whites

    I doubt it, because my frame of reference for a nurse will not be of a female dressed in starched whites and a cap. If you're hot for wearing all whites, by all means do so. But some of us do find it possible to wear colored scrubs without looking like slobs. FWIW, I use light spray starch on all my scrubs to maintain a crisp look. I've seen plenty of all white outfits that lloked more befitting a dishwasher in a restaurant.
  7. PANurseRN1

    Uniforms.. color scrubs vs whites

    This makes absolutely no sense.
  8. PANurseRN1

    Uniforms.. color scrubs vs whites

    Yep. I wore a new outfit today that got rave reviews; really nice jacket with coordinated pants. Not one pt. complained that I wasn't in white. I have had many pts. brighten up when they see my jackets. Not all of our pts. are elderly; many of us work in areas where we see pts. across the spectrum. I am not going to dress in a manner that is going to terrify a portion of my pts. To me, that is unprofessional.
  9. PANurseRN1

    phone calls no outsider would believe

    Caller: "I'm calling to reserve a room." Me: (Explains that there's no such thing as reserving a room in the ED.) Caller: "But we're Amish! We have to come by horse and buggy! We don't want to have to wait." Me: (crickets chirping) Before anyone asks how an Amish person could make a phone call, many have phones in the barn, or use a communal phone. Cell phones are also acceptable, since there are no telephone lines to "tie them to the world."
  10. PANurseRN1

    Phenergan IV changes in policy

    Zofran is available in generic form. We use it all the time for intra-op and post-op nausea. Initially, it was used primarily for chemo when it first was released, but it can be used for a cariety of indications.
  11. PANurseRN1

    To all you ER Pros

    You wouldn't have any specific ideas of how to unwind, would you?
  12. PANurseRN1

    Anyone else with higher than normal volumes?

    It has been horrendously busy, in addition to having numerous holds because med-surg can't take the pts. Last night was particularly hateful.
  13. PANurseRN1

    VIP Triage

    I was thinking that maybe this was done for security reasons, though firing the charge nurse was over the top.
  14. PANurseRN1

    Coffee May Pack Dietary Fiber!

    Milk is good for you too. So that means my mocha latte is really, really good for me.
  15. PANurseRN1

    Number of Philippine Nurses Emigrating Skyrockets

    Posts like that will certainly do much for your cause...not.
  16. PANurseRN1

    Number of Philippine Nurses Emigrating Skyrockets

    Not necessarily. There were two nurses speking a foreign language in my presence, and they were making some snide remarks about me. I let it go for a while, then in their native language let them know that I understood every word they said. That shut them down pretty fast. You cannot assume it's just because of unease with the language, and really, how are they ever going to get truly fluent if they keep falling back on the other language? If they want to do that at home, fine, but in the workplace it's just rude, rude, rude.