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One of my patients, a hard-nosed nurse who retired from the profession after more than 30 years of duty, struck up a conversation with me not too long ago about shift work. "What hours do you... Read More

  1. by   chevyv
    I love the pm shift! I've worked pm's part time with two children and have always liked it. I don't have to set my alarm, rush around in a fog, and fly to work. I get stuff done, dinner cooked for the family, and still find some time for walking the dogs. It's quieter and there is less management mucking up my shift!
  2. by   ljlangston
    Many years ago I worked the 3-11 and found it conducive to my life. I got home showered, went to bed at a decent time, 1 ish; and was able to be up by 7 and go about my day. I also worked the 11p-7a and hated it: Day people can be merciless, if you know what I mean. I've also worked the CNA 7p-7a and, ugh, I was whipped the first day off after shift; nothing ever got done around the house. Now I'm looking at a PCT 3p-3a Friday to Monday; and as I am still a BSN student I can sleep through first class at 8am (lol). We'll see how it goes.
  3. by   AshleyO77
    I worked 3-11 for a year and hated it. Like REALLY hated it. I have no kids and live at home with my mom and sister. I worked Monday-Friday. The best part was I didn't have to work weekends. I couldn't stand always waking up alone and coming home and everyone was asleep. I felt like I never saw any of my friends, cuz most of them are not nurses so they worked regular office hours. I could never fall asleep early enough or wake up early enough. I have worked every 8 hour shift and I honestly feel like 3-11 is the absolute worst.
  4. by   laKrugRN
    I am actually looking forward to the opportunity to work 3-11. 8-5 is what I work now and it's okay. I just hate never being able to get to the dentist, sleep in, etc. I think 3-11 will be a good change for me. At least I can handle it until a 7-3 opens (Ha years)
  5. by   ArtClassRN
    Would love a 12-hour shift, but idiot management is trying to get rid of them. So when a 12 hour days RN leaves, they replace with an 8 hour Day/Night position. Which was simply torture when I did it.

    At least the dreaded 3-11p shift allows you to get a good 5 or so hour block of sleep at the same time every night.

    I'll take 3-11 over 11p-7a any day.
  6. by   CaliRN215
    I've only worked the 11p-7a shift since my first nursing job (almost 3 years now) and still have a hard time getting sufficient rest/sleep. I am single with no children. Thank goodness I'm a .7 FTE and am able to get enough rest on my days off to replenish the lack of sleep when I work but there is no way I would be able to function as a full time nurse with NOC shift hours. I also found myself having less energy and therefore have gained weight from lack of exercise and bad dieting (eating my first meal of the day around 1pm, then dinner at 6pm, snacks at work for lunch around 2-3am, and 1 large coffee for my drive home). I used to pretty active before working nights but now I'm lucky to get into the gym once a week! (Hello to my first ever muffin top! ) On the positive side, NOCs is an easier shift to work; no discharges, only 1 admission per shift, and I can honestly say that we have the best teamwork and camaraderie among all the other shifts which make it a lot easier to come in at night....I literally have never worked in a hospital where EVERYONE genuinely likes each other and gets along so well! I'll be transferring to PMs the beginning of next year and am looking forward to getting my much needed rest and concentrating on getting healthy again, although I will be very sad when I leave my coworkers whom I've gotten so close to these past few years . On the brighter side, I still get a pretty hefty shift differential working 3-11p, but now I have the new challenge of multiple discharges, admissions, and transfers. I guess when looking at the bigger picture, PM's is a way better shift for me because it allows me to live a more normal life instead of in an intermitted state of zombie-ism.
  7. by   firstinfamily
    I have worked both 8 and 12 hour shifts. I started out working 11p-07:00 and loved that shift, I was usually home by 08:00 and could sleep, when we had children I would get up in the afternoon and have an early dinner and return for a nap before going back in. When the 12 hour shifts started (19:00-07:00) I could no longer get that evening nap and by 01:00 I was ready to go home with another 6 hours to go. When we moved to another area in the country only 8 hour shifts were available and I worked 3-11. I liked the shift because I was home in the morning to get the kids on the bus and could do a few errands. What I didn't like about 3-11 is all the clean up that had to be done left by day shift and before night shift came on. It was almost like we were the ones taking all the admissions and doing all the discharges all the time!! Now that I am older I really look for 8 hour shifts, I do not feel we are very productive much past 8 hours. There were problems keeping the 12 hours shifts staffed from 7p-11p and 3p-7p. It seemed there were always staff shortages during those times. I do believe safety is a huge issue and there are several articles that elude to this. Yes 12 hours are better for patient continuity, but not for patient safety. I will take 8 hours over 12 any time, even if it means I work 5 days a week. It would be nice if both 8 and 12 hour shifts were offered at the hospitals.