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  1. rita359

    3 months in and feeling incompetent

    You are only 3 months into the real world of nursing. Give yourself time and learn something every day. If you don't know the answer at least know where to look for the answer. It will all begin falling into place. As far as abts go your job isn't to order the abt only to know what it does and side effects. Also need to know results of cultures and sensitivities and if the abt ordered is effective against the bug you are fighting. Besides that, do your best to practice the way you were taught.
  2. rita359

    I've been a nurse since.....(fill in the blank)

    I"m retired now but was a nurse when white was the only uniform color, dresses were the only uniform and caps were mandatory. That was way before AIDS and lap surgeries.
  3. rita359

    Nursing: Then and Now

    Castor oil preps for barium enemas. One part castor oil, glass of orange juice and some baking soda. Drink swiftly.
  4. rita359

    Nursing: Then and Now

    Oxygen tents that patients put the tent portion back, smoked their cigarette, then put themselves back in all the time with oxygen flowing. No phones in the rooms but pts could pay for one. Wards.
  5. rita359

    Financial Independence And Nursing

    Being able to support oneself is one thing. Being able to retire at 45 or 50 is a totally different thing. I believe many nurses support themselves and children on a nurses salary and have a reasonable lifestyle. As for being able to retire early, I think that is a pipe dream for anyone. This is speaking from experience as I am 65. Who knows how many years you have to support yourself in retirement. If you live to be 95 and have to support yourself for 50 years it should be obvious that would be an impossible thing. I currently know many people who are nearly 95 and your life expectancy will be even longer. Sounds good to retire early until you look at those possibilities.
  6. rita359

    Does Everyone Actually Hate Nurses?

    Was in nursing for 45 years. Nowadays there are sooooo many opportunities once you have your RN. I don't think family and friends can appreciate the opportunities that degree can open up for you. If nursing is what you want go for it.
  7. rita359

    In Dire Need of Advice / Help.

    All jobs have their ups and downs. Utilization review, office nurse, informatics. You have nursing home experience so admission coordinators something to do with care planning. Put your resume out there. See what pops up. Every job can be stressful in its own way but not all jobs, even in nursing, have peoples lives at stake.
  8. Totally disagree with your mom. And this from an old person. Nursing was apparently what your mother wanted to do and is good at but your brother is apparently good at languages. Why try to make him go into something he might hate. My husbands father picked medicine out for my husband, accounting for one brother. My husband is a pharmacist and very good at his job but feels less than related to self esteem because of his father's expectations. His brother wanted to be a journalist. We can't live anyones life for them. As long as they have considered their career choice and it is reasonable and not illegal we should support them in their choices.
  9. rita359

    1st time dui... Any advice will help..

    Just go figure that if boards of nursing took everyones license for every dui charge employers would have a MUCH harder time staffing than they now do. Not saying it is good to have dui but looks like you are doing what they want you to do and you apparently have an attorney looking out for you so try not to worry too much. This too will pass.
  10. rita359

    Nursing Needs To Get Back In The Hospitals

    I don't think the comment has much to do with nurses education but more with those educators being away from the bedside for so long they have little clue what the low guy on the totem pole(bedside nurse) actually now goes through. I can think of many things I know how very educated nurses say how I should do things and all the theory behind why they might say it but some of those things would require me only having a couple patients when sometime you have 7 high acuity patients. So you continually feel guilty for not doing things "right" when, in fact, you are just trying to keep your head above water. It is no longer possible for 2 nurses and one lpn to care for 40 patients like we did when I got out of school. What those educators remember and what is today possible can be 2 worlds apart.
  11. rita359

    Absolutely ridiculous... You can keep your 4 hours

    If you don't have a union you have to either live with it the way it is or opt out possibly of a job. Most states are at will states and employers can let you go anytime. Since the advent of budget time(cancelling scheduled time related to low census) this is a reality in nursing. Look at your facilities policies related to budget time before you do anything. If they were following policy and you want your job you will just have to suck it up.
  12. rita359

    Dealing with Death...

    Many deaths behind me. Hardest ones are the ones no one expected to die now(otherwise healthy person who codes, came to hospital for some simple procedure and doesn't make it). Others you adapt to. Death is a fact. Don't know anybody 200yrs old. Experienced a lot of death when I worked nursing home. As you have to go on with your day you can't let it linger. Coming from a religious background I find I can take a few seconds and pray a simple prayer used at funerals etc. Eternal rest grant to him/her Oh Lord and let Your perpetual light shine on him/ her. May he/she rest in peace. Amen. Then I'm ready to go on.
  13. rita359

    New nurse feeling incompetent

    Three weeks in nursing is no time at all. Don't be so hard on yourself. It takes awhile to get it all down and then it changes so you always have to learn. Regarding the med, was it a new order or was it a med the patient had been on for awhile? Does he take it at home? Yes to the last two means I'd give it and make note to myself to see how this drug fits in for this patient. Yes to the first means I'd figure it out before I gave the med.
  14. rita359

    Rapid Response VS Code Blue?

    If your patient is still responding but is deteriorating call a rapid response (thank God for them because back in the day you had no option except to call the doctor which was generally someone on call who had no clue about the patient). If the patient is unresponsive and you can't find a pulse call a code. ICU head nurse says it is easier to downgrade from a code to a rapid response than it is to ungrade to a code. If you think you need help get it one way or the other.
  15. We have 3 med surg floors that have tele. Pretty soon all our units will probably have tele. I think it will be time well spent though it is a skill you have to use to get good at.
  16. rita359

    Got first nursing job but can't afford loan payments

    Sounds like it is time for some professional advise from Suze Ormon or somebody like her. Options seem to be 1. get a second or third job 2. cut expenses to the very minimun 3. cook at home (eating out is expensive) 4. no gifts to others because you can't afford it. You would be surprised what you can do without or get by with that is cheaper. Furnish your apartment from yard sales or swap meets. Know that those loans in forebearance are only INCREASING as time left in forebearance increases. That is an option that isn't an option if you want to get out of debt.