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  1. I have a dream! Lol well more of an idea. I want to start a program at my hospital where we nurses and other practitioners could offer services like reiki, healing touch, aromatherapy, teach biofeedback and other complimentary and alternative therapies. I know some of you lovely nurses have started your own initiatives at your workplaces and I was wondering how did you start out? What did you do first? I just need a little direction! Thanks! Ashley
  2. Have any of you lovely ladies and gentlemen started a holistic program at you hospital or facility? This is something I would really like to do.
  3. AshleyO77


    We do it everyday. But the most important scores are the three days after admission and the three days before so sometimes the nurses don't do the ones in between.
  4. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering how you guys are getting of have gotten hours toward your certification? I'm very interested in getting certified but I'm so confused how how to get started! Can anyone help?!
  5. AshleyO77

    Children's specialized

    I wouldn't try the one in Toms River... TERRIBLE!!!
  6. AshleyO77

    Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it

    Is there anything special I should do or anyone to call to get into UMDNJ corrections?! I've been applying and applying! I have some experience in nursing already!
  7. AshleyO77

    University Medical Center of Princeton

    I worked there as a nursing assistant for 4 years before I became a nurse! PM me with any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
  8. I'm going to an interview for a correctional facility tomorrow and I have no experience in this area. What questions are important to ask? What should I know getting into this job (if I get it hopefully)? Any advice would be good. I'm sure there are more threads like this, so if someone just wants to direct me to another thread, please do. Thank you.
  9. AshleyO77

    Cant believe the nurse did.....

  10. AshleyO77

    Already Planned my vacation

    Sooo... About a year ago I planned a vacation with my family to go back to my mother's home country that she hasn't been back to in 20 years. We are supposed to go at the end of March. Now the day after Christmas, I was dismissed from my job. So now I'm currently unemployed. BUT THEN today I got a call to come in for an interview for basically my dream job (I almost cried I was so excited) and I am really hoping I get this job. After calming down a bit I started to wonder if there was anyway they still might let me go on vacation if I get this job? Of course, I know it would be unpaid if they let me go and if they tell me there is no way I could still go on vacation I would just accept that and be ok with it, but has anyone ever gone through this? Has anyone gotten a new job but already planned a vacation? What did you say? How did you ask? What did they say? Your responses are really appreciated.
  11. AshleyO77

    That Dreaded 3-11 Shift

    I worked 3-11 for a year and hated it. Like REALLY hated it. I have no kids and live at home with my mom and sister. I worked Monday-Friday. The best part was I didn't have to work weekends. I couldn't stand always waking up alone and coming home and everyone was asleep. I felt like I never saw any of my friends, cuz most of them are not nurses so they worked regular office hours. I could never fall asleep early enough or wake up early enough. I have worked every 8 hour shift and I honestly feel like 3-11 is the absolute worst.
  12. AshleyO77

    Patients that made you go "How are you even alive?!"

    My dad drove himself when his BP was 220/120. He said he was having a bad headache and he kept slurring his words so he thought he would be a good idea to go to the ER. The nurses couldn't believe he drive himself and was ok.When I was still a nursing assistant, I had a pt who's blood sugar was 713 and then actually asked if he could have some graham crackers and juice cuz he was "feeling faint".Also when I was nursing assistant, I had a pt who's temp was 107 who lived through it and a pt who temp was 88.3 and lived for another day after that.
  13. AshleyO77

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    This is an awesome post!
  14. AshleyO77

    Custom scrubs

    You go girl (or boy, if that's the case)!!!!!! Do you!!!
  15. AshleyO77

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    I think your reading this wrong. This nurse was talking about specific problems with a few CNAs. No one is saying all CNAs are horrible, we are just addressing her issue. And when I was a nursing assistant, there were plenty of times the other NA was busy and the nurse asked me to do something for her. I don't see why anyone should have issues with that, that is part of your job. And it is not "a very rare situation" to have a lazy CNA and the nurse falls victim. Just like there are lazy nurses, there are lazy CNAs. I used to work with some. There are nurses who toliet patients, feed patients, and even give bed baths. And sometimes when a lazy CNA is paired with a nurse like that, they take full advantage. Maybe when you were a CNA all the CNAs were awesome and the nurses treated them bad, but that isn't always the case.