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  1. I’m having a heck of a time with eyedrops with my dementia residents. They won’t tilt their head back most of the time and one won’t keep her eyes open and just blinks rapidly. Any tips because it’s really difficult giving eyedrops when they’re sitting straight up. Help!
  2. latebloomer74

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    Locked my keys to the nurses’ office in the nurses’ office. And they didn’t have a spare. Had to have one of the nurses who went home come back in to let me in the office.
  3. latebloomer74

    New Grad LTC Med Pass Problems

    Yep. I noticed that too A friend pointed out that if I made a med error because I was going to fast and god forbid made a med error, the company would throw you under the bus in a hot minute! So if you’re too slow you get in trouble and if you go too fast and make an error you are in trouble. You just can’t win it seems I came to the conclusion that the nursing home “med pass race” was not for me. I’m not a machine and a nursing home is not a factory.After all this is people’s lives we are talking about and I take that seriously.
  4. latebloomer74

    Rushed 7 day orientation, forced to resign

    I know right? I was trying to be careful and make sure I did it right. They basically sat there and timed me.
  5. I have been a nurse for almost a year. I recently started a new job. After 7 days of orientation I was determined to be too slow and forced to resign. I do not feel 7 days was enough time to know much of anything or to build up any speed. Am I wrong to feel like they didn’t give me much of a chance?
  6. latebloomer74

    Fired from 1st nursing job

    I’m sorry that happened to you. I am also a person who is slow to pick things up unfortunately and it has cost me two jobs so far I don’t know but I just had a 7 day orientation and because I was being careful and couldn’t pick up the pace, I was forced to resign. Sucks......
  7. latebloomer74

    Reasons nurses get fired

    They need a wow, jaw on the floor reaction button
  8. latebloomer74

    Being bullied at work

    Sounds almost exactly like my first nursing job
  9. latebloomer74

    Dear Nursing Students, Never Give Up

    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with your skills. Remember practice makes perfect ( or pretty darn close!). I’m not gonna tell you it gets easier because it won’t but you will feel a little less overwhelmed as you progress through your program. The early weeks are hard, you are doing the best you can and that’s ok. Good luck to you!
  10. I just found out I passed the NCLEX. I had a very long journey to get here. My journey included 2 failures from nursing schools due to EXTREME anxiety. If you really want to be a nurse DO NOT let anyone, or any situation stop you. Try try again! If you need help with skills seek help and if you need help with your anxiety seek help and do not stop until you are satisfied with the help you are recieving. Once you are ready, really ready, success will come your way. It's a good thing I'm so stubborn because any other person would have given up long ago. if you want it bad enough you will continue on until you succeed! If that means it takes you many more years then you expect, so what? You can and will do anything you set your mind to. Any obstacles in your way are just speed bumps. Do not let that stop you. If you're struggling, know there is always hope if you just keep on going. You will get there, I promise!
  11. latebloomer74

    Dream job but still a few weeks away from taking NCLEX

    It is a job in a pediatrician's office.
  12. Ok, here's the story. I graduated from my PN program back in June. I was looking at jobs and an opening is available at my dream job BUT my NCLEX exam is still a few weeks away. Should I apply anyway?
  13. latebloomer74

    Reference from Professor Time Limit?

    Update: I got the reference from the dean. I also got the job and started orientation today:up:
  14. latebloomer74

    Reference from Professor Time Limit?

    I just wanted to know if there was such a time limit for references from professors. She was my favorite professor, so it stings a bit even if it is a policy Thank you for your feedback.
  15. latebloomer74

    Reference from Professor Time Limit?

    I asked her 10 months ago. I actually saw her in person at that time, I was at the school for another issue, and she said something like oh I got your email, you need a reference, sure no problem, ect. Yes I left school because I failed clinical but it was not her clinical I failed. I had her for 2nd semester clinical. I failed clinical in 3rd semester.

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