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  1. New grad debilitating anxiety is causing me to not work

    Oh that’s terrible. I had debilitating anxiety in nursing school. So bad I failed. So I finally got on the right med. Went back to school passed and became a nurse. For me beta blockers were the key to getting control over the anxiety. Best of luck f...
  2. Did I say too much?

    I actually do have experience in home health but as a CNA. I imagine the role of an LPN in home health iis vastly different.
  3. Did I say too much?

    Hello, I just had an interview with a VNA. I have no experience as a nurse in a home health setting. They said it was mostly doing assessments but some skilled nursing would come up. My problem is I’m nervous about certain skills and admitted as...
  4. Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

    I’ve worked both assisted living and nursing home. I prefer assisted living hands down! It really depends on the facility though and how they handle med adminstration. Usually the aides pass most of the routine meds and the nurse only passes crushed ...
  5. CDC states only 10,000 patients died DIRECTLY from Covid

    I’m getting mighty sick of the CDC playing three card monte with us.?
  6. Social Media Silences Conservatives?

    Lmao. You can’t be serious. Conservatives never *** with their nonsense and 99.9% of it goes unchecked. It’s laughable that they say they’re being silenced. ?
  7. What’s a materials death?
  8. I’m having a heck of a time with eyedrops with my dementia residents. They won’t tilt their head back most of the time and one won’t keep her eyes open and just blinks rapidly. Any tips because it’s really difficult giving eyedrops when they’re sitti...
  9. Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    Locked my keys to the nurses’ office in the nurses’ office. And they didn’t have a spare. Had to have one of the nurses who went home come back in to let me in the office. ?‍♀️
  10. New Grad LTC Med Pass Problems

    Yep. I noticed that too? A friend pointed out that if I made a med error because I was going to fast and god forbid made a med error, the company would throw you under the bus in a hot minute! So if you’re too slow you get in trouble and if you go to...
  11. Rushed 7 day orientation, forced to resign

    I know right? I was trying to be careful and make sure I did it right. They basically sat there and timed me. ?
  12. Rushed 7 day orientation, forced to resign

    I have been a nurse for almost a year. I recently started a new job. After 7 days of orientation I was determined to be too slow and forced to resign. I do not feel 7 days was enough time to know much of anything or to build up any speed. Am I wrong ...
  13. Fired from 1st nursing job

    I’m sorry that happened to you. I am also a person who is slow to pick things up unfortunately and it has cost me two jobs so far? I don’t know but I just had a 7 day orientation and because I was being careful and couldn’t pick up the pace, I was fo...
  14. Reasons nurses get fired

    They need a wow, jaw on the floor reaction button?
  15. Being bullied at work

    Sounds almost exactly like my first nursing job☹️