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So I've been looking for a HH job for about 5 months now with no success. I'm an LPN with 2 years of experience in assisted living. Anyone have any advice? It's pretty depressing getting rejected over and over again. 

Specializes in Pediatric Private Duty.

Are you looking to do skilled visits or private duty shifts? Have you looked for nursing groups local to your area on facebook that are for job postings? Do you live in an area that is perhaps over-saturated with nurses in home health?

I haven't ever really had an issue finding private duty jobs, it's been more difficult to just find the hours and type of patient/home environment I'm looking for but my area has a huge need for nurses, especially in private duty and home health visits. For instance in my area most of the job postings are for high acuity patients during weekend (or night hours for PDN jobs).

When you said you've been rejected many times, is it that you're not hearing back from employers or is it that they are actually calling/emailing you back to let you know you weren't chosen for the position? Are you getting interviews? Do you call each employer after submitting applications online? When you have been rejected, have you tried to ask them why? How is your resume?

I haven't worked in assisted living, but is it perhaps that you don't have much experience with the type of skills needed for home health like wound care, Foleys or g-tube/trachs? If this is the case, I would suggest before trying home health that you perhaps try working in an LTC/nursing home environment to get more skill experience.

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