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Lots of posts about nurses hating their jobs. Does anyone out there in nursing land like their jobs? if so why? And if you dont like your job,maybe its at least tolerable,and if so what makes it... Read More

  1. by   shay
    and that D*MNED Baby Story!
    HAH!! HIGH FIVE, GIRLFRIEND!! YOU KNOW IT!! When will TLC finally chunk that stupid show??

    Okay. I like my job. I have worked in hell, and trust me, where I am now is far from it. My managers are great. My coworkers are great. My patients are usually pleasant. I hate 2 of the docs and one of the midwives with every fiber of my being, but I get over it. :chuckle

    I like my job because of the administration, the management, the staff, and how well the hospital itself is run. Also having worked in hell gives me a perspective most don't have. I like what I do. I just wish I didn't have to work nights and holidays (we have full Baylor staff so weekends aren't a problem ).
  2. by   chicory
    I like the people I work with. We have a strong team spirit, and many of us have worked the same hospital for many years.
    I love the constant learning. There is so much to discover about human nature, science, life and death. My busy medsurg floor is always a challenge. Working in healthcare has matured me and given me a perspective on life that I know I could not have if I worked in some office shuffling paper. I hate/love my job. I often beleive I've made a mistake becoming a nurse, yet then I find reasons to keep on.
  3. by   deespoohbear
    I like the people I work with in my department, we are a close group. My manager is okay. Not my favorite, but she is not the worse I have ever had. Working in a small rural hospital can be a real challenge, but you also can develop long-lasting relationships with your co-workers. I get frustrated at my job because the administration keeps trying to cut corners. They want us to be able to compete with the big boys, but won't give us the staff and equipment that is required to run with the big boys. The families are what drive me nuts.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    Shay - Watch out!! I saw advertised on TV today that TLC is doing a marathon Baby Story all day Thanksgiving Day! Oh- the horror! All day long the preggies will watch the show and eat, and then come in to see us that night with gall bladder pain and indigestion they are swearing is labor!
  5. by   anitame
    OH NO!!! Baglady! UGGGHH. that's my worst nightmare! I was already half disgusted with working Thanksgiving night. NOW I know! what I'm in for. Thanks once again to TLC.
  6. by   JBudd
    I work in an ED, have for a bunch of years (actually I can't quite remember how many). I like the variety, vs. my years on a medical floor that seemed the same night after night. I call my night shifts in the ED (regional trauma center) the oasis of peace in my life.:roll

    I like nursing, I like the travelers that work here, I like having students come in, I like my coworkers, now .... if only my paycheck matched I'd be in heaven!
  7. by   imenid37
    sure i love the pts. like most and even love a few of my co-workers and get along w/ most of the docs, even though they are *sses at times. what i can't stand is the new meditech computer system that had to be implemented NOW because of some budgetary issues. oh and did i mention the inadequate training i got? the informatics nurse was so tired by the time he got to our 9 p.m. classes he just didn't quite get it all done and forgot to tell us a few things!!! now since we have this great time-saving device, we must document up the colon and back twice things like infant peripheral pulses and fontanels w/ EVERY set of vs. now mom can't hold baby while you do vs, even if you just did them 1/2 hr. ago as we do during the 1st few hrs. after birth. i also take care of l/d pts., new moms,pacu c/s pts., and gyn from age 13 to 90+, so i must learn this charting system for all. i love what is really my job and hate the extraneous bullsh*t! i am soon ready to depart if things don't improve. oooh, did i mention the new vacation policy we have? i have had this job almost 6 yrs. once again, administrative crap is ruining a job i love, just as it did the one i had had for almost 7 years before. it's a shame employers treat us like less than dog sh*t when there's supposed to be a nursing shortage!
  8. by   baseline
    I like my job. There have been very few I haven't liked. In this job I work way too many hours, but thats just me being me......

    My boss is NOT a micromanager, and that suits me nicely! She is generally supportive and even tho I work too much for my liking, she will comp it anytime I need it........ what's not to like? :-)

    One thing about the nursing shortage is.....if you don't like what you are doing.....someone else needs you somewhere.....keep looking.
  9. by   renerian
    Just started in sales. I am one of two nurses and I love it. After 16 years of hands on, holidays, nights, weekends and that GOD AWFUL PAGER, I am done with it. I enjoy my job very much!

  10. by   sjoe
    Congratulations, renerian. Sounds like coming up into the fresh air after being under water.
  11. by   Dr. Kate
    I basically like both jobs. I work two days a month as a house supervisor in a level 2 trauma center. Full time I work for education doing special projects, or as I put it I do all those things nobody else likes to do. I share an office with the infection control practitioner--I come in early and he gets in late so half the time we each have the office to ourselves. A very nice arrangement fro both of us.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    I work night charge in level one ED and love it. Adrenaline junkie - that's me. I also volunteer on my rural fire dept/EMS and I'm doing online ADN to BSN to MSN too. Love to be busy!!
  13. by   Teshiee
    I love my job for the simple fact I am not fulltime I choose my days and I am not forced to work holidays. The staff is neat because we all get along and work together. I am finding that being a fulltime employee isn't beneficial you are forced to work holidays and receive lousy health insurance. No thank you I rather buy my own and live longer by spending time with family which matters most.