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Lots of posts about nurses hating their jobs.

Does anyone out there in nursing land like their jobs? if so why?

And if you dont like your job,maybe its at least tolerable,and if so what makes it tolerable?


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I am starting a new job Monday, needed different hours to work. I love labor and delivery, I love what I do. What makes the JOB tolerable is enjoying what you do, and working with people you trust and can have fun with.

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I love my job. I work in a large hospital on the medical floor. I have only been there for almost 6 months. I graduated in May. But I do love my job and I love being a nurse.

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I like my job, and I love my NM, she`s the reason I came back here, as staff after I had finished me travel assignment....My only gripe is that at times it`s so..slow. I work in a 4 bed Icu in a rural hospital, and sometimes it seems we NEVER have a "real" ICU patient..So, then I go work agency for a few shifts in a large hospital, and I get over it. :D

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I like my job. I work on a neuro floor. We do strokes, backs, head trauma, brain tumors, telemetry. I've been there for three years and at the same hospital did general med-surg trauma. Ten years at the same hospital.

It's a frustrating, challenging, back breaking, job.

Perhaps you here us venting a lot about our jobs. But that doesn't mean we hate nursing.


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I do love my job. Yes, there are days I leave a little (or lot!) worse for the wear, but I have not yet had a day when I dreaded going into work. I am a relatively new nurse, and I've had this job for almost two years. Unless something unexpected happens, I plan to stay where I am for a long time to come.


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I love my job. I do pediatric private duty. I can't believe I get paid for what I do. It is low stress and high reward. It might be too dull for the adrenaline junkies, but it works for me.


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I just started my new job 5 weeks ago. Now I work with MR children and adults in a residential facility. The unit I work in is considered the "medically fragile" unit. Mostly its children and adults who need a little more nursing intervention, More meds, increased seizures, tube feeds. and 23 of the 26 residents in my unit are in wheelchairs.

I love my job (so far). They are relatively happy and don't complain and to see their smiles totally makes my day! :D :D :D


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I love my job, great staff and great NM. Work in a neurosurgery clinic, work in ED on weekends for the fun of it. Love it all!!!:D

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I'm happy to report that my new job at the college clinic is going very well. Extremely nice people working there (altho, as hubby points out, it's easy for people to BE nice when the work hours and load are decent.) I see me being there for as long as they'll let me stay :).


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I like my job most of the time.....i am on a fast paced CCU. It is very interesting, always new things to learn. Our NM is great, majority of the staff is wonderful, teaching hosp so the majority of the docs are also great..... it is not perfect, but I cannot complain.... well, there is of course the next to nothing pay check I get!!!!

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I love the work I do in L&D, in spite of the aggravation of family members, docs and that D*MNED Baby Story! I enjoy being able to work one to one with laboring women in a small hospital setting. Being a traveler make it even better since I can stay out of the politics, extend at the pleasant places and know that the bad situations are transient. Besides, I'm getting to see the whole country with someone else footing the bill!

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