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  1. drug screening patients

    Thanks everyone for your input. I will talk to my nurse manager tomorrow (have already emailed her with my concerns but have not heard back) and as soon as possible visit with the medical head of nursery.
  2. drug screening patients

    I didn't start this thread to debate mandatory drug testing. Yes, where I'm employed a drug screen is required for employment, and random drug screens on employees are done. If I were a patient, I would certainly want my nurse to pass a drug screen...
  3. drug screening patients

    Ok, I'll get right to the point. Most of the nurses at the hospital I work at have always worked here, we deliver about 600/yr. I don't know who to ask or where to start. I really feel the need for some help for our drug abusing moms, and babies. ...
  4. this makes me sick

    wow. None of our docs would've ruptured her, we would have tried to give her as much time as possible, even if it just meant a day.
  5. Funny Nursing Dreams

    I have dreams about work fairly frequently. Most recently I had a good night at work ending badly with the OBGYN being furious at me for her missing a delivery (it took her 14 min to get there)...anyway, I dreamt that I got off work, went to the sto...
  6. The nurse who stepped in for only a few moments while I was in labor with my first child...she showed compassion that was inspiring. I had a strong curiousity toward the medical field...that and the program for nursing was 30 minutes from my home, a...
  7. To aspirate or not to aspirate?!

    Aspirate. I've been a nurse for 16 years and 1 time only aspirated blood, and that was on a newborn.
  8. Hold that Push!

    I had a G2p1 spontaneous labor with an epidural. It was dayshift, she went complete, I had her give a push, and nothing. I called Dr.E (for evil lol) & told her exactly that, and the baby looked great. She stated she would see 2 more patients ...
  9. Medical This or That

    Chest pain unmedicated vaginal birth or kidney stone?
  10. In March our new uniform policy went into effect. Nurses wear white, navy, ceil or royal; aides wear dark brown. Our shoes and socks have to be all white with no color on them, and lab jackets must be white or the color of our scrubs. The uniforms...
  11. Help-Cultural needs of Iranian

    I need some quick help here, I've never had a middle eastern pt. She is 25 weeks gestation, admitted with fetal demise. Any cultural needs you can advise me on would be appreciated. I want to give her the best care possible.
  12. A few months ago I was called to the hospital because my grandmother was "sick". I met my grandfather sitting in the family room with 2 of my coworkers. I didn't know what was going on...I was under the impression she had died when I was called out...
  13. We have a lactation consultant who is no longer an employee of our hospital. She works for the ob/gyn (we'll call him DrX)and sees his patients postpartum. All of our other doc's pts are seen by another lactation consultant from the health dept (who...
  14. Contract for formula anyone???

    Just found out we are no longer to offer moms formula "a", instead, all babies are to get formula "x". UNLESS the mom requests formula "a". But we are not to offer or mention that brand. Most of our moms are on WIC and formula "a" is our WIC formu...
  15. Policy: "All regular fulltime and parttime employees must obtain approval form their immediate supervisors and from Human Resources before accepting any outside employment (including self-employment). Approval will be based on possible conflict of i...