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  1. moz

    Funny Nursing Dreams

    I have dreams about work fairly frequently. Most recently I had a good night at work ending badly with the OBGYN being furious at me for her missing a delivery (it took her 14 min to get there)...anyway, I dreamt that I got off work, went to the store and she was there pushing carts. I didn't even feel bad for her, just thought "hmm, must be losing patients and has to take a second job" then proceded with shopping. It was a good dream
  2. The nurse who stepped in for only a few moments while I was in labor with my first child...she showed compassion that was inspiring. I had a strong curiousity toward the medical field...that and the program for nursing was 30 minutes from my home, and the college that I would have to go to become a teacher was 90 minutes away.
  3. moz

    Son angry when hospital staff call 911

    Staff could have responded by calling 911 for her and letting her speak to them, at least going out with her to wait for EMS. Look at this from the public's preception- seen as the staff showed no concern for a potentially dying man, and his elderly wife.
  4. moz

    To aspirate or not to aspirate?!

    Aspirate. I've been a nurse for 16 years and 1 time only aspirated blood, and that was on a newborn.
  5. moz

    Hold that Push!

    I had a G2p1 spontaneous labor with an epidural. It was dayshift, she went complete, I had her give a push, and nothing. I called Dr.E (for evil lol) & told her exactly that, and the baby looked great. She stated she would see 2 more patients at clinic then head over to OB. Within a matter of minutes, the fetal heart rate dropped- 70's. Not just an early, they were staying down. I had her push and the head came down nicely, and had another nurse throw some O2 on her and call Dr.E. She told the office staff it was urgent, and got put on hold, so she hollered at the unit secretary to call her stat. She missed the delivery by 2 minutes, and was visibly angry. She never discussed any of it with me or the other nurse, she went directly to the nurse manager and "threw a fit" I'm told. Now, there is an inservice sheet everyone must sign saying basically we will not push Dr.E's patients, even if FHTs are low; instead do other interventions. I haven't read or signed anything yet, as I was working nights this weekend and didn't see our nurse manager. :banghead:Why not TALK to me, go over the strip with me, anything?
  6. moz

    Medical This or That

    Chest pain unmedicated vaginal birth or kidney stone?
  7. In March our new uniform policy went into effect. Nurses wear white, navy, ceil or royal; aides wear dark brown. Our shoes and socks have to be all white with no color on them, and lab jackets must be white or the color of our scrubs. The uniforms can't have any print or trim of a different color. Hair cannot touch shoulders or be in the face. If it's pulled back the clips must match your hair or uniform. We have no uniform allowance. I suppose it does look more professional..but nothing has changed in other depts like lab- whom I've seen wear T shirts with logos on them, and pretty much anything.
  8. My sister and I were just discussing this the other day (we both ride)...couldn't understand why crotch rocket riders wear helmets and most cruisers don't but wear chaps/leathers and bikini tops. I love my bike, I absolutely love riding and I always wear a full helmet. I don't have alot of brain to start with, I sure don't need to lose any piece of it on the pavement. I have kids and grandkids to support & would hate to leave them the financial burden of me in a LTC facility because I was too stupid or vain to wear a helmet.
  9. I need some quick help here, I've never had a middle eastern pt. She is 25 weeks gestation, admitted with fetal demise. Any cultural needs you can advise me on would be appreciated. I want to give her the best care possible.
  10. moz

    I was volunteered as camp nurse-HELP!

    It was AWESOME! I really enjoyed it and would do it again. I loved the kids, especially my frequent fliers. They were not well organized though, had very few supplies and no protocols of any kind- if I have the opportunity to go to that camp again I'll be making some changes and be better prepared. Did I mention that I reeeeeeaaaaaally liked it?? :) Thanks y'all.
  11. moz

    I was volunteered as camp nurse-HELP!

    Thanks you guys for your help- I'll let you know how it goes...I'm looking forward to it, only lasts a week and I have never been to camp except in the 6th grade...1980 or something .
  12. I volunteered to go to kids camp with our church, as a counselor. They told me tonight that they were sending me as the camp nurse!!!!!! ARG! I have no idea what to expect, all I know is its a small camp, about 100 kids ages 7-11. What questions do I need to ask before I go- I am especially concerned about liability. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give...thanks!
  13. moz

    Starting L/D next week

    Congratulations! My advice is to ask lots of questions-hopefully you will have a good preceptor. When I first started I practiced feeling the cervical dilation charts over and over. I assume you will be taking fetal monitoring classes, but you may also want to take a breastfeeding class eventually and sit in on your hospital's birthing classes. Best wishes to you, hope you love it as much as I do!
  14. moz

    Menstrual cycle....heehee

    :roll I like it...so true!
  15. moz

    Night Shift And Cancer

    I agree, who wants to live forever? I occasionally take benadryl to help me sleep, but I can't tell that it always helps. I too, love the atmosphere of nights, it's more laid back most of the time, and also it's sink or swim, staffing is less and just plain fewer people in a emergency. I hate feeling tired most of the time, even days off. Thanks oraibi, I'll have to check out that book.
  16. moz

    nurse only attended births

    I agree with you Mark, I don't encourage the pushing, but when they have to, go with the flow. Funny thing, I started this post after it seemed like we had alot of nurse attended deliveries, but we haven't had one in a month now. The doc that wanted us to wait to call til the very last minute was confronted by a night nurse who just told him if he wanted to be here for his deliveries, then come when we call. He was the doc for the delivery I mentioned earlier and the grandmother of the pt told him he wouldn't deliver any more of her grandbabies, and they are an affluent family in the community. So he was bothered by that and told me that he understood "those things happened" but that he wanted us to "take the heat" for him. Okaaaaaaaay....riiiiiiiiiiiight. I won't be doing that, if I am wrong I will admit it, but if its his mistake he can deal with it. But he's been a little better about coming.

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