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  1. by   katscan
    I'm a school nurse on salary. I am expected to stay after if a meeting on a student is called, but otherwise I work 7 hrs per day and have 1/2 hr for lunch. It's lunch I don't always get. I am on call all day for everything. But I have been doing this for 21 years, so it works for me!
  2. by   nurseygrrl
    Never...well, I'll make that rarely. I leave at least 20 minutes late every day, but most of the time it's half an hour. The only time I can count on leaving on time is holidays. I threaten the lives of 3-11 if they don't come in early so I can head right out. Of course I provide the same courtesy to 11-7.
  3. by   nekhismom
    In my dreams!!! Leaving on time??? What does that mean? We do face to face report, and unfortunately, day shift does NOT think that being on time is a priority for THEM. They regularly come in 15-30 mins late! :angryfire: BUt you let one of us night-shifters come in 5 mins late, and all H*ell breaks loose!
  4. by   Yankee in TX
    Extremely RARE for me to leave on time. Usually 15 min- 45 min over. The reasons vary from a very crazy day, to having to give report to 4 different nurses,to crashing patients or relief coming in late. I would love to be one of those nurses who always leaves on time.
  5. by   kevfl1977
    Leave work a bit early? That would be DARN nice!!! I never leave job early but we usually go to clock machine to clock out, standing there lining up starting 5-8 minute before it turns into 11pm. Everyone would try to clock themselves out at 11pm sharp and get in their car hurry to leave LOL
  6. by   casper1
    One of my goal at the beginning of each shift is that I leave on time. But that goal is hard to attain. Some of the reasons, change of shift admissions, a new grad who rins into trouble and need an extra set of hands. A LPN who need you to draw blood from a central line, take a verbal order, medicate a patient or hang blood. I work very hard at the beginning of each shift to organize my time effectively, but on a busy acute hospital unit there are always variables. Last minute crisis is common the confused patient who decides to pull out his IV. The equipment that malfunctions, IT's always something. I rarely ask for overtime, I don;t like to leave loose ends.
  7. by   debRN0417
    Quote from caffine addict
    No Way

    I'm a DON in LTC

    If I manage to leave reasonably it comes with me and meets me at home on the phone.
    Hee....Hee...been in LTC myself a long, long time....will be the DON starting tomorrow....I have never left at my scheduled time, and now, I never will... :chuckle
  8. by   PedsNurse1981
    I work on a 16 bed pediatric floor. The way we do report is so stupid, that it often takes 45 minutes for report to finish, so we get out on time about 10% of the time, and that is ALWAYS when we're only about half full. It's ridiculous! :angryfire
  9. by   mrsloubelle
    Leave on time 80% of the time, the times I don't is when i have been busiest and tend to have to stay on to complete documentation
  10. by   gypsyangelrn
    In my present job, our charge nurse gives report to the next shift while we answer lights, finish paperwork, etc. The problem we have, working nights, is that no matter how soon report is done, the day shift is slow coming out to relieve us. Our charge nurse will tell us to go ahead and leave, and when we go to our break room, also our report room, the day shift nurses are socializing, sharing pictures, etc. It really irks me because we come out of report right after we get evening shift is sometimes leaving before time. Of course, there are times when it's so busy, that no one leaves early.
    It's just a part of being a nurse on busy days.....patient care comes before paperwork!!
  11. by   Nur_1996
    My full time job school nursing, i do leave on time about 90% of the time. Nice when those kids go home, occassional after achool fight or skinned knee holds things up a little. My PRN job at ALF about 90% of the time. I do feel the pain of the nurses working 12 hour shifts that turn into 14 in the hospitals, and other places. I did that in both hospitals peds/ and some LTC, I have taken a hugh pay cut to become a school nurse. I was tired to the long shifts, no breaks and the politics. I had to make a change for my sanity!
  12. by   featherzRN
    I work in a clinic. It's a nice system as ONE nurse is designated to be the 'late' nurse and she will stay until the patients are gone (could be no time, could be two hours). However, that duty rotates among the nursing staff and as a per diem I generally only do that once every few weeks.

    If you're not the late nurse, you go home at 5PM on the dot or you'd actually be 'talked to!'.

    I am loving not having a shift change report, narcotic count or charting that keeps most nurses overtime.

    As for breaks, we used to combine breaks with lunch and take a one hour lunch every day, but we are not allowed to do that anymore. We ALWAYS get lunch, breaks 'usually'. If we are short and miss a 15 minute break, we were just notified we are paid 1 hour pay for each 15 minute break missed due to being short staffed, codes, etc. (of course you have to document the situation)..
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  13. by   Havin' A Party!
    Most of the time within five minutes after.