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O.K. I'm venting here. I am disgusted by people that do not know how to properly clean thier behinds after a BM!:( :( I am not talking about people with special needs or handicaps. I do not... Read More

  1. by   nimbex
    Heck, with all the patients on tube feeds in my unit, I feel like I'm on permenant..


    I've learned from this thread that poop patroll isn't so bad, because their bottoms get cleaned!!! LOL!
  2. by   stowh20
    Unfortunately, these will always be job hazards of nursing. I keep a small container of Vick's Vapor Rub in my pocket. It helps immensly. There is a lady who is a frequent visitor to our clinic who is morbidly obese and with very poor hygiene. She often needs mini-cath UA's so I always wipe a little vicks under my nose before I go into the room to do her cath. She is always asking me, "Do you still have a cold?"
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    I'd rather smell someone else's funk than Vicks. I'm sorry. :-(
  4. by   leeca
    l get a little paranoid in that area, if l have to go to the docs and he has to poke around my butt, l shower just before l leave, then went l get there l rush to the toilet and clean the area again.

    It maybe overkill but l want to be sure l'm clean.
  5. by   Ariko
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy
    [B]Mark, our family is cursed with stinky feet. Dear man gags when I take off my shoes at the end of the day. Powders, creams, nothing helps. Stay away from me.

    Ask if they eat cheese. Dairy products make for the stinkyest people I know.
  6. by   TMS2121
    Yeah, I've cleaned some stinky butts but I think for some patients it can be psychological. I've had an older patient who seemed perfectly A & O play with his poop and get it all over the place right after having a bath. The nurses on the floor would get so frustrated; but what can we do? It's all apart of our job. I guess just grin and bear it!!
  7. by   Dayray
    I am gifted with a very poor sense of smell !

    I think the thing that grosses me out the most are long sharp toe nails (yuk)

    Ever done pull/push with a laboring mom and been scratched by a nasty toenail? ik,

    and if they are stinky its even worse,

    some peri areas have a strong oder but thats not too bad, what really bothers me is when patients are so obese you cant find the opening to do a vag exam. please don't take offense I come from a family of big people myself but if it takes 4 ppl to do you vag exam ( two to hold the legs off the edge of the bed , one to hold apart the roles of your thighs and another to attempt the vag exam) you have a problem. and just imagine how much stuff is stuck in those rolls =(
  8. by   nialloh
    The worst feet I saw were on an old man I was admitting. The skin was so thick and dirty, they looked like they were covered in mud. His toe nails curled. The Dr took one look and ordered photos taken and placed in his chart. They were that bad. It took 3 days of foot soaks and scrubbing to get them looking like real feet again. I bless to this day the poor sense of smell I have.