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sashibeak has 1 years experience and specializes in OB/GYN.

An ex-professional dancer and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor from Great Britain

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  1. sashibeak

    Question: Active vs. Inactive License

    Really? That's great! Thank you SO much!
  2. sashibeak

    Question: Active vs. Inactive License

    Hallo everyone! I have a question. I have recently renewed my RN License for the first time. I am 8 months pregnant and have just decided, after discussion with my husband, to stay at home with my baby for a year once she is born. Do I need to change the status on my license from active to inactive? I did have a look on the Florida Nursing Board site, but I couldn't find any info on this. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me any info. Of course, I will just do my CEUs from home to keep up my license whilst I am not working. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. sashibeak


    I was on Lexapro for a year. It did wonders for me and I am back to my normal happy self now that I am off it too! The only side-effect that I did have was that my libido decreased dramatcially. But it is back to normal now.
  4. Sheer brilliance! I absolutely agree that we would learn much more from case studies than trying to memorize a load of mumbo-jumbo. Let's face it, if you understand the concept you will understand how to put it into practise!
  5. sashibeak

    Good articles/books/advice needed!

    Hi Everyone! I am doing an oral and written presentation for my Nursing Leadership class. My topic is "Image of Nursing: the Evolution of and Present Influences". Does anybody have any good articles/books or ideas that they can recommend to me? I would be most grateful for any input! Thank you so much and have a great weekend! Huge hugz, Sash ~^~
  6. sashibeak

    Personnal lives or reckless?

    Good for you, girlfriend! Believe me, it is good to have something that excites you aside from nursing. My love is yoga......... I couldn't live without it. After the stress of school and nursing, it is wonderful to be able to lose yourself in something totally different. Ride, baby, ride! P.S. Don't worry yourself about any of the grumps that like to bully you on this board. We are not all like that!
  7. sashibeak

    Professional in scrubs?

    I absolutely agree with you. Something smart, yet unstarched. I think scrubs can look too scruffy at times. Sorry, but some people don't take enough care of their appearance, and scrubs don't enhance that. I am not saying that we are all tatty-looking, but I think a more regimented uniform would be more professional. I know big and baggy is comfy, but to be quite honest, smart and tailored is far more flattering! :)
  8. sashibeak

    Bathing a 7 y/o

    Wow! You know this just goes to prove how differently we are all raised. I was always taught to shower/wash EVERY day....... full body wash in the morning and at least face and hands at night. Now I'm "grown-up" I am a clean-freak and need to shower/bathe twice a day!
  9. sashibeak

    Religion's Place in Nursing

    Very eloquently put, Rita. I consider myself Neo-Buddhist, but I have nothing but respect for all religions. I have wonderful friends who send me emails worshipping God and Jesus, and I love to read them, because they convey how I feel about my spirituality. Faith is universal. Our Gods (and Goddesses) may be a little different- some of us may not believe in anything but themselves.......... and that's ok too! As Rita said, as nurses we are here to respect our patient's individual wishes. I will always do that, regardless of our different backgrounds/ethnicity/beliefs. Love thy neighbour........... be he black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc etc. How dull would it be if we were all alike? :)
  10. sashibeak

    Does anyone want to be just a "nurse"?

    oh my goodness! i am taking one step at a time! adn first and then i'll see. i'm 31 and am just finishing up my 2nd semester which is a bear! i just want to make it through the next year, work and get some experience on the floor, and then i'll see!
  11. sashibeak

    How many nurses do their own vitals???

    I know time is precious, but I prefer to do my own vitals. It doesn't take long after all! :)
  12. sashibeak

    Vent: Irritating classmates

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. sashibeak

    Vent: Irritating classmates

    You've got them in every class, girl! I know it can be annoying, but just suck it up and concentrate on you. You don't have time to be wasting your energy on others that get up your nose.
  14. sashibeak

    Consequences of Bad Choices

    Wow! Excellent! Thank you for the mind stimulation. I am so glad the man is ok!
  15. sashibeak

    Consequences of Bad Choices

    I would definitely keep a close eye. What can it hurt? Better to be safe than sorry, particularly if the patient is unable to answer for himself right now. He is, after all, the number one priority here, and he tried to commit suicide......... I would think it would be pertinent to keep someone in authority close at hand whatever the weather! As a fellow peer mentioned, this poor woman may be one of those types who tries to rescue poor souls. I was involved with 3 boyfriends in a row who were physically and mentally abusive to me.............. it took me a long time to get out of that habit/routine. We can fall into the trap of being attracted to the same people over and over, whether it be a good or bad situation. I wish you luck with this. Do let us know how it turns out! :)
  16. sashibeak

    Can't take anymore

    Hang in there, girl! Not long now. The way you are feeling is TOTALLY normal............... and I feel your pain! I feel that way right now and I still have one year to go! You will make it and you will be just fine. Make plans with you fiance and daughter to have a little break all together when you have graduated. You deserve it!!!! Best of luck to you and let us know how you get on! I am rooting for you! :kiss