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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

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    So true! Real, or made up ones, 'ghost' stories always fascinate me.

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    Wow, funny to see this thread revived. What perfect timing for the season too.
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    ah, the Brown Lady.
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    You guys are too freaky!!!!

    Why is it non-believers NEVER see ghost???
    I don't think non-believers NEVER see ghosts, lol. I think that it is easy to close ourselves or to rationalize this stuff. I firmly believe that my unit has a ghost or two, doors banging, lights going off when nobody in rooms. A non-believer may say, oh it is the wind or poor wiring. It just happens too often for me to think that.
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    I have been sitting here the last 2 hrs reading these stories, and want to add mine..........

    I was 12 when my dad died from colon cancer. He went to the hospital for treatment right before Christmas and never came home. When school let out for the holiday break, I went to stay with my aunt who lived closer to the hospital. I had a dream that I was telling someone that my dad had died on the 18th, then I heard the phone ring........ my aunt answered the phone, after she hung up, she turned to look at me and told me that he had passed away around 1245 am. I got up and went to look at the calendar....... it was the 18th. That following summer, me and some friends were at my house one friday night. We were listening to the radio and I had it turned up really loud. All of a sudden, the volume turned down to the point to where we could hardly hear it. My friends looked at me, I yelled into the other room "daddy turn my radio back up". My dad never did like my music loud. We all waited, and nothing happened. One of my friends said "please turn it back up" It turned back up. We were all in a different room from the radio, and we were the only ones there. Needless to say, we were all a little spooked.

    Also, right before my mom died, she was in ICU, and kept saying "wait on me mother, Im coming" My grandmother had died 10 yrs before. She also kept asking me if I saw the lady sitting on the foot of her bed, which of course I didnt, but she kept saying that it was lady sitting on her bed, but she couldnt see her face. My mother died less than a wk later.
  5. by   twoanddone
    NOt a medical spooky story but here's mine.

    My sister died at 17 in a car crash. I was 10 at the time. She lived in NC and I lived in FL. I was extremely close to her and missed her terribly (she'd moved just a year prior). I had a lot of problems dealing with it. I didn't cry while everyone else did. I didn't go to her funeral-I didn't want to be with a lot of people and wanted to just stay away from people. Then I felt guilt for not going. I had a dream that she came in the front door in a flowing white gown. I ran up to her and said how I missed her and she looked at me and said I've been right here all along. I woke up immediately!! I have that dream right at the anniv. of her death every year -Thanksgiving.

    I have seen what I think are ghosts. I'm horribly afraid of it. I've always felt my sister was right there with me. When my adopted mom died last year, a calmness fell over me and I didn't feel scared but now it is starting up again. I feel every time I go in my kids room someone is watching me. I know it is probably my mom or sister watching after my kids but still me.

    My other sister's son was born after my other sister died. When he was 3 and 4 he constantly called me her name (Kelley) not knowing anyone this name. I'm Katie.

    I am constantly mistakenly called Kelley. When I went up to visit my biological mom, we were in her house and we both seen a flash of light come through the window that no one else saw. She asked if I seen it but I said no because I was so freaked out.
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    This thread gave me the chills! :chuckle
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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I have a couple...

    When I was very little, about 3 years old, I gave my great-grandfather a little coffee mug that had a whistle on the handle. He loved that mug and used it all the time. When he died about two years later, my grandmother (his daughter) ended up with the mug. My grandmother tells me, and I have no reason not to believe her, that on the anniversary of his death (or either on his birthday, I'm not sure which) she heard the whistle on that mug being blown.

    My aunt was sleeping in her daughter's bed with her daughter one night about a week after her husband's step-mother died. She was awoken by the sound of something falling off of the dresser. She didn't think much of it, but started smelling cigarette smoke and the smell of her recently-deceased step-mother-in-law's perfume. No one in this house was a smoker, but her mother-in-law smoked. At this time, she got up to go to the bathroom, and when she came back she looked to see what had fallen off the dresser. It was a barbie that the step-MIL had recently given to her daughter. She said that, suprisingly, it didn't freak her out, but she had no doubt that the spirit of her step-MIL was in that room that night.
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  8. by   Indy
    I have not seen the ghost that terrified me when I heard about it. My now ex told me about it because he thought it was interesting. I thought he was trying to mess with me at first.

    I grew up with my grandparents, who adopted me. Both were alcoholics, and my grandfather was, as best I can remember, at the very least very inappropriate, if not downright abusive. I'm the only girl I know who was nearly knocked unconscious by a jar of applesauce when I said my first cussword.

    Well, my grandparents both died when I was in elementary school, my mother re-established guardianship of me, etc. Life goes on; quite a hellish start but hey, it didn't stay that way. ANYHOW, I did tell my ex some things and he knew where my old house was that I grew up in. Fast forward, he's telling me about some people who rent that house at the time ( about four years ago), and they have little kids. They were having problems because the kids didn't like one of the bedrooms. Apparently they keep waking up to see this big tall bald man standing there. Nobody fitting that description will be in the house.
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    Where's Montel Williams and Sylvia Browne when you need them?
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    Not as scary as all these, but still freaks me out to think about it.

    I had always been very close to my maternal grandparents, my brother and I spent so much time with them when we where young some people thought we were basically raised by them (not quite true). Even as a teenager I would sometimes spend most of the summer there just cause I wanted to.

    They where both very gentle, protective (over)(grandma bathed you in the sink till you where about 9 cuase thier old house only had a shower and she thought you might slip, fall, and die)

    anyway, grampa died this summer and grama about 3 years ago, both times I was spending alot of time with them to help my mom through it all really, there was little to do for them. They all lived about 30 minutes from my house, They each died in a comatose state, over a couple of days. knowing how long these things take, each time I stayed around till I had to go home and get some rest. Both times my mom called me within 10 minutes that they had passed, I KNOW they where still being protective of thier little grandson(in their minds), cause it happend as soon as I left.
  11. by   highasthesky
    [b]i love this thread....got chills on some of them! although i've always been a huge fan of the paranormal, never believed in ghosts or apparitions until my husband and daddy of my 14 month old passed away.......she'd start crying at night the week he died, b4 i could get out of bed and get to her she was quietened by her mobile and up at the edge of her bed reaching and saying "da-da". scared me to death so i started putting her in the bed with me at bedtime. she would wake me up talking to her "da-da", and responding the way she only did to him. i put it in the back of my mind as coincidence and because she missed him. one night she woke me up sitting up in bed and playing saying "da-da" and she was playing patty cake with "an imaginary friend" in front of her and giggling like she never had before. scared the daylights out of me, moved in with my dad after that. my dad saw things i told him about, we were both turned into believers of the paranormal. i was afraid but my dad wasn't. he said i should be thankful he was still watching over her. she's 15 now, and i wonder at times if he's still watching her. she's never said anything out the way, so i don't suppose she's seen anything out of the ordinary.

    now this could not be coincidence i dont' care what my aunt tries to tell me! my cousin and i used to play at my grandmothers old antique dresser with her very old brassed brush and mirror and her powder. my grandmother never got angry or raised her voice but did get alittle agitated with us at times. when she passed away the family was dividing her belongings and i told them all i wanted was her brush and mirror and the last powder puff she had used, that it would be on her dresser beside her mirror. my dad brought me the brush and mirror but said there was no thing of powder or a puff. guess someone else wanted it worse. anyway, i had bought one of those round containers with the big puff just like my grandmother used to use, and just sat it on my dresser beside the mirror like she used to for sentimental purposes. now when my cousin and i would play with her powder she would always have to remind us to leave the puff out of the container with the fuzzy side up, she said "it kept the puff fluffy longer" teehee. i never used this puff, just took the plastic off of it and sat it on the dresser. i had been fussing at my girls because the puff would be out of the container so many times with the fluffy side up, but they would swear they never touched it. they know touching grandma's things are a major no-no. finally i got smart and started locking my bedroom door where they could not get in there unless i was in there to watch them. after being the last one to leave the room and the only one to enter it, the explanation i can come to is my grandma. i dont even bother putting the puff back in the container, i just leave it out like she wants me to. for some reason the thought of her being here doesn't scare me like it did years ago with my husband.
  12. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I am one of those people who looks for a scientific explanation for everything, but four weeks ago, something happened I could not explain at all... my husband and I were spending the night at a house his family keeps on some "hunting property," the land has been in their family for over a hundred years and the foundation of the old homestead is right next to the nice new house. Let me also add that this property is on a dirt road off of another dirt road off of ANOTHER dirt road, with no other houses for literally miles. Well, we were in the bedroom watching a DVD- "Silence of the Lambs" when the phone in the living room rang, he paused the movie and we went to answer it, it was his aunt and we talked for a while then went back into the bedroom, lay back down in bed and saw that the TV had gone back to a blue screen (like the disc had been paused for too long". Well, he hit "Play" and nothing happened... so he got up to see why, and the disc was laying on the dresser next to the TV! It was a TV/DVD combo, and to rmove the disc would involved opening the tray, removing the disc physically, and closing the tray- NONE OF WHICH HAD BEEN DONE. I was really freaked out about that... as if that wasn't bad enough, that evening before watching the movie, he and I had done some target shooting with our handguns in the backyard... it was getting dfark so we decided to pick up the shells in the morning. Well, that morning at 5am, when we went into the backyard to get them they were all lined up in a row, perfectly spaced apart and alternating by caliber, on the picnic table.
    Let me add, fifty years prior at the old homestead, his uncle's brother (who was a teenager at the time) accidentally shot and killed himself while cleaning a rifle...
    Now even I can't explain that DVD...
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    I work nights on a surgical floor, and we had something odd happen a couple nights ago. A 91 year old LOL with COPD and CHF among other chronic disorders had come in with a fractured hip and humerus last week. She declined after surgery to the point that she was a DNR on comfort care. She died Tuesday afternoon. The freezer in the morgue downstairs was broken, so they didn't move her body right away, but left her in the bed, with her roommate in the next bed awaiting surgery for her own broken hip. Finally a nurse demanded that they move the body off the floor anyway, but not until she'd laid there for 3-4 hours.

    Anyway, that night around 0230-0300, two other nurses and I were at the nurse's station charting when we heard a loud crash. All 3 of us jumped up and checked each patient room and the clean and soiled utility rooms, etc., but found nothing. I don't think the other two believe in ghosts, but I do and I think it was our patient saying goodbye.

    There's a patient room on the end of the hall that gives me the creeps. More than one patient has died there under suspicious circumstances. There's a small closet across the hall. The door has opened by itself, slowly and with a creaking noise; and that door doesn't usually creak. Automatic blood pressure machines have suddenly started showing critical heart rates and pulse oxes when no patient is attached to them. Call lights have come on by themselves. I tape recorded my report this morning in that room cuz it was empty (and I was curious) and I felt like someone was watching over my shoulder listening.
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