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  3. Cute_CNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I've never heard of anyone seeing just the skeleton; I've always heard that you see them as they were in real life, or in a healthier state. It's also rare to hear about "ghost" animals.
  4. Cute_CNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

  5. Cute_CNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I watch it because it's more funny than scary. As in, not at all scary. It's hilarious watching that blond woman jump out of her skin, and hearing the men scream like little girls.
  6. Cute_CNA

    Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    Woah, which issue was that?
  7. Cute_CNA

    Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    Well said.
  8. Cute_CNA

    Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    I didn't read the other responses, save for the first couple, so excuse me if I am repeating what someone else has said. I don't think she should have made a judgment call by saying being spiritual makes for a good nurse. However, I agree with the first response. Maybe the instructor didn't express her message correctly, or you misinterpreted it. Here is my opinion: you are not obligated to be spiritual, since it is not necessarily a given quality in all nurses. If you are not personally spiritual, you should not be expected to believe what the patient believes. But, it is beneficial for you to respect the patients' beliefs, and allow the patient to be spiritual. In other words, don't pass judgment on their beliefs, or question them. I think being spiritual helps people cope with things that happen in their lives, and offers some kind of "grand-scheme" meaning to it. Questioning or judging these beliefs would not only be insulting, but harmful. Which would go against, "Above all things, do no harm." At the same time, it is important that you respect the patients' decision to not be spiritual, so you don't push your beliefs onto them. I think it's okay to tell people about what you believe (if they ask), but don't expect them to agree with you or tell them they're wrong if they feel otherwise. Maybe you could learn something from each other? That may be what she meant. Edit: I hope this thread doesn't become solely about religion and our opinions about religion, rather than ADDRESSING THE ORIGINAL POSTER'S QUESTION!!
  9. Cute_CNA

    Constipation tricks

    I love the title of this thread. Prune juice! Lots of it! Edit: milk can sometimes make you go, too.
  10. Cute_CNA

    Patient Etiquette

    I think that is perfectly fine. You are the consumer, and it shouldn't require any great lengths to simply get a professional of the same sex. I prefer a gynecologist that is female. I met a creepy male one several years ago, and ever since, I've wanted a female gynec. So I understand.
  11. Cute_CNA

    My first successful hypnotherapy!

    I'm open to new ideas, but HOW exactly does it work? What did the instructor say/do? I think it would be good if "woo-woo" medicine were balanced with traditional medicine, and not just go exclusively w/one or the other.
  12. Cute_CNA

    Any advise???

    Have lots of unprotected sex. That's usually the way it seems to happen. Actually, I'm not a mom or mom-to-be. Maybe some of the nurses can help you.
  13. Cute_CNA

    funniest thing you saw a nurse do.......

    By the way, regarding using someone's dad for ventriloquism: I understand that sometimes when under stress humor is needed, but I don't think it's ever appropriate to use that kind of humor with a patient. If I saw someone doing that to my father, you can bet that I would give whoever was playing with my father's corpse a piece of my mind, and also request to see the manager to have that person reprimanded. I think it's extremely disrespectful to the dead and their family. They should be given dignity, even in death. If you want to make jokes about it in the break room, I have no control over that, and neither do I care. But if someone physically put their hands on my dead loved one and did that, I would blow my top right there. The deceased's family and friends are grieving, and there is no need to add to the problem.
  14. Cute_CNA

    My Patiet Said He LOVES me...

    Man, I would have had a very difficult time NOT telling him where to go. I agree that this patient is being manipulative; it almost sounds like he is trying to make you his slave. He needs to be told in no uncertain terms that your relationship with him will ONLY be professional, and that there is no reason that he should not accept the help of other staff. It is an unreasonable request. I have had many patients get crushes on me (I'm 25, and they tell me I'm attractive). It gets VERY annoying sometimes to have people ask your marital status, and if you have kids. It's none of their darn business! Don't be afraid to be a bit stern. If I have a patient that continually talks to me about my personal attributes, I refuse to speak with them, and if they need something, I refer them to another staff member. I'm feelin' ya! It's aggravating.
  15. Are you saying that your husband is not supportive of you seeking help? If so, that may be part of the problem.
  16. Cute_CNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Do tell! I love them, too.