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What songs out there reminds you of anything about nursing. It could either be about the care you give or about team work. For me it is A little help from my friends- Because you cant get by... Read More

  1. by   eltrip
    Originally posted by greer128
    Take this job and shove it! LOL:chuckle
    Exactly how I felt about my last job!
    :roll :roll :roll
  2. by   hoolahan
    Another One Bites the Dust

    She works hard for the money

  3. by   frannybee
    'Everybody Hurts' by REM

    'No Angel' by Dido

    'Hopelessly Addicted' and 'No Good for Me' by The Corrs
  4. by   Furball
    For the OR nurse

    "The first cut is the deepest...."
  5. by   MrsK1223
    "I Will Survive"...Gloria Gaynor
  6. by   sanakruz
    Here's one for acute psych units:
    "Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money." by Warren Zevon
    ....For the most truculant client not visiting on a voluntary basis
  7. by   Brian
    These are great, but this is a nursing related thread, so I am moving it to the General Nursing Forum for more eyes to see
  8. by   fab4fan
    Pretty obvious...

    "Hard Day's Night"


    "White Rabbit"

    Ted: For the woman who manages to get pregnant while taking BCP's..."Fool on the Pill"
  9. by   karbyr
    LOL, thank you all for a little bit of the right cure for an insane situation!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   Robin61970
    On an off note of the thread......Take this Job and shove it.....this is a wonderful one and so is Johnny Paycheck who regrettably died a few days back....Monday I think.....He won't be forgotten.....
  11. by   AlaskanRN
    Gotta love "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
    My ER full moon/friday night/payday/holiday weekend
  12. by   ERNurse752
    Highway to Hell

    Stairway to Heaven

  13. by   Geeg
    Stool River...Wider Than A Mile. I'm Crossing You In Style Someday.