Some nurses seriously need their head examined

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you simply want to tell another nurse to kindly remove themselves from your presence before I start raising my voice?

    A few days ago I was involved in a case where my patient had their penis and a testicle removed. Not very pleasant at all, this patient is terminal and the procedure was to give him extra time.

    You would think this patient should be treated with dignity and respect wouldn't you?

    The clinical nurse in charge of this clinic announced to the entire operating room that 'he deserves it for not washing himself properly'...............................

    Ummm where do I start? At the time I was just speechless. I should have told them to refrain from making disrespectful comments. Instead I stewed about it which isn't healthy but at the time I was incapable of speaking to them without using curse words.

    This was wrong on so many levels. I have a sister who is undergoing chemo, for someone to say anyone deserves cancer is personal to me. We had a nursing student in the room, now they go back and tell their preceptor and students how heartless we all are. It's hard enough to gain respect from surgeons, no wonder they think we're stupid when someone makes a comment like that it reflects on ALL of us. And of course how you can stand their and look at such a horrendous wound and make a comment really is just mind boggling.

    I haven't had a chance to speak with this person but I'm going to. I'm going to let them know that their comment was disturbing, inappropriate and has really offended me. And I will tell them that in future maybe they should show some leadership and maturity by treating their patients with respect.

    I just cannot understand all of this. I've cried all weekend over this incident.
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  3. by   Anisettes
    O. M. G.

    All I can say is that you're a WAY better person than me for holding back. I know it's mean-spirited, but I've said it before and I'm saying it again - some people are just Too Stupid To Live.

    I hope you let her have it AND report her, she must have someone above her. Unbelievable. Please tell me the patient was at least asleep and did not hear this imbecile.
  4. by   CECE,RN
    Sorry to hear that your sister has wishes. Everyone you'll meet will not be of your liking, just pray for them....because you can't control their behavior, but you can control how you when you speak to this coworker, keep it professional because it is still the work place. No sense in you being ungodly just because someone else did it first....just adds fuel to the fire with no resolution. Remember that sayin'...kill 'em with kindness....hurts far worst than retaliating without thought.....good luck.
  5. by   RN1982
    This person doesn't even deserve to be a nurse. You should speak to her, then to whoever is in charge of her. Her comment was rude and inappropriate.
  6. by   morte
    Quote from TurnLeftSide
    This person doesn't even deserve to be a nurse. You should speak to her, then to whoever is in charge of her. Her comment was rude and inappropriate.
    ...and unprofessional, and lacking in fact!!....and unfortunately, even if the patient was already under anes., he may have heard it anyway....what a way to negatively impact what little time he has left!
    shoulda replied and said "had no idea not washing can cause malignancy..."

    or "I hope your clitoris is next"!
  8. by   readytoroll
    Quote from CASTLEGATES
    shoulda replied and said "had no idea not washing can cause malignancy..."

    or "I hope your clitoris is next"!
    That is a perfect one liner for this situation!
  9. by   nursel56
    Kinda makes me wonder about the whole culture of the place if a person in a charge position could say something like that about dying cancer patient, and. . . what ? Everybody goes about their business? Here is a guy willing to go through a surgery like that, for "time". Most of the people I encounter who are putting themselves through that hell are doing it not for their time, but his loved ones time.

    You deserve a hel l of a lot of credit for being concerned about how the student may have felt! Oh yeah, you can bet your bottom dollar she will have shared that with others, maybe in a post-conference. If it were me a would have wanted to grab them and say, "We are not all like that!!"

    When I was a student I saw some nurses abuse a new mom in the delivery room. It was so awful I can remember every detail today.
  10. by   CASTLEGATES
    when i was a student I saw a nurse in a city hosp slap a patient for not taking his meds. I reported it immediately to the instructor and ....nothing was done! I later saw an awful situation at a gen*** elderkill (which is why I dislike that company so much since i'd been to many of them reviewing and seen horrors). I learned abusive environments are cultivated mainly because coworkers don't stop it and may even encourage or assist. I saw 2 staff taunting (as in fist fight and namecalling) a patient saying "you gonna hit me? you can't get up" to an invalid. He never swung but I told them i wished he connected. I was in shock, reported it to my supervisor but there was some high mgmt deal going on bet our companies ....far as I know, nothing was done also....then the 16 year old in 4 pt restraints unattended in need of rehab (brain injury rehab not elderkill rot)....unbelievable...stay out of any facility at all costs!

    Don't put your family in a SNF and if you do make sure it's not a for profit one. They're like stepping into hell.
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  11. by   Dalzac
    I know some of the stuff nurses will say are indeed cultural. I once had a house supervisor say after I told my coworkers my DH was put on the liver transplant list, that he deserved to die because he drank and used drugs in his youth. And a better human being should get the liver intended for him! My DH had been clean and sober for almost 15 yrs at the time. My charge nurse told her to get off our unit immediately. I was stunned speechless to say the least. She was also a bigot and frequently said horrid things about other races IN FRONT OF THEM! She also called her father the General. Her boss made her apologize to me and after she did she said she only did it to keep from being fired, She got fired anyway. I have no patience or tolerance for people like her
  12. by   mamamerlee
    I am blown away by this inappropriate, heartless remark. And I am saddened by the fact that NO ONE said anything. Could everyone have been in shock? She must be a very powerful person if no one spoke up.
    My heart aches for everyone who heard this, and especially for the student.
    Take corrective action as soon as possible.
  13. by   CLC172
    Wow, that's horrible. I'm glad you're going to do something about it, and that you didn't respond right away, just out of anger. You may have said something you regretted and not have been able to get your point across about how serious that remark was. We are taught in nursing school that there are times the pts can hear the chatter in the OR, and know when things have been said about them. I would have been so angry as well.:angryfire

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. It seems she has a very supportive family. I hope she gets better soon.:heartbeat
  14. by   deftonez188
    I'm still a student for 8 more weeks (woot!) and I did an observation in the OR. Guy had a prior BKA and was having another due to complications. After the procedure, the CRNA lifts both of his stumps and says, "I can't feel mah legs!" - i'm not uptight or can't take a joke but that was crap, especially in front of a student.