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  1. readytoroll

    Another MYCaa and EC exam registration question...

    You've probably already figured it out but, I did use MyCAA after applying and before enrolling for my first exam, Health Safety.
  2. You can hold license in as many states as you like. I am licensed in Florida (home state) and New Mexico (where I am now)
  3. readytoroll

    Funny Nursing Dreams

    I had a dream last night that State showed up at work. They were all dementors. Time to stop watching Harry Potter?
  4. readytoroll

    Please don't expect CNAs to

    I agree, not only is it dangerous for the patient it is dangerous for you! If I need a patient lifted that takes two people to lift, I grab one CNA and me! That makes two, sounds like you need a hug!
  5. readytoroll

    Please use some common sense on Facebook.

    We just talked about this today at work, apparently it's becoming a widespread problem.
  6. readytoroll

    Is it True About Florida?

    Rumors, Rumors, Rumors. IF you want to know the truth Contact the Florida Board of Nursing. I graduated from an LPN program in NE Florida in July 09 and everyone who has tested from my class has found employment. It has been rumored that LPN's would be eliminated from the moment the first LPN was licensed. LOL The hospital where your secretary friend works may be doing this, but each hospital makes their own rules.
  7. readytoroll

    LTC Nursing...Who likes it, who doesn't?

    In this case LOL means little old lady.
  8. readytoroll

    LTC Nursing...Who likes it, who doesn't?

    I work the Alzheimer/Dementia unit at my facility and I love it! I too thought I would hate LTC, but it's amazing to get to know the residents and their families. Working with Dementia patients would probably serve you well in your ultimate goal of becoming a psychiatric nurse.
  9. I just started too! I got my official review and I am starting to study for my first class! They were very good about accepting transfer credits, I didn't have to retake anything!
  10. readytoroll

    Should I apply now or wait for my license?

    I moved from Florida to New Mexico. I sent out Resumes with my Florida license number and noted that my New Mexico license had been applied for. I had a job lined up before I had my New Mexico license! I would go ahead and send them out. You can always follow up with a letter informing them when your PA license comes in. Good luck with your job search!
  11. readytoroll

    Chief complaints that made you laugh?

    I had one of those during my clinicals! knee pain and a boil on her rectum. Which turned out to be a hemorrhoid. Everyone in the office (including me) had to come in and look at it before she would take the PA's word that it was indeed a hemorrhoid.
  12. readytoroll

    Things you don't want to hear your Aide say

    "I hope you didn't give so and so a laxative" Ohhhhhh.....cold shivers!
  13. readytoroll

    Just signed up for my 1st exam!

    I finally got my financial aid figured out and was able to sign up for my first exam, Health Safety. I have to knock this one out and then I'll pay to Enroll. Any suggestions on what order to take the exams in from there?
  14. readytoroll

    With this economy...Are LPN jobs easier to obtain

    Location, Location, Location...And the fact that it seems that everyone is only looking at Hospitals. I am a brand new graduate LPN from an out of state school (Florida). I was offered a job at my first (and only) interview at a LTC for a couple of dollars more than average for the area and a $1500 sign on bonus. I am in New Mexico
  15. readytoroll

    Georgia Help!

    North Carolina has some great hospital's too! And many opportunities. Good luck and keep us updated! Great to hear your husband is being supportive!
  16. readytoroll

    Things you don't want to hear your Aide say

    What makes you say that?