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I am watching FOXNews and they just reported they have received a "bulletin" about a shooting at a nursing college in Tuscon. They will break in more more news as they get it. Two women have been... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by nightngale1998
    I guess we "prefer" the stick your head in the sand treatment of the issues at hand.... Oh sure.. take away human rights now...

    Once again... the oppourtunity to create change.. to look at all the issues of what should be addressed is pushed down by the minority who have the luxury of focusing on one issue...

    Cold Killer Bob... is that all he is to you? Then I guess that is all you can see....
    I agree we need change,just not the change you are thinking of. get your head out the sand and see he is a murderer. not your friendly nusing student bob!

    the change we need is to make sure that people like him get the death penalty.if they don't take the easy way out and kill their self.
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  2. by   Stargazer
    ...aaannd on THAT note, I think the level of discourse here has been irretrievably lowered.

    Thanks for your comments and insights, everyone. Much food for thought here. Even if some people can't quite see it.

    the change we need is to make sure he gets the death penalty
    Um, you did hear he's already dead, right?
  3. by   abrenrn
    Sometimes I like to lie, say I'm not coming back.

    Hey, Mark - sometimes I post regular messages too quickly, sometimes I post apologies too quickly. Retracted, completely.

    Yes, I'd like to see you figure out a way to give him the death penalty - have you read much of what's really out there? Ah, I see you read the comment after and editted yours to make it seem as if you knew he had killed himself. Edit times are posted, comment, "if hadn't killed self already" added after he was corrected.

    There is a concept called integrity. It is highly valued in academia, in health care settings. In this case, integrity would have been shown if the correction was made in a following post. It is the opposite of integrity to edit something and hope nobody picks up on the time of the edit. When I see this behavior in one enviornment, I suspect I may find it in more formal settings.

    I added this with an edit. There were no futher comments when I chose to do so. Had there been a comment, I would have added a new post. Pretty simple really.

    Nice to know I sicken certain people. Perhaps they could use a little IBS.

    But that was such polite posting, wasn't it? My comments sickening other people? More than happy to oblige.

    I'm sure there are people crazy enough to want to be nurses but a bit too smart for the teachers on hand. Students who have learned to keep their heads down, shut up, put up say - hey, why can't everyone else do what I did? Perhaps those of us who choose not to have brown noses don't belong in this profession after all.

    That's what I think I'm hearing on this board. Lick away, y'all.

    A flaming departure for me. Perhaps not.
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  4. by   abrenrn
    As to how low we can go - I've been trully amazed, some of you outdo - underdo? - yourselves.

    See, hostility does breed hostility. Being told you are an idiot, low, stupid for not thinking as you do tends to lead to comments about as hostile.
  5. by   sanakruz
    Maybe we should find a way to punish those who commit suicide. After all, it is illegal in most states.
    Hell, I dont have a good bead on this guy. He had all the warning signs. Poor coping skills, physical pain, no emotional support system, legal difficulties,coupled with the means,knowhow and (sorry) gender to successfully suicide and murder. No mention of drugs or alcohol but I wonder... Clearly angry, but I dont think he acknowledged that to himself; I dont believe he saw himself as an angry person. Oh well,TOO LATE, but he was a fellow human, he was a fellow nurse and it truly saddens me that it came down this way.

    Forgive me for "piggy backing" to this post...

    I am closing this thread for reflective purposes....

    The Moderator.......
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