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I work part time at a local SNF / rehab faciliety. On PM and NOC shift it is staffed with 3 or 4 LPNs and one RN charge nurse (tonight it was me). One of our LPNs is a sweet young girl from a very... Read More

  1. by   CseMgr1
    This gal is obviously in the wrong profession. I don't see anywhere in the Nurse Practice Act where we are allowed to pick and choose our patients based on their Nationality. You did the right thing.
  2. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from emsboss
    I do NOT agree she should be fired. Were there no alternatives, such as trading patients? Jehova's Witnesses will not(at least the ones I have worked with) hang blood or blood products. I have seen them trade patients. I have even seen nurses trade if the patient is a certain kind of convicted criminal!(child molester/sex offender) ALL of us have our limits...FIRE HER!!!!!!!!!!!:icon_roll Where is YOUR tolerance?!?!?!?!? Yes, we were taught in class we would encounter all types of people/classes/cultures, but, if we could not handle one for whatever reason, trade off and then seek the appropriate action so that next time it would not be such an issue...FIRE HER!?!?!?!?!? :angryfire I don't THINK so. Discipline her...OK...Maybe a short suspension...But FIRE HER...NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FYI, not all JW nurses refuse to hang blood. It's an individual conscience decision.
  3. by   gonzo1
    You did the right thing. For a professionally educated nurse to behave like this toward a patient in this day and age is rediculous. I have read many articles about our nurses in Iraq who have to care for Iraqis and do it with great compassion. They see it as a chance to show others what we are as people. If this nurse states she is religious than I say shame on her because judgement is only up to God. And this young lady oversteps the bible if she is judging others before she even knows them.
    As for her not knowing or talking to any black people is not believable because they are on all media and unless this woman was raised in a cave without tv or newspaper she should be able to see that there are good and bad in all colors.
    When we decide to go into nursing we must make a pledge to care for all people alike and leave justice to God. Just my thoughts, for what they are worth.
  4. by   SharonH, RN
    Quote from RGN1
    I think this kind of blanket intolerance is wrong, period. When you become a nurse then you have a duty to care for your patients, end of story.

    In this case it seems ridiculous that a nurse branded someone so ill as unworthy of her care. She didn't know him from Adam but she tarred him with one brush based on the colour of his skin & his religion. That is just not acceptable in a civilised society & even less so among nurses.

    Whatever his race, colour or creed he needed her care & she abandoned him & I think the OP was, & is, correct in her actions & assessment of the situation. We have to leave our prejudices at the door of our workplace because that is what we chose to do when we became nurses.

    When it comes to Jehova's witnesses & also caring for patients undergoing terminations then that is a known religious objection & allocations can be organised in advance to accomodate this. However, what this nurse displayed was little more than plain ignorance. It was certainly far from Christian too, Jesus teaches acceptance & mercy not hatred & prejudice!


    And might I add, good riddance to her.
  5. by   banditrn
    I don't know if it's the fact that she was young or not?! For crying out loud - the enemy? Did he have a gun in one hand and a bomb in another??

    One of my sons is a religious scholor - he told me that the US has a very large muslim population. Yes, some factions of the religion are terrorists, but if you look down thru the centuries you'll find some evidence of terrorism in all religions.

    Thru the years, I've only refused three patients - one was the uncle of a relative, and I disliked the man - the other was my ex-DIL's stepmother - and one was an extremely non-compliant, threatening drug taker. He was finally dismissed AMA from the hospital in the company of security.

    I have taken care of patients of other cultures and the best thing I could do was to tell them I might not understand their customs, and to be sure and ask for anything special they might need.
    I made the best friend from an Indian family once, #1, because I pronounced his first name right (it was difficult) and #2, I noticed he didn't seem to like the food - he was reluctant to say anything, but I pressed him - and he asked if he could have plain rice with jalepeno peppers in it with his meals!

    Our dietary was very accomodating, and they were happy to fix him his small request. He was in our ICU for a long time and he was always 'my' patient.
  6. by   kevagonia
    Quote from PMFB-RN
    ***snip.....becuase in her words we "wanted to give aid and comfort to the enemy".

    She is from a small town? How many chromosomes is this one toting? How flinstonian.

  7. by   robred

    My humble two cents...

    A licensed nurse took report and accepted responsibility for the patient.
    A licensed nurse after learning of a paitient's ethnicity independently decides that he/she does not want to care for this patient because he/she fears for his/her safety based on his/her perceptions ("THOSE PEOPLE ARE ALL TRYING TO KILL US") because of the pt's ethnic background.

    The cutoff here is the nurse's acceptance of responsibility for the pt and decision to rescind his/her responsibility after learning of the patient's ethnic background.

    I am entirely in favor of 'trading patients' BEFORE report is received and care assumed but only if it will not impact unfavorably on continuity of care.

    In this situation, given the events as you describe them, I would have made the same conclusions/decision that you made.
  8. by   Tweety
    If I were the employer I would not want a racist such as her working for me. I would fire her. Most employers have zero tolerance for "isms" and I support these policies.

    Refusing to care for a patient because of their reliigion goes against the very core of nursing in my opinion.

    Yes, this person will carry this attitude wherever they go, but at least they wouldn't be working for me.
  9. by   bethin
    Quote from TriageRN_34
    Because I can NOT judge..but do the best I can for everyone no matter my own feelings!

    DO I regret it ....not really...but part of me is still angry that I helped a horrid person live to do this again! (I have no trust in the justice system).

    Will I do it again..yep!

    I had to live with this...will have to forever! He lived...and if I hear that he ever did this to another...I feel my hands helped in whatever he does next though!

    And if I can do that....someone can sure as heck deal with other things like religious beliefs!

    What you did was right! Too bad she doesn't know it can be far WORSE!
    I watched "Combat ER" on CNN a few weeks ago. The AMERICAN doctors and nurses stated that they "treat ANYONE that walks through the door, friend or foe." So why could this nurse not take a cue from the men and women who are treating muslims and either take care of the pt or kindly pull aside the OP and ask for reassignment? She did not have to make a scene. She acted crass and immature, IMO and she should be fired, NOT for being a bigot, but for abandoning a patient.

    If we come across an accident on the side of the road, do you ask their religious preference before you treat? No, and I'd hope that no one would refuse treatment to someone based on religion, sex, color, etc. We are nurses(or aides in my case) and are expected to act professionally, and to treat ALL patients with dignity and respect.

    And saying Muslims are killing us is the same as saying all blacks belong to gangs, all whites live in suburbs, etc. It's stereotyping and people need to quit it.
  10. by   bethin
    I know walking into nursing that there may come a time when I will have to help someone that I don't like - ex: rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc. But I know that nursing involves taking care of pts no matter what. I'm in this business to save lives, not to stand by and judge.
  11. by   BBFRN
    Why wasn't she able to tell that this pt was muslim during report? Didn't she notice the name?
  12. by   Tweety
    Quote from bethin
    And saying Muslims are killing us is the same as saying all blacks belong to gangs, all whites live in suburbs, etc. It's stereotyping and people need to quit it.

    Really, this nurse is off the chain assuming so much based on a person's religion. He probably is a hardworking, tax paying, terrorist hating American like the rest of us.

    He just happens to be Muslim. Now if this nurse was over in Iraq and picked this guy up from a terrorist group maybe I'd give her some cred.
  13. by   SaderNurse05
    As usual, TriageRN34 is correct.