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  1. robred

    Aspiring Christian & Nursing student

    I think the answer to your question may lie here: Luke 10: 25-37. I think it symbolizes everything about Christ and his followers. It has very little to do with spirituality and religion, but everything to do with humanity, humility, compassion, and kindness. It, therefore, also speaks to the heart of Nursing. God Bless You!
  2. robred

    If not nursing what other career would you have done?

    A Catholic Priest, I think.
  3. This happened five weeks ago: July 26th. Questions: -Why was there no action by anyone in the justice system for five weeks? -Why was there action taken only after this was released to the media? -Who released the body cam to the media? -Will the Lieutenant, who ordered the Detective to place her under arrest, be investigated? Does he have a superior who ordered him to give that order?
  4. robred

    Advice on obtaining a job in Phoenix area

    I'm in a similar position as you; I also want to secure a position before relocating. Have you looked into licensure requirements? Arizona is part of the compact, but Illinois is not. Would you have better success if you secured an Arizona license to submit with your next application?
  5. robred

    Phoenix Area Experienced RN Salary

    I recently learned that base rate for 20 years longevity in critical care of a Phx-area hospital network is $40/hr. Other interesting details: Cost of Living Calculator - Cost of Living Comparison Index Tool
  6. robred


    Hello...sent you a PM.
  7. robred

    Lifesaving outside of work

    If someone near you needed lifesaving help, but you didn't know it, how could that be changed? Go to pulsepoint.org !!!
  8. robred

    Waiting on first contract = scary!

    have you looked at http://www.delphiforums.com ? go to the forum called 'travel nurses and specialists.
  9. Problem: Transferring a pt between a critical care bed and the CT scanner table produces a ton of static electricity. I seem to recall reading that static electricity, in the setting of a pt w/ a TP or CVC, can create an arrhythmia. In your experience/knowledge, is this correct?
  10. robred

    Newbie looking into RN

    Hi...I'm a 45 year old male RN who has worked at the hospital bedside in Critical Care/MedSurg with stints in Management for the last 15 years. Gender is a non-issue in my experience. I suggest contact the HR Dept of a local hospital and inquire about 'shadowing' a nurse(s) in areas of nursing which might be of interest. Most are more than willing to respond to this type of request (I facilitated this often when I was a Nurse Manager). While shadowing, ask as many questions about work, environment, culture that you can think of...if this heightens your interest, contact a local community college or skilled nursing facility (nursing home) about enrollment in a Nursing Assistant course. After completing this, you'll know with certainty whether or not you wish to go the next step. Good Luck!
  11. robred

    Admitting a med error on Facebook??!!

    Just a thought...imagine she was unknowingly posting about someone you care about/love. I suspect you would be angry and disappointed. This, in my opionion, is an instance when you must be a patient advocate. A good starting point would be to send these posts to her supervisor. The next would be the BON.
  12. robred

    Health Care pay decrease with new health care plan?

    Just curious...you'll have nearly $100k in student loans when you graduate with a BSN? Are you attending a private school? Do you need to borrow for everything? Are you using an scholarships or grants? I expect compensation to probably hold steady for awhile after the implementation of reform. Ultimately, if it is a single-payer system, i.e. akin to Medicare, I would expect salaries to decrease.
  13. robred

    Going against the pt's wishes...

    Here's my take on this: If the very depressed, but not incapacitated pt gave consent to surgery, but knowing the risks of surgery expressly noted on his Advance Directive that he did not want a tracheostomy...I wouldn't want to be neither the family member nor physician who signed the consent form. Given his expressed wishes under those circumstances which were not adhered to, I would think he would have a very strong malpractice lawsuit not to mention allegations of battery.
  14. robred

    A Doctor lied to make me look bad!

    Well, none of us are perfect....Fortunately, there wasn't patient harm involved in a simple oversight. One thing I'd like to suggest is that you never allow yourself to work more than 12 hours in a day. The last time I worked more than 12 hours, I, too, made a mistake which was a simple, embarrassing, but fortunately non-harmful, error. Subseqeuntly, I don't do that anymore. A more devestating result of overwork can be exemplified in http://drl.wi.gov/dept/decisions/docs/20061214Thao.htm . Now, move on and put this behind you.
  15. Nurses on a surg floor entered more than one incident report regarding a surgeon who denied verbal or phone orders which more than one nurse said he made on seperate occasions. In the end, he was notified that at least two nurses would need to be present when he gave verbal or phone orders. It worked....he left.
  16. robred

    ICU nurse/staff shot by family member

    Well said....To highlight this point in another way: After 9/11, airline pilots were offered the option of arming themselves with a sidearm. In the years since that terrible day, how many would be terrorists have been neutralized by an armed commercial airline pilot? Correct, zero. Deterence might play a role in this. If a terrorist thinks a pilot has a weapon and is trained in its use, he would think twice before planning an attack, perhaps. Now, many times has a commercial airline pilot accidentally discharged his weapon in midair since they were armed and thereby compromising the safety of all aboard? Once, just recently, in fact. There's a lesson to be learned here.